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The DC plug-in top top the within of my console doesn"t work. I looked in the hand-operated at all three of the fuse crate labels and also couldn"t discover anything that can be the problem. I"m kind of brief on money, so ns don"t think that I"ll it is in dropping my vehicle off at a shop because that them to check it out any time soon...So if anyone has any suggestions, I"d evaluate it.Thanks,Chris
I found the cigarette/aux fuse. I made decision to pull every fuse ~ above the car and found it in the trunk...It was fine, so currently I assumption: v my following step is to watch if power is going to the fuse at least.
Cant find the fuse!
My cigarrete lighter doesnt work-related either. Ns dont want to take it in for something the is not an essential fo performance however I am unable to uncover which fuse controls it. Mine owners manual does not show it either. Can anyone tell me which fuse that is and where the is located for a G6 GTP?

My cigarrete lighter doesnt work either. Ns dont desire to take it in for something the is not critical fo performance however I am can not to find which fuse controls it. Mine owners hand-operated does not display it either. Deserve to anyone tell me i beg your pardon fuse that is and where it is located for a G6 GTP?
QNq2,The fuse is situated in the behind compartment fuse block in the tribe of the vehicle. That is fuse number number 20. You re welcome refer to web page 5-102 the the owner"s hand-operated for extr information.For her convenience, a digital copy that the manual is available at: this go not fix the issue, ns recommend consulting v a certified technician for an inspection.If friend have added questions, please feel totally free to contact me privately.LouisGM client Service
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