Every Rose has his thorn

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After a glorious career, Pete Rose’s post-baseball life has actually been somewhat less spectacular. In 1989, he agreed to long-term ineligibility from major League Baseball, complying with accusations that he’d been associated in gambling on the sport. He was additionally permanently banned indigenous induction into the Baseball hall of Fame, in spite of being baseball’s all-time leader in hits, singles, and also games played, and walks, doubles and runs through a switch hitter, to add several much more records. Later, his son and also namesake, Pete climbed Jr., did jail time in 2006 because that distributing the drug GBL to his minor-league teammates.

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Now, the elder Rose’s 26-year marriage has fell down as well.The associated Pressreported yesterday that the former player and manager, who turns 70 next month, hasfiled for divorcefrom his 2nd wife, Carol J. Woliung.

Court files in Los Angeles reveal that increased cited irreconcilable distinctions in his petition. He has agreed to payspousal supportto Woliung, yet expects her to salary her own divorce lawyer and also is demanding every one of the memorabilia that he already owned before the marriage, including the jewelry. No day of separation was indicated.

The marital break-up should it is in no surprise, since Rose came out in public about an work in November 2009. That was also pushing because that his mistress — a former trip attendant with korean Airlines — come pose inPlayboy.

Rose married his very first wife, Karolyn Englehardt, in January 1964 and divorced she in 1980. The met Woliung if she was a cheerleader for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, and also they married in April 1984. Increased has four adultchildren— two with Woliung, 26-year-old kid Tyler and 21-year-old daughter Cara, and also two with Englehardt, 46-year-old daughter Fawn and 41-year-old increased Jr. Cara Rose has actually played duties in the TV seriesPassionsandMelrose Place, under the nameChea Courtney.Rose Jr. Play 11 gamings with the Cincinnati Reds in the middle of a an extensive minor-league-baseball career; he right now manages theBristol White Sox.

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Pete Rose started his career through the Reds in 1963. That signed a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1978 and also played with them for five seasons; after ~ a short stint in 1984 v the Montreal Expos, he to be traded back to the Reds and also became their manager. The retired as a player in November 1986 but continued to manage the Reds until his half in 1989.

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