Why is the oxidation state the S +4 when sulfur reacts with H2SO4 while the oxidation state that S is +6 when it reacts v HNO3?
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when sulfur reacts with concentrated sulfuric mountain it is oxidized to sulfur dioxide together follows:

S + 2 H2SO4 à 3 SO2 + 2 H2O

Sulfur has actually an oxidation number of +6 in H2SO4. Note that due to the fact that sulfur has an oxidation variety of +6 in H2SO4, and also went to an...

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When sulfur reacts with concentrated sulfuric acid it is oxidized to sulfur dioxide together follows:

S + 2 H2SO4 à 3 SO2 + 2 H2O

Sulfur has actually an oxidation variety of +6 in H2SO4. Keep in mind that because sulfur has an oxidation variety of +6 in H2SO4, and went to an oxidation number of +4 in SO2, the sulfur in SO2 was lessened while the cost-free sulfur, going indigenous 0 to +4, to be oxidized. This is dubbed comproportionation, within one reactant atom, existing in 2 forms, will the same oxidation state in a solitary product v a reaction. This is the contrary of disproportionation whereby an facet from a single reactant is both oxidized and also reduced, showing up in two different reactants.

When sulfur reacts through nitric acid, together follows,

S + 6HNO3 à H2SO4 + 2 H2O + 6 NO2

Sulfur is oxidized native the zero oxidation state come +6. Nitric acid is one oxidizer, oxidizing sulfur very first to SO2 then to SO3 i m sorry is basically the anhydride that H2SO4.

Back to the an initial reaction: Sulfuric acid is qualified of oxidizing elemental sulfur, together shown. This outcomes is sulfur gaining oxygen together it go in the 2nd reaction. However, it likewise results in the S in the mountain being reduced as nitrogen was reduced in the 2nd reaction when oxygen walk from the oxyanion to the sulfur the was reduced.

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This no really regarded the family member concentrations of the acid, it’s concerned the family member tendencies that S and N to be diminished in the corresponding compounds. Although the very first reaction only takes place in concentrated sulfuric acid. Sulfuric mountain isn’t necessarily an ext concentrated 보다 nitric acid. Both are solid acids which dissociate 100%, and also sulfuric mountain is diprotic therefore if concentrations of the two acids room equal climate sulfuric acid will have actually a greater hydrogen ion concentration. However, nitric acid could be ready at a concentration that has a greater hydrogen ion concentration 보다 a offered molarity that sulfuric acid.