The latest promo clip indigenous Brendon Urie web links together 'This Is Gospel and also 'Emperor's new Clothes' and drops part sneaky references to 'Don't Threaten Me through A an excellent Time' and even 'I write Sins...'


Panic! at The Disco ultimately unveiled some brand-new music yesterday (March 21st), dropping two brand-new songs including solitary 'Say Amen (Saturday Night)' i beg your pardon came finish with a spectacular (and hilarious) brand-new music video.

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It important is a sight to behold.


But, as numerous fans have already spotted, there are plenty of special treats because that longtime fans covert within the video clip itself.

For a start, the clip links in addition to the videos because that 'This Is Gospel' and 'Emperor's brand-new Clothes' as this fan modify neatly shows:

so this is how the music videos affix #PrayForTheWicked

— jossie (
brendonutella) in march 21, 2018

But the funny doesn't prevent there!

What about this moment where Brendon busts v some doors?

PanicAtTheDisco's new album Pray because that The wicked - obtainable everywhere June 22nd – and watch the 'Say Amen (Saturday Night)' Music video clip

A write-up shared by sustained By Ramen (
fueledby) top top Mar 21, 2018 in ~ 1:39pm PDT

Seems a little familiar right?

We assumed so.

There's likewise a sneaky callback to 'Don't Threaten Me through A an excellent Time' and also this winter moment:


Well, where else are you an alleged to obtain ready.

The band will embark top top a full US tourism this summer with assistance from Arizona and also Hayley Kiyoko before returning to the UK come headline reading & Leeds festivals this August. The new album, 'Pray because that The Wicked', is early out for release on June 22nd.

Spotted any kind of other referrals within the video? Let us know.

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