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BLEH! i VANT come SUCK your BLOOD! Ah, Vampire’s Curse Island. Vampires are a pretty pivotal part of Halloween. They’re right up there v werewolves, zombies, ghosts and also people with Jack-o-lanterns because that heads. Spoilers BLOODSUCKERS.

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The Plot

It literally just hit me the Annabelle is more than likely in that coffin.

Vampire’s Curse Island beginning off through the player trying to discover a missing girl who had been walk away by a vampire. But it soon turns into a mission to discover a cure for count Bram’s vampirism. There’s also a totality love story connected between Bram and his love Annabelle. (There’s a nice little of foreshadowing regarding that with the frostbite in the mausoleum. “Meminereunt omnia amante” translates to “lovers mental all”)

Stained glass windows, red lighting, ornate coffin…THIS location IS PERFECT for MY VAMPIRE LAIR!

Plot-wise, ns really prefer this island. The most important bits take place in the castle itself, however the lock by itself, v its bizarre magic beanstalks and gothic decor, yes, really feels like a separate human being from the rest of the island. The plot walk a good job at capturing the gothic feel ns love indigenous vampire stories. Ns mean, simply look at the beautiful design!

It’s additionally a really initial story. The entire journey is a creepy mish-mash that gothic elements and also the last product is a unique, well-designed island.


Additionally, much like Zomberry Island, the island provides a allude to poke fun at vampires in modern culture, despite to a lot smaller degree than the former. It’s likewise filled with recommendations to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, many notably the key antagonist’s name.

The Monsters

Well of course we’re walk to have to review counting Bram, however FIRST…

I wish to mountain this beast.

LOOK in ~ IT! This thing is beautiful. Seriously. It’s drawn and animated in a wildly various style than most Poptropican monsters and the end result is a majestic, terrifying monster the looks like it came from a fully different game. Friend can nearly see the hate burning in that is eyes. If friend look closely enough, friend can also see that ribs! The bad baby need to be starving.

This biology was my favourite monster in Poptropica…until Twisted Thicket Island came out immediately after, providing that spot to the Nokken. In any kind of case, it’s beautiful terrifying and also I love it.

And now to move on come the vampire!



All roughly the mulberry shrub the monkey chased the weasel, the monkey believed it was all for fun….


So here he is. The star the the island. Count Bram himself.

Well, let’s start with his design. Regrettably this is one category where he’s type of lacking. He’s pretty lot the cliched cinematic vampire, with pale skin, fangs, a cape, the capacity to turn right into a bat and also a year’s it is provided of hair gel. There really isn’t lot to say around it. I guess you have the right to say the PALES in comparison to the monsters we’ve checked out so far.

IT’S FUNNY since HE has actually NO BLOOD.

But that’s not why we remember counting Bram. We remember him due to the fact that of his backstory! he was as soon as a normal human who to be somehow transformed right into a vampire. As result of his curse he to be unable to be with his wife Annabelle. He attempted to turning back the curse, but never controlled to figure out the cue.

As the story progresses, it’s revealed that, in a catastrophic twist, he had gone fully insane after ~ the death of his wife and he carry away Katya because she reminded him of his mam Annabelle.

Awww! They’re both dead now!

In a heartwarming ending, the player reverses his curse, just for the to die from old age in his human type and his spirit reunites with Annabelle.

It’s a disastrous tale, and also one of the most in-depth backstories Poptropica has ever given. So cheers to counting Bram, one of the most sympathetic antagonists Poptropica has ever before made.

Scariness Rating

Here is wherein this island falters. It’s simply not really scary! The gothic scenery need to inspire a sense of creepiness but there isn’t much of it. In fact, the end of all the archipelago we space reviewing, this is probably the the very least scary.





NEXT TIME: I testimonial what’s most likely the scariest Poptropica island!

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