If you desire to know how to restart Pokemon Y and also reset your conserve file, you’ve involved the ideal place.

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How come Restart Pokemon Y

Here’s just how to restart Pokemon Y. Simply organize Up + B + X when you’re in the game’s location (or settings) menu, and also you’ll it is in asked if you desire to reset the save file, confirm and you’re done!

That’s how to restart Pokémon Y!

Pokemon Y Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve restarted her Pokemon Y conserve data, below are a couple of tips and tricks the will assist you kick off her adventure in the best way possible.

Right after ~ you acquire your Pokedex, save your game, push Start + select + together + R to reset it, climate navigate to the mystery Gift and “Wi-fi.”

Doing that will get you a special Torchic, which girlfriend can get from the delivery person on the left of the respond to at any Pokemon Center.

One that the ideal ways to knife money in the video game is to use the Amulet Coin on her front-loaded Pokemon for the whole game. You won’t must use any other an increase item.

The Amulet Coin deserve to be derived at Parfum Palace between the first and second gyms and will twin the coins you earn from trainer fights.

You deserve to save part money by no investing in too numerous potions since you won’t be needing them. If you desire to heal, you can simply ride ago to a Pokemon center and also heal because that free.

You can use the money you saved up on buying Pokeballs because they’re among the most essential things to have actually in your inventory.


If you desire to feed your Pokemon Poke-Buffs, you require to host the puff in front of their face rather 보다 drop that on the floor.

Catching Pokemon rises the rate you’ll unlock for a “Critical Capture,” which means that you deserve to instantly record a Pokemon after throw a ball at it.

O-Powers, if vaguely defined in-game, are an extremely useful. They provide buffs and also special capability to her local and online friends.

Don’t hesitate to usage them once you watch someone virtual as castle regenerate end time.

Pay fist to the different patches the grass as each type of spot has various properties and potential Pokemon encounter rates.

As one example, friend can find an Eevee much less complicated in a yellow job of grass 보다 you would in a environment-friendly one.

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If you want to evolve one Inkay, hold you 3DS upside-down when he reaches level 30 in combat. If you desire to be extra sure, you deserve to just keep the 3DS hosted up upside-down throughout the totality fight.