O₂ is paramagnetic since there are much more unpaired electrons and also N₂ is diamagnetic​ since there space no unpaired electrons. The variety of unpaired electron in O2 is 2, for this reason it is paramagnetic. Paramagnetic materials are materials that have tendency to acquire weakly magnetized in the direction of the magnetizing field when put in a magnetic field.

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P4O6 reacts with water come give: go ozone have actually coordinate bond?Which that the following molecules have zero dipole moment and tetrahedral structure? (A) CCl4 (B) SnC...2(g) + O2 ⇌ 2N2O(g) If a mixture the 0.482 mole ofN2 and also 0.933 mole that O2 is put in a reaction vessel of volume 10 litre and permitted to form at a temperature for which KC = 2.0 x 10-37 litre mol-1 . Recognize the ingredient of the equilibrium mixture.">Reaction between nitrogen and also oxygen takes location as following: 2N2(g) + O2 ⇌...+6 B) Cr(CO)6 C) V (CO)−6 D) Fe(CO)5">Which of the adhering to carbonyls will have the strongest C−O bond? A) Mn(CO)+6 B) Cr(C...Which that the following compounds has zero dipole moment? (A) 1,4−dichlorobenzene (B) 1,2−dichlor... In which of the following, functional group isomerism is no possible? A.Alcohols B.Aldehyde C.Alkyl...Hybridisation that C2 and also C3 of H3C−CH=C=CH−CH3 are (A)- sp,sp3 (B)- sp2,sp (C)- sp2,sp2 (D)- sp,s...t2 C. T1=t2">In an imaginary atmosphere, the air exerts a little force F on any type of particle in the direction of the p...Which of the complying with has the highest nucleophilicity? A.F− B.OH− C.CH3− D.NH2−Mond procedure is provided for refining of?Alkyl halides room immiscible in water despite they room polar because?The boiling allude of one azeotropic mixture of water and ethyl alcohol is much less than the of the theor... I m sorry of the following are the qualities of isotope of an element? (i) isotopes of an element...75.2 g of C6H5OH (Phenol) is dissolved in a solvent of Kf = 14 , If the depression in freeze point...The reaction of Zinc v dilute and concentrated nitric acid ,respectively ,produces :Which of the following properties generally decrease follow me a period? (A) Ionization energy (B) Elect...Bleaching activity of chlorine is due to: A) palliation B) oxidation C) acidic impact D) an easy effectWhy is fluorine the most electronegative element?Which the the complying with is not a characteristics of pBR322 vector? A. It was the first artificial clon...

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