There room a many cheats because that Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. The cheat the we’ll be mentioning today is the Max Stats cheat because that FireRed and LeafGreen. To amount this cheat up, that maxes out all the stats of your Pokemon.

We’ll include a couple of details around how you deserve to use the cheat and what go on in between.

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You deserve to use this cheats for any kind the Gameboy advancement emulator available. Don’t issue as we’ll also include how you can input the cheats and also if there are any type of cons to it.

Just remember the there’s nothing wrong when you desire to usage cheats in these games

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Knowing much more Max Stats Cheats because that FireRed and also LeafGreen

Max Stats Cheats for FireRed

1st Pokemon420242DA03E7000000070002

2nd Pokemon4202433E03E7000000070002

3rd Pokemon420243A203E7000000070002

4th Pokemon4202440603E7000000070002

5th Pokemon4202446A03E7000000070002

6th Pokemon420244CE03E7000000070002

1st Pokemon38A0143827243FF453949219

2nd PokemonA019AC6DB6403FF453949219

3rd Pokemon25345D5496183FF453949219

4th PokemonAD6DCD41177E3FF453949219

5th PokemonBCDD240C06123FF453949219

6th Pokemon3CE4941907763FF453949219

How to use the Max Stats Cheats for FireRed and also LeafGreen

If you take it a look in ~ the password above, those space the particular codes for FireRed and also LeafGreen. This method that you should input a cheat for FireRed because it won’t work on LeafGreen.

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Steps in using the cheats

Find the CHEAT option in your emulator.Regardless of i m sorry version, pick CODE BREAKER and not game SHARK.Copy and paste the code that you want to use.Make certain to save the code.Check the Pokemon that you provided the code on and you’re done.

What space these 1st, 2nd, and much more Max Stats Pokemon codes

There are different codes the you deserve to use depending upon the location of the Pokemon in her party. If you look at the image, these room the placements of the Pokemon in your party. As soon as you want to max the end all the Pokemon, then usage all the Max Stats cheats for FireRed and also LeafGreen.


You should input the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and sixth codes separately. The won’t work-related when friend place every one of them as one code. Friend can also input one password at a time if girlfriend feel choose it however there’s something amazing that you can do.

What you perform is place the first code only. All you must do currently is swap your very first Pokemon to any Pokemon in her party. Any Pokemon the is placed in the first placement will have actually its stats maxed out. The Pokemon the was formerly on the first placement will keep the max stats regardless if you location it anywhere and even deposit the in the Pokemon PC.

Interesting facts about max stat cheats

One other amazing thing is the if you are in battle, the cheat will certainly still work. The 1st Pokemon will have actually the max stats and if girlfriend swap out a Pokemon throughout battle, the Pokemon will additionally have the stats maxed out. The 1st Pokemon will still maintain its stats even after battle.

Why you may want to use the Max Stats cheats for FireRed and LeafGreen

A great reason would be to have fun. One thing you deserve to do is to have a solo run. What you do is the you turn on the 1st code for her Pokemon. Then, rotate off the password so that you don’t finish up maxing the end the other stats that the various other Pokemon. Basically, you’re just having actually fun v the game and also nothing girlfriend do deserve to penalize that.

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In Closing

Using the Max Stats cheats for FireRed and also LeafGreen can it is in fun. You i will not ~ have any kind the con from utilizing these. The only possible con is that you’ll be bored as soon as you max out the stats because you’ll just breeze through the game.