9. Measure up 9 the inadvertently A# is used meaning every A in the measure will certainly be A#10. The Italian ax in measure one is piano, that way you play softly11. The Italian term in measure 9 (mf) meaning mezzo forte, definition moderately loud.12. The dots in that measure is staccato method to shorten the keep in mind from its really value13. The dynamics in measure up 5 and also 6 room crescendo and diminuendo an interpretation you gradually raise the volume increase or down depending on the dynamic.14.Usually, the last measure of a piece has actually the twin bar line but the top quality of the picture isn"t at its finest so i don"t know15. For measure 5&6 that curve over them is a *slur* definition to traction out those 2 measures16. In ~ the height of the piece, every song has their own tempo however your piece means at a wade pace

2 pouches the tuna and also 52 oz that mayo room needed.

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Step-by-step explanation:

Double means two batches.

So 1 bag of tuna becomes 2 pouches

26 oz of mayo becomes 52 oz of mayo

8.Which scale key matches the an essential of this piece--the top, middle, or bottom scale?

The bottom range matches the crucial of this piece.

Explanation: The peak scale is what"s referred to as a chromatic scale. Lock start and end on the exact same note, octaves apart. They consist that only half steps (from white vital to black color key) and include every notes between the lower and greater note. The center scale is the D minor scale (parallel minor of D Major), yet there"s no Bb (B flat). The bottom scale has 8 notes, qualifying it because that a suitable scale. Additionally, the note that room augmented one fifty percent step up (or sharped) are F and also C, i m sorry is the suitable scale because that D Major.

9.What accidental is supplied in measure up 15? how does this accidental change the original note?

The accidental provided is a sharp, top top the note G. That raises the pitch up by a fifty percent step, because of this being G#.

Explanation: over there are 5 kinds that accidentals (only will certainly be talking around 3): sharps, flats, naturals, twin sharps, and twin flats. Sharps augment the key of the keep in mind up by a half step, and looks like a hashtag/number price (#). Flats diminish the pitch of the keep in mind down a fifty percent step, and also look favor an italicized lowercase "b" (b). The natural symbol is provided to signify that on the piano, nevertheless of vital signatures and previous accidentals, the note will it is in white. The one displayed in measure up 15 is a hashtag, or a sharp.

10.What is the Italian term for the mark p in measure 1, and also what does it mean?

Piano. It means to beat softly.

Explanation: there are 6 standard dynamic markings. All show up as small letter letters, and also italicized. The five are fortissimo, forte, mezzoforte, mezzopiano, piano, and pianissimo. Fortissimo means to play an extremely loud. Forte means to beat loud, yet not as loud together you would play fortissimo. Mezzo forte is to play in the tool of the loud spectrum. Mezzo piano means to play in the tool of the soft spectrum. Piano method to play soft, but not as soft as you would play pianissimo. Finally, pianissimo is play the softest possible.

11.What is the Italian term for the note mf in measure up 9, and also what does it mean?


12.What carry out the dots listed below the repeated notes in measure up 18 mean?


Explanation: Staccato is a form of play that calls for shortened versions of note (has slightly much less amount that beats 보다 it need to have) and also many describe it as pecking in ~ a piece of record with a pencil, making dots ~ above the paper. The movement is very fast and also stealth.

13.What is the Italian term because that this mark in measure 6, and also what does it mean?

Decrescendo. This way to gradually acquire softer.

Explanation: One measure earlier is what the comparison is, crescendo. Crescendo is provided to gradually gain louder, while decrescendo are supplied to gradually obtain softer.

14.Which measure has actually a double bar line?

The critical measure, or measure up 24.

Explanation: dual bar lines denote one of two points (considering context). Twin bar lines can mean the end of a piece, or the end of a movement. This, however, only has one movement, the 24 measures, therefore the twin bar heat in measure up 24 is the end of the piece.

15.What is the surname of the curved line above the note in procedures 5 and 6, and also what does it mean?

Slur, it way to affix the notes.

Explanation: girlfriend can"t literally attach the notes, but you can definitely play it as if it was connected. You would make sure that prior to one keep in mind ends, the next one is already being played, come simulate connected notes. The damper pedal can assist in make slurs efficient in the music.

16.What is the meaning of the Italian ax andante at the peak of the piece?

in ~ a walking speed.

17.Using the letters A and B, label the score directly to surname the type of the piece.

measure up 1 should be labeling A, measure up 9 must be labeled B, and also measure 17 have to be labeled A.

Explanation: The question is asking what type the music is in. Lot like poetry, there room patterns in music. Similar melodies and harmonies are classified into one team (in this case, A) and also other different yet common music structures space classified into another group (B). The difference in between A and B below are the intended key changes and note flow.

18.Using the letter A and B, label the score straight with each letter denote the begin of a new section.

Gay-Lussac"s law deserve to be express mathematically together follows:


where V = volume, T = temperature, K = Constant

This law shows that the ratio between pressure and also temperature is constant.

This law shows that, as long as the volume that the container comprise the gas is constant, as the temperature increases, the gas molecules relocate faster. Then the variety of shocks versus the walls increases, that is, the pressure increases. That is, the gas pressure is directly proportional come its temperature.This have to be fulfilled because the relationship need to remain constant

In short, as soon as there is a constant volume, together the temperature increases, the gas push increases. And also when the temperature decreases, gas pressure decreases.

It is wanted to examine two different states, one initial state and also an final state. You have a gas that is in ~ a pressure P1 and also at a temperature T1 at the beginning of the experiment. When the temperature varies to a brand-new T2 value, climate the pressure will change to P2, and the complying with will it is in true:


Given the above, it is feasible to say the if the gas inside a rigid steel vessel (constant volume) is boil in together a method that that is temperature, measured in Kelvin degrees, doubles climate the inner pressure will rise by a factor of 2 (doubles too)


Step-by-step explanation:

The switch of Kilograms come Pounds is 1kg : 2.2lbs.

So let"s say the the baby"s weight is at 20 lbs, that would be:

20 / 2.2 = 9.09 kg

Now let"s say the the baby"s load doubled, that would certainly be:

20 x 2 = 40 lbs

40 / 2.2 = 18.18 kg

So that means that if the weight of the baby doubles in pounds, climate the weight would certainly also dual in kilograms.

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There have to be the 5 currently of a staff below the question. Division the staff into 4 steps using a bar line. A bar line is just an up and also down line like : | . At the an extremely end of the employee (5 lines) draw 2 bar present close to each various other like:|| .