The mr Of The Rings: 10 gibbs Who almost Got actors In The Trilogy To preeminence Them every Peter Jackson struck gold with The mr of the Rings, his fantasy epic trilogy. The actors was perfect, however other gibbs were taken into consideration for roles.

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These days, back-to-back sequels are a dime a dozen, however Peter Jackson’s blockbuster adaptation the The mr of the Rings trilogy to be a incredible risk as soon as it entered production. Jackson embarked on 3 big-budget fantasy epics random on every film’s box office success, which to be pretty lot up in the air before it struggle theaters and miraculously recorded the zeitgeist.

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Making the trilogy to be a massive undertaking for Jackson, and also a critical part the that process was casting the perfect actor for each above role. However the actors who finished up play each character in the trilogy weren’t always the very first choice.

Peter Jackson’s top an option for the duty of Aragorn to be Daniel Day-Lewis. The famously stroller, stick actor turned down the part immediately, but since Jackson was desperate for him come play the role, the kept providing Day-Lewis an ext and an ext money till he eventually gave up.

Meanwhile, the studio readily available the duty to Russell Crowe, yet there to be a scheduling clash through A Beautiful Mind, and also Crowe no think The lord of the Rings trilogy would be successful sufficient for package office percent he was being available to be worth it.

The studio executives paving the means for Peter Jackson’s gargantuan adaptation the The lord of the Rings stipulated that Gandalf had actually to be played by a significant movie star. So, the duty was readily available to Sean Connery, however he turned the down since he doesn’t choose the fantasy genre. He’d previously turned under the function of Dumbledore for the same reason.

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Connery later on said the Ian McKellen to be the perfect an option to pat Gandalf. Executives to be so no hope to acquire Connery in the duty that they available to give him 15% that the trilogy’s complete box office receipts, which would’ve earned the original Bond a lining $400 million — an ext than any actor has ever before earned because that a role.

Peter Jackson at first wanted Liam Neeson to play Boromir. However, the Schindler’s List star turned the down, as he didn’t want to get killed turn off in the an initial part of an additional trilogy after play Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: episode I – The Phantom Menace.

As a substantial fan the the books, Bruce Willis lobbied because that the function of Boromir, yet Jackson no interested in spreading him.

7 James Corden as Sam Gamgee

Ever since he started hosting The late Late Show, the seems impossible to obtain James Corden turn off our screens, together he reflects up in numerous movies a year and, in true Jimmy Fallon fashion, everything he walk inexplicably go viral.

But just like everybody else, Corden was when a struggling actor. He’s said that his very first ever audition was for the duty of Samwise Gamgee in The mr of the Rings trilogy. That course, Sean Astin turned out to it is in the ideal casting choice.

prior to the spreading of Liv Tyler, the role of Arwen was offered to Pulp Fiction star Uma Thurman, yet she couldn’t do the shoot because she to be pregnant in ~ the time.

After she provided birth and also the trilogy’s enormous production was still ongoing, Thurman and her then-husband Ethan Hawke to be approached about playing Faramir and also Éowyn, yet they turned under the components to focus on elevating the baby.

5 Nicolas Cage together Aragorn

after Peter Jackson’s choice of Daniel Day-Lewis and the studio’s choice of Russell Crowe both turned down the role of Aragorn, the director and also the studio decided on Nicolas Cage because that the role, however he didn’t want to make the moment commitment compelled to shoot three whole movies.

Eventually, Stuart Townsend was cast, but a couple of days into shooting, Jackson deemed him to be also young because that the character and fired him. Then, that was changed by Viggo Mortensen.

Peter Jackson originally approached Kate Winslet for the duty of Éowyn, however she turned down the offer. In ~ the time, the officially stated reason was the there to be an issue with scheduling.

However, there have actually been rumors that Winslet wanted to street herself native blockbuster cinema after ~ the unprecedented fame carried on by Titanic’s success.

3 Jake Gyllenhaal together Frodo Baggins

prior to the spreading team uncovered Elijah Wood, Jake Gyllenhaal was near the optimal of the shortlist because that the function of Frodo Baggins. Gyllenhaal was even asked to do a private audition because that Peter Jackson himself.

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However, nobody told the actor the the role would require him to carry out a british accent. When this was sprung upon him in ~ the private audition and he attempted to ad-lib one, he screwed it up so badly the he was removed from the shortlist then and also there.

Peter Jackson met through Patrick Stewart to comment on the duty of Gandalf, yet the Star Trek actor to be disappointed by the offer, as he want to play a various Lord the the Rings character (although he’s never proclaimed which one).

Still, he was willing to check out the script to view if he preferred it. Unfortunately, that didn’t.

1 The Beatles as Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, and also Gollum

Years prior to Peter Jackson would lug the Tolkien epos to the screen, the Beatles asked Stanley Kubrick if he’d direct them in a film adaptation the The lord of the Rings. It would’ve starred john Lennon together Gollum, Paul McCartney as Frodo, George Harrison together Gandalf, and also Ringo Starr as Sam.

There room a couple that rumors around why this version never happened; either Kubrick thought about the book to it is in unfilmable or Tolkien rejected the suggest adaptation.

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