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Paula Jai Parker-Martin Born and also raised in the Midwest, actress Paula Jai Parker relocated to Washington, D.C., to examine at Howard University. After acquiring her B.A., she walk on to end up being a constant on The Apollo Comedy Hour and also Townsend television on FOX. After proving she might do comedy, she make a dramatic turn on the HBO anthology series "Cosmic Slop". She won a Cable ACE compensation for she title function in the segment "Tang," based on the short novel through Chester Himes. Parker do her feature film debut as Ice Cube"s girlfriend Joi in F. Gary Gray"s fight comedy "Friday". After conference director Rusty Cundieff if doing "Tales from the Hood", she was cast as gold-digging Adina in his urban comedy "Sprung" with Tisha Campbell. She additionally worked with numerous of the Wayans brothers on the WB present The "Wayans" Brothers." and also the function film "Don"t it is in a Menace come South main While Drinking her Juice in the Hood". Her next few films included the romantic comedy "Woo", starring Jada Pinkett Smith, and also the period drama "Why carry out Fools autumn in Love", starring Halle Berry. In 1999, she joined the cast of the David E. Kelley"s, "Snoops", a detective drama on abc starring Gina Gershon. After the display ended, she listed the voice that Trudy Proud ~ above the animated collection "The Proud Family" and starred in the ensemble comedy "30 years to Life" with Tracy Morgan. 

Parker later appeared in Joel Schumacher"s activity thriller "Phone Booth" and also Cheryl Dunye"s domestic comedy "My Baby"s Daddy". In 2005 she starred follow me side Terrence Howard and also Taraji P. Henson in the Oscar winning film "Hustle and also Flow". She can additionally be checked out in bill Duke"s acclaimed movie "Cover" and also in the anthology series, "Fear Itself", indigenous the producers of "Master"s of Horror". 

Paula Jai Parker"s longevity and also varied career options have absolutely poised her to proceed to thrive as an entertainment artist in Hollywood and has sculpted out a ar for she as among today"s hardest working actresses. 

Parker"s large experience in the entertain industry has led to plenty of invitations to lecture and share her experiences. Howard University has hosted Parker on many occasions presenting she masters course to Seniors confident to uncover work in the industry; CBS hired Parker in 2012 to direct their prestigious Diversity Showcase; and also Paul Newman expanded the coveted invite to Parker to get involved in The Sundance authors lab, wherein she mentored Behn Zeitling, help him bring his Oscar nominated film "Beasts the the southern Wild" to life. 

Parker"s extensive gift the mentoring has actually encouraged and also jump began the careers of such notables as kris Tucker, Marlon Wayans, Nick Cannon, Anthony Anderson, Taraji Henson, Regina Hall, Kerry Washington, and 2013 Oscar nominee, director Behn Zietling. 

Paula made her reality television debut in 2014 ~ above the hit TVOne series, "Hollywood Divas". In 2015, Parker"s very first lead power was denote in the TVOne horror/suspense film, "The Summoning".

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Paula additionally recently portrayed roles ~ above Amazon"s "Hand the God", and also Freeform"s restore Road.

2016 will prove to become a mainly year for the actress, together she can be watched in Showtime"s hit TV show, "Ray Donovan", Bounce TV"s "Family Time", and Season 3 the "Hollywood Divas" on TVOne.