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To for sure the air-fuel ratio of the mixture burns as properly as possible, the powertrain manage module (PCM) tweaks the vehicle’s fuel trim over short and long periods. If the computer cannot properly change the air-fuel mix, it will certainly log the diagnostic trouble code P0170.

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What does the P0170 password Mean?

Diagnostic Trouble password (DTC) P0170 represents “Fuel Trim breakdown (Bank 1).” Fuel trim is the adjustment make by the PCM come the engine air-fuel mixture. The P0170 code indicates that the fuel trims have reached an abnormally short or abnormally high value for a stated amount of time.

This code is one of a collection of codes related to fuel trim. Note that many vehicles won’t set this code but may set other P017x codes, therefore you might never see this specific code. Because that a technical expertise of fuel trim, you deserve to read our detailed explanation here.

Bank 1 is either the only bank (as in through an in-line 4 cylinder) or the financial institution where #1 cylinder is located on a 6 cylinder or a V8.

The ECM/PCM and the O2 sensor room all around keeping things balanced in the combustion chamber. If the mixture drifts too much out the balance, a code like P0170 is stored. You have the right to learn more about this procedure here.

Note: code P0170 is a generic code characterized by the culture of Automotive designers (SAE). The vehicle’s manufacturer may set a different meaning for the code.

The stoichiometric mixture finest suited for burning is 14.7 parts air come 1 component fuel.

How to Diagnose the P0170 Code

For most auto owners, a P0170 code calls for a trip to a trustworthy auto fix shop, wherein trained specialists can acquire to the bottom of the problem. Auto owners with considerable experience and skill in DIY auto repair have the right to diagnose their vehicle and also repair every little thing disrupted the fuel trim and forced the PCM to log the P0170 code.

If you want to refreshing your knowledge of this diagnostic trouble code, you deserve to watch the following video detailing possible causes the the P0170 code:

How to fix the P0170 Code

There’s no single fix for the P0170 code, similar to most OBD-II codes. This is why it can be better to allow a license is granted mechanic do the solving for you.

If you desire to settle the password yourself, you deserve to use repair manuals or virtual auto fix resources and guides to aid you number out the ideal fix. As always, inspect your owner’s manual before attempting any kind of repair.

Finally, mental that different manufacturers might have various repair instructions because that their corresponding vehicles and also that a deal with that functions in one details model may not work-related for others, specifically those indigenous a different manufacturer.

Other Notes around P0170

The P0173 code indicates a fuel trim failure for the opposite side (bank 2) of the engine. The otherwise identical to the P0170 code.

In 2008, Mercedes-Benz parent agency Daimler AG issued the campaign 2008020002 – Vent Hose. The technical business bulletin (TSB) warned the the crankcase vent hose an installed below the input manifold of several MB models can construct cracks that may bring about leaks and rough running. A cracked or leaking hose have the right to drive the PCM to log in a P0170 code.

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