Medical Terminology class - great 3 - digestive System price this data set:
anastomosis A brand-new connection in between two formerly unconnected tubes.

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anorexia Lack of appetite.
appendectomy The surgical removal the the appendix.
appendicitis Inflammation of the appendix.
ascites Abnormal build-up of liquid in the abdomen.
buccal mucosa The cheek lining.
cholecystectomy Surgical remove of the gallbladder.
cholelithiasis Gallstones in the gallbladder.
cirrhosis Chronic degenerative condition of the liver.
colitis Inflammation that the colon.
colonoscopy Visual check of the colon utilizing a versatile fiber optic tube v the anus.
colostomy The surgical development of an opened (or stoma) between the colon and the surface of the body.
crohn disease Chronic inflammation the the intestinal tract.
diverticulosis Abnormal side pockets in the minister wall.
dyspepsia Painful digestion.
dysphagia Gas expelled indigenous the stomach through the mouth (belching).
esophageal varices Swollen, varicose veins in the distal portion of the esophagus or upper component of the stomach.
gastric bypass Reducing the size of the stomach and also diverting food come the jejunum.
gastroenteritis Inflammation of the stomach and intestines.
gastroenterology The study of the stomach and intestines.
gingivitis Inflammation the the gingival/gums.
glucose Simple sugar.
glycogen Starch, glucose is stored in the form of glycogen in the liver cells.
hemoptysis Spitting or sneeze up that blood.
hemorrhoids Swollen, twisted, varicose veins in the rectal region.
hepatomegaly Enlargement that the liver.
Herniorrhaphy (-rrhaphy=suture) Surgical fix of hernia (protrusion that an organ or part through the muscle generally containing it).
hiatal hernia The upper part of the stomach protrudes upward v the diaphragm.
hypoglossal Situated under the tongue.
ileostomy A surgical creation of an opened (stoma) in between the exterior surface of the abdominal wall into the ileum (third ar of tiny intestine).
inguinal hernia Small loop of bowel protrudes v weak lower ab muscle.
intussusception Telescoping of the intestines, one segment the the bowel collapses right into the opening of another.
irritable bowel syndrome Group of cradle symptoms associated with stress and tension.
jaundice Yellow-orange coloration the the skin and other tissues led to by high level of bilirubin in the blood.
laparoscopy Looking into the abdomen through a scope.
lipase Pancreatic enzyme essential to digest fats.
melena Black, tarry stools; feces containing spend blood.
mesentery Part of the twin fold of peritoneum the stretches approximately the offal of the abdomen, holding the offal in place.
pancreatitis Inflammation the the pancreas.
paracentesis Removal of liquid from the peritoneal cavity.
parenteral Apart from the intestinal tract.
postprandial After meals.
rectocele The rectum herniates (protrudes) through the vaginal wall.
sigmoidoscopy Visual examination of the sigmoid using a versatile fiber optic tube with the anus.
stomatitis Inflammation that the mouth.
ulcerative colitis Chronic inflammation the the colon with visibility of ulcers.
viral hepatitis Inflammation that the liver resulted in by a virus.

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volvulus Twisting that the intestine upon itself.
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