Red Dragon Island is a brand-new Poptropica quest that takes location in old Japan. It was released to payment members in early access on may 5, 2011. The island attributes the main personalities from the Magic Tree House book series. In this adventure, friend travel ago in time in the magic tree home with lock to aid save a town from the dominance of a mean and also terrible shogun.

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Video Walkthrough for Red Dragon Island

Here is the full video clip walkthrough because that this quest. Follow the video and you’ll see step-by-step how to win Red Dragon Island top top Poptropica.

Walkthrough part 1

Walkthrough part 2

Walkthrough component 3

Text Walkthrough

Arrival on Red Dragon Island

Once you arrive on Red Dragon Island, run to the appropriate until you check out a tires swing in the background. Location your mouse cursor over the tires swing and also click once it says, ENTER. You’ll watch a short computer animation of sparkles going previous the roof the a house and also then you’ll view Jack and Annie (the characters from the Magic Tree residence books) head to the tree house. Walk over to the ideal until you acquire to the tire swing. Click the rope to reduced it and also make the tire drop come the ground. Now push the tire to do it role along the ground. Store pushing the while heading come the left the the screen. Press the tire through town and also head come the following area to the left. Then press the tire over the hills all the method to the much left until it’s underneath the wooden ladder heading increase the tree.

You’ll check out a pair of red glasses ~ above the ground. Choose them up. Once you have actually them, jump up on height of the tire to gain a nice bounce and also then land up in the tree house or top top the ladder. Rise up and enter the tree house. Inside you’ll uncover Jack and Annie. Click on the glasses in her backpack and also then click Use to offer them to Jack so the he deserve to see. Currently walk over to the left and also pick increase the Frog Creek Pennsylvania: residence Town USA book. Next, speak to Annie and also ask her just how the tree home works. Then a book will appear to her right. It’s called, A journey to Old Japan. Pick it up and then click it in her backpack to usage it and begin the pilgrimage to old Japan!

Arrival in ancient Japan

The Magic Tree residence will zoom off into the air. Hang on! In a couple of moments you’ll arrive in old Japan. You will all appear outside. Jack and also Annie are already wearing kimonos and also run off to begin their adventure. I can’t think they’re ditching you! Jack offers you a magic amulet that you have the right to use to go back to the tree house anytime. Monitor them by to run to the left. You’ll soon approach two samurai guards. Click on them and then they’ll arrest friend for having actually no passport and also throw friend in a jail cell. An excellent thing we have actually that magic amulet! usage it to go back to the tree house. Operation left again, but this time the door come the Bonsai Shop will certainly be open. Walk inside and also talk to the woman there. Questioning her around a kimono and she will let you have actually one of hers. Pick whichever shade you like: red, yellow or blue. As soon as you put it on, you’ll discover a passport in the pocket.

now that you look choose a citizen in your kimono and also have a passport, you have the right to walk previous the guards. Walk to the left to get in the following zone.

once you very first arrive, Jack and also Annie will certainly be here and they look a tiny scared. The samurai security have caught them without passports and take them away. Now you’ve acquired to rescue them!

More comes Soon!

The remainder of the walkthrough through all the secrets and cheats for Red Dragon Island will be posted below shortly! friend can likewise post a question in the Poptropica keys Forum if you’re having actually trouble with any kind of of the particular parts that the island. Be sure to visit the Island assist section.

Sneak emergence Version


Arrival in the sneak emergence edition the Red Dragon Island top top Poptropica.

Before the relax of the island, players to be able to visit a unique sneak peek edition, which featured a Sumo wrestles tournament. Players were able to compete versus other players to see who could push the other out the the ring. The vain was really simple. Whomever clicked first when the referee shouts, “Begin” winner the match. If friend clicked too early, you to be disqualified. Once you got five wins, you advanced to the following rank.


Getting prepared to complete in the Sumo wrestling competition top top Red Dragon Island.

Red Dragon Island Sneak Peeks

The day-to-day Pop ar of Poptropica has been filled v sneak peeks and also screenshots native the upcoming Red Dragon Island. Here’s a watch at several of them.


A tower in Red Dragon Island.

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Another structure from Red Dragon Island. The inscription on day-to-day Pop says, "Welcome back to the stage of history."


The island is lugged to us by the Magic Treehouse books and also here's the magic treehouse!


The subtitle for this sneak peek says, "Fish rod - This octopus went wayward." look at in the upper-left edge of the building.