If you"re living in the L.A. Area and are feather to make a straightforward, however scenic journey to bordering Arizona , consider going on a road pilgrimage from Los Angeles to Phoenix.

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Driving across predominantly desert terrain, you"ll gain to suffer the distinct beauty of southern California and Arizona like never ever before.

The road pilgrimage from Los Angeles to Phoenix take away 6 hours without any stops. After ~ relaxing in ~ Palm Springs, examine out the Salton Sea area, Joshua Tree and White Tank mountain National Parks, and also the gem and also mineral reflects in the town of Quartzsite.

There"s many worth exploring along this deceptively simple route, so review until the finish to make sure you don"t miss a thing.

How much is Phoenix indigenous Los Angeles and also how long will the road trip take?

The road pilgrimage from Los Angeles come Phoenix have the right to be excellent in about 5 hours and 30 minutes and covers 370 miles without accounting for breaks.

For the most part, the journey is an uninhibited cruise through the Sonoran & Mojave Deserts - If friend really want to, you can take off sensibly late in the morning and still make it in time for a night out in Phoenix.

Take a rest from her trip and have some remainder at Lake pleasant Park recreation area.

Best time to go on a road pilgrimage from Los Angeles come Phoenix

You"ll absolutely want to be selective with your timing as soon as planning a road trip from Los Angeles to Phoenix, together the weather problems can do or rest your whole experience.

Phoenix is one of, if not the hottest significant city in America, and also summertime temperatures often exceed 100 levels - for all intents and also purposes, everything in between May and also September will certainly feel mighty warm in Phoenix.

When you take into factor to consider the desert drive too, summer is normally a stormy time to be making this pilgrimage - particularly in July or August.

The upside come the scorching summers is the the temperatures are an excellent the rest of the year, and also the city comes lively with events and tasks between November and April.

Even December and January have the right to be really pleasant, hovering at approximately 65 levels at their an extremely warmest.

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To endure something that an ext closely resembles your "average" summer, your safest bet would certainly be to visit Phoenix in April – you"ll quiet get an ext sunshine than practically anywhere rather in the States, but temperatures shouldn"t exceed 85 degrees.

Regardless of when you pick to travel, don"t underestimate the Sonoran and also Mojave Deserts – be sure to load plenty that water, and don"t hesitate to protect against at one of the countless desert towns if the warm gets to it is in a little too much.