The fram PH8A is just one that the numerous oil filter in the fram catalogdesigned making use of the brand’s trademark filtering technology.

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FRAM filters have been approximately since the 1930s. What started out together a firm producing 10 filters a work has become a family name responsible for design novel technologies such as integrating two filtering elements in one product and also introducing a single-stage full-blow bypass diesel filter.

With an expansive background spanning 10s of thousands of products, it’s straightforward to get puzzled which among FRAM’s revolutionary filters is perfect for her ride. As soon as it involves oil filters, among the best options the brand uses is the frame PH8A.

There are various varieties of oil filters, but the fram PH8A is a cut over the rest as it guarantees topnotch performance by catching 95% of dirt particles that room detrimental to your engine. It functions a precision-molded silicone anti-drain ago valve, which ensures start-up engine protection. Its coating, called as sure Grip, guarantees a non-slip finish that is appropriate for installation.

The fram PH8A is additionally designed for conventional and synthetic oil varieties and is equipped through an within lubricated sealing gasket, do it easier to remove when it requirements to it is in replaced.

Now come the important question: fram PH8A fits what engines?

According to the fram oil filter guide, the frame PH8A is provided on applications extending the adhering to engines from assorted makes including Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, and also Mazda:

V8 2.6LV8 4.1LV8 4.5LV8 5.1LV8 5.3LV8 5.4LV8 5.9LV8 6.3LV8 6.6LV8 6.7LV8 6.8LV8 7.0LV8 7.2LL6 2.8LL6 3.2LL6 3.7L

You deserve to view the finish applications list, with all the other auto years, makes, and also models, here.

As mentioned, that is special features make the fram PH8A easy to install. However, it still help to take keep in mind of these tips as soon as installing one in her car:

Perform work with your engine off.Wear protective equipment as engine and engine oil may be scorching hot.Situate a drainpipe pan beneath her oil filter before carefully unscrewing it.Lubricate your new O ring with clean engine oil. Do not usage grease.Make certain your oil specification, viscosity, and also amount correspond to what’s created in her owner’s manual.Check for leaks and also oil levels. Height off together needed.Dispose used motor oil, container, and also filter properly.

Now, you require not look further if you’re ~ a an excellent deal for the frame PH8A. Auto parts Warehouse has this amazing product in stock. It comes with a FRAM limited warranty and is ready to ship to your ar in no time. Also, if you shop at APW and also your order amounts to $50 or more, your shipping is ~ above us.

No should second-guess your best solution for those oil filter compare woes. Obtain the frame PH8A native APW today: https://bit.ly/2E4HT8J.

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FRAM likewise manufactures air filters that are, just like their oil filters, highly regarded in the industry. Check out this bonus video by mark Jenkins on just how to replace a fuel filter:

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