In “On mine Own,” Eponine laments she unrequited love because that Marius. In the first half of the song, she imagines a wonderful people with Marius together her lover. However she realizes that… check out More 
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And currently I'm all alone again i do not have anything to goNo one to revolve toWithout a home, without a friendWithout a challenge so speak hello toAnd currently the night is nearNow I deserve to make think he's hereSometimes i walk alone in ~ nightWhen everybody rather is sleepingI think of him and also then I'm happyWith the firm I'm keepingThe city goes come bedAnd I deserve to live within my headOn mine own, pretending he's next to meAll alone, i walk v him 'til morningWithout him, i feel his arms around meAnd once I lose my way I close my eyesAnd he has discovered meIn the rain, the pavement shines favor silverAll the lights are misty in the riverIn the darkness, the trees are complete of starlightAnd every I check out is him and me foreverAnd forever
And I know it's only in mine mindThat I'm talk to myself and also not to himAnd although I know that that is blindStill i say, there's a means for usI love him, yet when the night is overHe is gone, the river's simply a riverWithout him, the world roughly me changesThe trees are bare and also everywhereThe roads are full of strangersI love him, however every day I'm learningAll my life, I've just been pretendingWithout me, his civilization would go on turningA human being that's complete of happinessThat I have never knownI love him...I love him...I love him...But only on my own
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In “On my Own,” Eponine laments she unrequited love because that Marius. In the very first half that the song, she imagines a wonderful world with Marius as her lover. But she realizes that this is simply a dream the she need to constantly wake up up from. Then with a myriad of darker comparisons, she explains how her imagination deceives her, and how her reality is far various from she dreams.

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In this song, Eponine also fails come ever mention Marius’s name. This enables for the second definition and template of the song, faith vs Nihilism. Imagine the “him” the is being referred to is God. She describes the blissful paradise of walking through god, and also then as the sunlight is rising, and also people return to the street reflects that she doesn’t in reality believe, as god has actually not returned her love.

This tune was actually influenced by a short passage native the thing “A rose In Misery,” whereby Eponine defines her life come Marius. Rather than being a romantic moment, the is an alarmingly off-hand summary of she family’s poverty:

I frequently go turn off in the evening. Periodically I don’t come home again. Last winter, prior to we came here, we live under the arches of the bridges. We huddled together to store from freezing. My tiny sister cried. Exactly how melancholy the water is! as soon as I assumed of drowning myself, I claimed to myself: ‘No, it’s also cold.’ i go the end alone, whenever i choose, I periodically sleep in the ditches. Do you know, in ~ night, when I walk along the boulevard, I see the trees like forks, I view houses, all black and also as huge as Notre Dame, I fancy that the white walls room the river, i say to myself: ‘Why, yes sir water there!’ The stars are choose the lamps in illuminations, one would say that they smoked and that the wind go out them out, i am bewildered, together though equines were breath in my ears; although the is night, ns hear hand-organs and spinning-machines, and also I don’t know what all. I think human being are flinging stones in ~ me, i flee without knowing whither, everything whirls and also whirls. Girlfriend feel really queer once you have had no food.

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Reading this, the becomes evident that lot of Eponine’s descriptions here of a beautiful world of common love room actually obtained from the book’s explanation of hallucinations carried on through starvation, including a subtext of emotional malnourishment to this tragic song around unrequited feelings.