Whenever you move into a brand-new home, even if it is that"s a home or apartment, changing addresses on all your online accounts is among the most monotonous work that needs to it is in done. It"s even an ext tedious as soon as you have to update both shipping and billing addresses. However it"s necessary, and if you routinely use PayPal, it"ll be among the very first places you"ll want to update.

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Why is it vital to have updated contact information on her PayPal account? because that example, if you shot to buy something like well-known concert tickets online, which could potentially offer out quickly, an untrue billing deal with could average the difference in between a successful acquisition or leaving empty-handed. ~ above the shipping side of things, if friend buy a product making use of PayPal, it may arrive in ~ an old primary deal with instead that your new one.

Avoid any feasible purchasing concerns by transforming your primary attend to and billing address on PayPal. However, the Android and iOS apps because that PayPal cell phone Cash room pretty restricted to what you have the right to tweak from your iPhone or Android phone, but that doesn"t mean there isn"t a method to fine-tune some of your preferences.

Option 1: readjust Your primary Shipping Address

Your primary resolve on PayPal is just an additional name for her shipping address, not your billing address. If you"re interested in transforming the billing attend to for a details card, skip to alternative 2.

You cannot adjust your primary deal with through the main PayPal cell phone app, for this reason you"re walk to have to access the PayPal website in ~ paypal.com in her mobile web internet browser of choice. Authorize in v your credentials, tap ~ above the three-dashed "Menu" switch in the height left, then hit the cog icon. Scroll under to "Address," climate tap top top "Manage every addresses."

To adjust your main address, one alternative is come tap on "Set as primary" underneath an existing address that you"d like to do your main one.

Additionally, you can include a brand-new address by hitting the blue plus sign beside "Add address." go into your brand-new address, select the box beside "Make this my major address," and tap ~ above "Add Address" in ~ the bottom. Your new address will be added as the major shipping address.

Note that if you moved out that the United says — or are relocating to the united state — friend cannot adjust your primary address. PayPal block the capacity to readjust primary addresses to different countries. In stimulate to readjust the primary address, you"d need to create a new PayPal account, in the case.

If no one of the other addresses here use anymore, make sure to fight "Remove" next to them to prevent any accidental shipping to addresses girlfriend no longer live, work, or get packages at.

Option 2: adjust Your Billing deal with for Cards

If you want to change the billing resolve for a particular card in your PayPal account, you"ll again need to access the internet version the PayPal (paypal.com) v a mobile web browser.

Log in to her account, and on the main "Summary" web page that opens up up, scroll under to the Bank and also Cards section. Alternatively, you can access your list of cards indigenous the "Wallet" option in the next "Menu." pick the card you great to readjust the billing address for, then tap on "Update card" in ~ the bottom the its thorough view.

To readjust the billing address, tap ~ above the current attend to attached come the map to lug up a food selection of present addresses in your account. If you included a main shipping attend to using alternative 1 above, girlfriend can pick it indigenous the drop-down menu.

If the resolve is not listed, you"ll have to pick "+ Add brand-new Address." You likewise have the alternative of transforming the attend to into your major shipping deal with by checking the box beside "Make this my major address." After all the details is in, insanity "Add Address" to complete up.

Repeat the procedure above for other credit or debit cards the need brand-new addresses.

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