Found old article on this topic indigenous 2006, however am looking for present information. Have the right to anyone you re welcome tell me our choices to get from the philly airport to Cape might in July? Arrival right into Philly is 5pm. I uncovered the 2009 summer bus schedule i m sorry lists a #316 express route bus. Does anyone one know exactly how to acquire to this bus from the philly airport, and how long it would certainly take to gain to the bus station? last summer's schedule just shows one bus that is around 40 min after ours arrival. Just wondering if we deserve to make the to the bus in time.

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Also, room there any one-way vehicle rentals from the airport to Cape May? I have actually not been able to discover any.

Any details you can provide me is much appreciated:)

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John C
Cape May, brand-new Jersey
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1.Re: PHL airport to Cape May options
11 year ago
Hi There. Unfortuneately options are no many. Most civilization probably will certainly rent a car when showing up in Philadelphia.

That said, there is a commuter train that starts in ~ every terminal in the airport in Philadelphia. Ns dont think 40 minutes is enough to obtain bags and also make that downtown come the bus terminal.

You might look right into ground transportation services choose Rapid Rover together an alternative.

Thats no a great help, great there were an ext alternatives.

The victor Motel

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New Jersey
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2.Re: PHL airport to Cape May options
11 years ago
Enterprise rental a car has one office in Rio Grande i beg your pardon is around 4 miles north of Cape May. There's bus service from Rio Grande to Cape might on NJ Transit. Examine the schedule - I'm not certain how frequently it runs.

Enterprise offered to advertise "we'll pick you up". Possibly they would take you come Cape May.

Hertz list the Cape may County airport together a location, however says there's no office and pickup/dropoff requirements to it is in coordinated. If they'll come to the airport, possibly they would pick up the auto at your precise destination.

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New York City, New...
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3.Re: PHL airport to Cape May choices
11 years ago
Very tiny chance in mine opinion to acquire into downtown philadelph from airport in 40 minute at the elevation of rush hour. It's only a couple of miles, but Philly favor any major city has gridlock.

Wondering if friend would have an choice to fly into Atlantic City.

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Ben M
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4.Re: PHL airport to Cape May options
11 year ago
I concur v the others around not gift able to do it to facility city philadelph in 40 minutes. Your finest bet is to arrange a automobile rental and drive (Atlantic City Expressway to Garden State Parkway). If you're looking for a 1 way rental, ns don't think Enterprise will certainly work. If I'm not mistaken, they don't offer that choice in NJ no longer for everything reason.

My best recommendation is to examine the rental companies and find one the fits the bill for you. Sorry us couldn't be much more help, however at the very least I can say through confidence, girlfriend will have a significant time in Cape May!

Ben Miller

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