One that the points players deserve to do in RuneScape is advanced pets. Several of these pets have actually rewards come be acquired by elevating them, while others are just for fun. There right now are 2 varieties of pet in RuneScape: Cats and also Fish. There are many stages of cat you have the right to obtain, while the fish don"t really have actually stages of specific growth yet.

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To get your very first kitten you need to do Gertrude"s Cat quest. ~ you do the quest, Gertrude will provide you a kitten. If you shed this kitten, you can go to Gertrude and she will market you one for 100gp.

Many human being think over there is no allude in raising a Kitten, and also they think it is just a garbage of time. However, there space a pair of reasons why you would desire a Kitten/Cat/Overgrown Cat.

Once her Kitten grows up right into a Cat, you deserve to trade that in for fatality Runes, and those you have the right to sell for a reasonable lot of money. Kitten and Cats can likewise be fun to advanced if you are bored, and have nothing far better to do. Friend can additionally train non-combat skills while girlfriend raise a Kitten, and once it grows up profession it in for fatality Runes. Save in mind the kittens/cats are important for some quests as well.

You should remember to care for her kitten when you have actually a Kitten. If you perform not do among these friend may simply lose her Kitten, and also you will need to go ago to Gertrude come buy one more one.

You will certainly obviously need to feed her Kitten when in awhile. However, what does her kitten eat? your Kitten will certainly eat plenty of kinds that fish. Her Kitten will certainly eat the following:

Raw SardinesSeasoned SardinesRaw AnchoviesRaw ShrimpRaw TroutCooked TroutRaw SalmonRaw TunaCooked TunaRaw Lobster (maybe as well expensive to feed her cat)Cooked Lobster (inpracticle, however again)Bucket the Milk

To acquire a seasoned Sardine, girlfriend will need to make it. To make it you need to buy or fish a life Sardine climate you must find a Doogle Leaves. Once you have actually them both usage your Doogle leaves on the raw Sardine. Girlfriend can uncover Doogle pipeline behind Gertrude"s House


You must feed her Kitten when you gain a message, "I think that is hungry," and if you carry out not, later you will gain a post saying, "I think it"s really hungry!" If you do gain the message, "I think it"s really hungry!" you should feed it best away, or it might run away.


It is great to provide your kitten attention as soon as in awhile. You execute not have actually to but it is a an excellent idea to offer it some when in awhile. If you perform not, her cat will wander off and also look for part attention. Do not issue though her kitten will certainly return in your inventory. However, constantly leave at least one inventory an are open when taking treatment of your cat, since if her kitten made decision to wander off trying to find attention, and you carry out not have actually an inventory space open, your pet will certainly not go back to you!

You can give your kitten attention by stroking it, or friend can give him/her a round of wool. Girlfriend can gain a ball of structure by gaining some structure from a sheep, and also then you need to spin it right into a round of wool at a turn wheel.

periodically you will acquire a message saying, "I think it wants some attention." you will obtain this message once your kitten wants attention native you, nobody else. If girlfriend do acquire this message, you need to stroke it or offer it a ball of structure to beat with. If you do not carry out this, your kitten will run away, and you will have to buy a brand-new one native Gertrude.

Instead of just standing over there or walking approximately with your Kitten or Cat, why not gain some training in? Take your kitten and 3 - 4 fish, you deserve to go train firemaking, woodcutting, fletching, smithing, smelting, magic, etc. At any time you gain the "I think it"s hungry" message, feeding it, and do not forget to offer it part attention when in awhile. If you do not the will just wander off looking for some however it will certainly come back.

You can likewise fish for swordfish and tuna v your kitten. Anytime you acquire the blog post telling girlfriend it is hungry you deserve to feed the a life Tuna, and when her inventory is full except for one space, you can go and bank your fish and keep on doing this till your Kitten has grown up.

ALWAYS leaving at the very least one inventory space open though when training, so if your Kitten/Cat does wander off in search of attention, friend can get your Kitten back. If you execute not leaving an inventory space open, and your Kitten does wander turn off you may simply lose your kitten forever, and also you will have to buy a brand-new one native Gertrude.Note- You deserve to see if girlfriend Kitten likes friend buy assessing it as soon as you have picked that up

After taking treatment of your Kitten, that will prosper up come a strong beautiful Cat. After ~ several hours of walking approximately with her Cat, the will flourish up into an Overgrown Cat.

Kitten come Cat -To acquire your Kitten to grow up right into a Cat girlfriend will have to spend hrs taking care of her Kitten. Feeding it as soon as it states it is hungry. It is no a poor idea come stoke, or let your Kitten Play with a sphere of wool sometimes. After ~ your hours of taking care of your Kitten, it will thrive up into a Cat. Once your Kitten does thrive up girlfriend will acquire this message:


Cat come Overgrown Cat - To obtain your Cat to grow up right into an Overgrown Cat is easy. You carry out not need to feed her cat, just provide it attention as soon as in awhile. Girlfriend just have to offer your Cat attention. To gain your Cat to grow into an Overgrown Cat simply walk roughly with her Cat and it will grow into an Overgrown Cat, eventually.

