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The shelby mustang gt500. I gained it as soon as there was no guides out for it. Currently all the guides tell friend to usage the gt500. It"s a good car because that drags. Mines doe a 1/4 mile in 7 secs and a 1/2 mile in 11 secs and it go 800 ft wheelies

You just have to know exactly how to drive the cars, and also how to shift i deserve to pull wheelies all the means down with almost any wheelie car.
Dodge vipers does like 6 sec 1/4 miles and 9 sec 1/2 miles. To add it can pull a wheelie under the whole track

Im Not sure if this is a good car for drag but the covette Z06 I provided for mine drag and also wheelie beat the drag king to complete modded aswell and I got to 1200 ft wheelie not certain time and by the means hard to handle and also fast acceleration so shifting gears mite it is in hard.

I have the right to make nearly any rear wheel journey pull a wheelie all the way down the traction strip, you just need to know exactly how to drive it.
This is true here^^ toyota supra and also the old college camaro, v my camaro all tricked out and carefully tuned ( took me like 2 months lol) ok perfect tuned camaro i was running low fives such together he says with the toyota, 5.1-5.3 1/4 mile and also 6.2-6.4 1/2 mile races, so yes the toyota (which is mine favorite auto in life lol) is THE ideal drag auto if friend knw exactly how to work-related it ;), second in line camaro, third in line Zonda, and also this is just a personal opinion, yet for wheelie i really like the gto

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