long story quick I put power steering liquid in brake reservoir. I regulated to obtain it out v a turkey baster several hours later. My idea is to fill it up (with brake fluid) and also empty the the exact same with 5x. Carry out you think I'll be safe? What else might I do? Thanks.

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that is really negative news, yet you have the brief time period on her side. Absolutely do not bleed any type of fluid at the wheels. Petroleum assets like strength steering fluid, engine oil, infection fluid, axle grease, and also penetrating oil will certainly eat all the rubber parts that call brake fluid. There's a good chance the strength steering fluid didn't make its means down the present yet.I would get the master cylinder turn off the car and also replace it, but first, v the present disconnected, walk to every front wheel and also use a big flat-blade screwdriver to pry the pistons earlier into the calipers. They should move reasonably easily a good 1/8" to as lot as 1/4" that will push brake fluid up out of the lines and also wash any power steering fluid out v it.Now friend can affix the stole lines to the grasp cylinder. That brand-new one should be bench-bled first, then when it is installed, friend still carry out not have to bleed at the wheels. Loosen the steel lines and also have a helper progressively push the brake pedal halfway come the floor. That need to take fifteen to twenty seconds. You'll check out air balloon squirt the end by the heat nuts. Snug the nuts, then have actually your helper release the pedal. Open the lines and do the again, and also if girlfriend still watch bubbles, do it a 3rd time. Through the nuts tight, hit the brake pedal a few times just a quarter means to the floor. Push down really slowly, then relax it very quickly. By advertise slowly, you'll push brake fluid down the lines and give any type of air bubbles time to float ago up. By release quickly, the liquid rushing ago will wash any remaining waiting bubbles right into the reservoir.Be certain the brand-new master cylinder comes with new caps v rubber bladder seals under them. The rubber will additionally be struck by strength steering fluid. If the power steering liquid had remained in there because that a job or more, the entire hydraulic mechanism would should be replaced. That includes the calipers, wheel cylinders, combination valve, and four rubber flex hoses. If the auto has anti-lock brakes, that hydraulic controller must likewise be replaced. That gets to it is in a actual expensive repair.

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Any component that has rubber o-rings or seals need to be replaced.