PictureNameHow come Obtain
KittenBuy a kitten from Gertrude located simply west of Varrock.
CatFeed your kitten once it states it is hungry and also give it attention occasionally, and also when the asks for attention.
Overgrown CatLet her cat walk about with friend for several hours, you carry out not should feed it, but giving it attention at times is appreciated by the cat
Wiley CatYou must have actually completed the Rat Catchers quest to unlock this stage. Talk to Felkrash in the harbor Sarim Rat pits and also she will certainly train her Overgrown Cat into a Wiley Cat. Wiley cats can capture rats much better than a constant cat.
Lazy CatYou must have actually completed the Rat Catchers pursuit to unlock this stage. The Lazy Cat appears if you carry out not train her Wiley Cat and also just let it follow you around.
HellcatYou must have actually started the angry Dave sub-quest the the Recipe because that Disaster search to unlock this stage. Have actually your kitten/cat kill 7 Hellrats in the basement of angry Dave"s house in Edgeville. To readjust it ago to it"s consistent cat stage, feed it milk or speak to evil Dave"s mother.

You can acquire your kitten to chase rats. Many human being may think chasing rats is a waste of time and pointless. Well, over there is a reason for you to acquire your kitten to follow rats.


After your kitten catches 100 rats, you have the right to take your Cat to Gertrude and also she will certainly be amazed; she"ll offer you a Cat maintain Medal as a reward.

A great place to record rats is in the Varrock Sewers; over there are many rats down there. Execute not start catching rats until you have a Cat. With a Kitten, it just takes too long to record 100 rats. When you acquire a Cat that is much faster; a Cat can obtain up come 10 rats in a row.

When rat-catching you will be attacked by level 1 rats. The best thing to execute is to turn auto-retaliate off, so you don"t kill them all. Although they will certainly not injury you, they can be really annoying.

when in awhile her kitten/Cat will disappear. Execute not concern it has only gone off to adventure roughly RuneScape, and also do part training.ALWAYS leave one an are open in your inventory, because if your kitten does wander off, and there is not an inventory space open her kitten will not have room to show up in your inventory and you will lose your kitten. While her kitten is in your inventory or bank, it will certainly not acquire hungry or require attention, and the growing progress is paused.

Pet fish are a fairly boring pet, despite they do have some cool visual"s connected with them. You can have them perform tricks and also can speak come them.

The an initial thing you have to do as soon as you want a pets fish is to achieve a fishbowl. To perform this you have the right to craft one out of glass with level 42 crafting. Following you need to use the fishbowl on a water resource to to fill it through water for this reason the fish has a residence to move about in, then include a piece of seaweed therefore the fish has actually a comfort zone come "hide" in.

After you"ve created a house for her fish, the following step is to record the fish. Go speak come Harry in the Fishing Shop in Catherby to buy a tiny network for 10gp. Then usage the tiny network on the fishing spots in the shop. Girlfriend will have the ability to catch among 3 types of pet fish. You can only have 1 fish per fishbowl, for this reason if you want all 3 species of fish, you will must prepare number of fishbowls.

BluefishBluefish space the most common fish to catch from the aquarium.
GreenfishGreenfish are relatively common to capture from the aquarium.
SpinefishSpinefish space the most uncommon fish to record out the the aquarium.

Once you"ve gained yourself a pet fish, the following thing you have to do is feeding it. There room a few ways friend can achieve fish food for your pet fish.

Collect Fish Food out of Draynor ManorMake Fish FoodUse a guam leaf and piece that seaweed v a pestle and mortarUse the soil guam leaf and also ground seaweed v an empty box (Speak come Harry in the Fishing Shop to get)

There room 3 things that you deserve to do through your fish. You deserve to talk come it, you deserve to play v it, and you deserve to use it on a pet cat for a funny reaction.


When you right click your fishbowl, girlfriend can pick the alternative to talk which then reflects you holding your fishbowl and also some chat shows up in the chat box of what you are saying.Also once you ideal click, girlfriend can pick to "play" v your fish i beg your pardon is basically you tossing the key up and the fish jumps out of the key for a second.If girlfriend "use" your fishbowl v your pet cat, girlfriend can gain a funny reaction indigenous the fish.


If you grow exhausted of your fish, the just thing you deserve to do v it is drop the bowl. Fishbowls space un-tradable and also there is no means to empty her fishbowl. For this reason say her last goodbye to your fish and shatter the bowl permitting your fish to move onto the good netherworld.


To acquire a pet rock you must have actually completed The Fremennik Trials quest. Speak to Askeladden, the young Fremenik external the beer hall. He will happily it is provided you v the funny packed pet the is a rock because that free.

You surprisingly deserve to do a lot of of activities with a rock, the first being able come wield the object together a weapon - the is nice useless however. The pet rock can also be interacted with, this contains the options: to talk through it (the rock will certainly not reply however you do get a humorous message to read), come stroke, come fetch (acts together a sort of emote), and to stay, i beg your pardon the rock is very an excellent at.

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What go the Cat cultivate Medal do?

The Cat training Medal go not perform anything except look cool and prove you"ve eliminated 100 rats through your cat.