ns noticed lately the on my dash engine warmth goes close to hot yet never yes, really gets there. That typically happens once i am in idle. When i start driving it goes back to normal and only occasionally goes close to hot. I hope this is no water pump which might get pricey.Any suggestions?


This is what the height of the radiator looks like.




Ive own 3 3800 it is provided vehicles. Very first thing you should do is remove dexcool. Fully flush that out and also refill v distilled water and add some reputation cleaner or TSP journey the auto for around 3 days then drainpipe then refill through water idle until warm cool under drain. Climate refill with environment-friendly antifreeze and also don"t forget to bleed the mechanism there is a small 8 mil bolt on top of the thermostat housing. Once you have actually this done readjust your thermostat to a 180 level thermostat. You need to see a cooler running automobile unless in prevent in go traffic throughout this time it will still rise to 190. Likewise 04+ grand prixs perform not have actually coolant temp sensors located on the radiator.

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This is perfectly normal in cars that in reality idle (my last two vehicles have had idle stop/start system, and a hybrid system, respectively, so ns haven"t seen this behaviour in the last two vehicles).

When idling, there is no air existing on the radiator. Thus, the system continuously heats up, until the radiator fan(s) absent in. The thermostat opens at typically bit below 90 levels Celsius or so, i m sorry is the normal temperature that the engine when driving. However, the fan(s) absent in at much greater temperature, probably about 100 degrees Celsius or so.

Thus, you room close to the hot red zone as soon as idling, yet you never ever reach the hot red zone if everything is functioning properly.

When driving, the air present in the radiator ensures that radiator is adequately cooled even without fans rotating, and thus, the thermostat opening temperature (usually bit listed below 90 levels Celsius or so) dictates the engine temperature.

If your engine temperature continues to be normal as soon as driving in ~ highway speed for extended periods, your water pump and thermostat are most likely working simply fine. The engine temperature as soon as driving at highway speeds fo extended periods must stay constant. If there"s sports in the engine temperature (apart indigenous asymptotically reaching the steady-state level), something"s no right. A bouncing temperature analysis at these speeds would be a cause of concern.

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I would examine the coolant level (please don"t open the radiator cap when engine is hot!) and also the tightness the the radiator cap (again, don"t loosen it when engine is hot!), though. The buys you tranquility of mind to execute this check, however it prices you almost nothing apart from couple of minutes of her time.