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Nicolas Cage wants Cake is a collection of video remixes made by using a dialogue scene between Nicolas Cage and also Téa Leoni in the 2000 drama film household Man. The remix fad started in June 2010 as a short computer animation by Newgrounds member take care of Partridge (Happy Harry), whose previous works consisted of other noteworthy animations, such together 50 Llamas Day, Saturday Morning Watchmen, and Chuck"s new Tux.

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The dialogue came from "The family members Man", a 2000 movie starring Nicolas Cage (Jack) and also Téa Leoni (Kate). In the scene, Cage"s character comes home to discover the item of cake he"d saved lacking from the fridge, just to realize his wife is currently eating it.


JACKI want that cake!…reaches up…grabs she shirt…pulls she downplayfully on height of him…KATE(laughing)You want the cake!?JACK(out that breath)I want it…

Original Instance

The video clip took off only a main after being uploaded come Youtube and new Grounds in June 2010. Together of December 2010, the clip has over 300,000 see on Youtube and also over 200,000 see on new Grounds, with a 4.4/5 rating. It has been likewise featured ~ above both Daniel Tosh"s (of Tosh.0) and also Smosh"s blogs. Regardless of the video"s cultivation popularity, Partridge has actually promised the he "will never make something this retarded ever again."


Techno Remix

Adventure Quest

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YTP Version

Half-Life 2

Avatar; The last Airbender

Sparta Remix

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