L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 19 | 5-answer surveysWe asked 100 women...Fill in the blank: If I thought my male was cheating on me, I"d ______ him.100LEAVE/DIVORCE38KILL7CONFRONT/ASK22FOLLOW/SPY ON21HURT/CASTRATE12Name something friend haven"t worn because you to be a baby.99DIAPER80HAT/BONNET2BIB7ONESIE/ROMPER6BOOTIES4Name someone the cat complains about to the pet psychologist.99DUMB DOG53VET2LOUSY INBRED OWNER28ANNOYING KID14PESKY MOUSE2Fill in the blank: I had the worst waitress. She kept placing her finger in her what?99BOOGER BARN48BUTT/RUSTY BADGE3MOUTH26WAX-FILLED EAR15GREASY HAIR7We asked 100 married men...Name other you"d dislike for your wife to catch you in.99A LIE37A HOTEL3MY LOVER/HIS BED26HER DUDS/PROM GOWN23MID-STARE in ~ BABE10We request 100 men...Name the number one place where friend think around sex.98HOME/BED/SHOWER68EVERYWHERE!4WORK12BAR/NIGHTCLUB9BEACH5Name miscellaneous that could crawl right into your sleeping bag once you"re camping.98BUG/SCORPION65ME!2SNAKE23MY LOVER6MOUSE2We inquiry 100 solitary men...Tell me a gift you could give to your girlfriend that you"d never give to her mom.98LINGERIE/NIGHTIE50VACATION7SEX TOYS16FLOWERS/RED ROSE13ENGAGEMENT RING12Name other an tired wife does once her husband won"t stop snoring.98HIT/KICK/WAKE HIM44USE EARPLUGS2SHE leaves ROOM37PILLOW/SMOTHER HIM10KICK the OUT5We asked 100 married men...Name something friend hope your wife never ever does like her mother.98COOKS34HAS SEX5NAGS28AGES/LOOKS LIKE22HOARDS JUNK9We request 100 men...Name something girlfriend won"t clean until it watch dirty.98MY CAR31MY SINK3DUDS/SHOES/UNDIES31MY TOILET21MY WINDOWS12Fill in the blank: Grandma supplied to it is in a hairdresser until she accidentally reduced someone"s ______ off.97EAR/EARS80HEAD3PONYTAIL/HAIR all OFF7NOSE4EYEBROWS3Name something that could be sold at a funeral home"s going the end of business sale.97COFFINS78FLOWERS/WREATHS2URNS7FURNITURE/PEWS7HEARSE3We request 100 men...You never ever want to hear an additional guy say the your mom has actually a sexy what?97POOPER/TO SPANK75THONG2RACK9PAIR of LEGS7VOICE4Name something that makes a dog and also a male happy.97FOOD/PEANUT BUTTER66COMPANIONSHIP4GOOD RUB/SCRATCH13SLEEP9HUMPING5We request 100 men...Name something you might do if you construct really huge man boobs.97DIET/EXERCISE61BUY A CUTE BRA3SEE DOC/SURGERY27HIDE "EM/BAGGY DUDS3CRY/SCREAM3Name other a woman might promise her man to obtain him to go to church with her.97HER PEARLY GATES56NEW CAR/TRUCK2DELISH MEAL34BOYS" NIGHT OUT3MARRIAGE2Name a component of her body a woman sticks out when she"s teasing a man.97BAZOOKAS53HEAVENLY HIPS2TEMPTING TONGUE24BEAN-BLASTIN" BOOTY16COME-HITHER FINGER2If a man lost his barbecue tongs, what could he usage to upper and lower reversal his meat?97FORK49STICKS2SPATULA28HANDS/FINGERS16SPADE/SHOVEL2Fill in the blank: Wipe your ______.97FACE44WINDSHIELD2BUTT/CHOCOLATE STAR35FEET13HANDS3Name other a man has that the brags is very hot.97CAR/TRUCK41HAIR2WOMAN/BABE25BODY/3RD NIPPLE25SALSA/FOOD4Name a way you have the right to tell the someone"s exhilaration a joint.97SMELL/ON BREATH40SPEECH/SLURRING2STONER EYES39SILLY/GIGGLING11HAS THE MUNCHIES5Name a place older women go to find young men.96BAR/NIGHTCLUB72SPORTING EVENT4GYM11ONLINE/COUGAR APP5SCHOOL/PROM4We inquiry 100 men...Name something friend didn"t favor as a small boy the you completely love now.96FOODS/COFFEE71SPANKINGS2WOMEN19BEDTIME/SLEEP2SPORTS/GOLF2Name a means you might have the ability to tell a guy is married simply by looking at him.96RING/TAN LINE70BELLY/DAD BOD3SAD/TIRED/DEFEATED12WON"T FLIRT/OGLE7CLOTHES/IRONED4We request 100 married men...What execute you wish her wife would wear an ext often?96LINGERIE/CROTCHLESS52MAKEUP5NOTHING/A SMILE18DRESS/BALL GOWN11BIKINI10We request 100 married men...In her nightmares, what is your mother-in-law wearing?96NOTHING/A SMILE49SEXY COSTUME/CLOWN4BIKINI19BUTT FLOSS/LINGERIE19TIGHT JEANS5If a party is start to look like a flop, it"s time to bring out the what?96BOOZE/SHOTS47FOOD3MUSIC/KARAOKE18GAMES/TWISTER16STRIPPER12Name other a dog does to a bone the a mrs might shot to do to her husband.96BURY HIM34DESTROY/SHRED HIM2LICK HIM28BITE/CHEW/SWALLOW28HIDE HIM4We inquiry 100 married men...Name a location you"d have actually your mother-in-law"s surname tattooed.95BUTT/DOWN CRACK46ON FATHER-IN-LAW3FOOT/SOLE36ANKLE/LEG6ARM/BICEP4Name other a woman really hopes isn"t in she man"s moustache.94FOOD/MAYO68FUZZ2BOOGERS/SNOT13BUGS/CRABS9DIRTY HO"S LIPSTICK2We request 100 single men...Name miscellaneous you"ve lied more than once around on a first date.94JOB/RICH BIGWIG58SHE"S FUN/FASCINAT"G6SHE looks GREAT11MY AGE/OVER 1811MY EXES/HOW MANY8We inquiry 100 married women...Tell me a way you recognize your husband is lying.94NO EYE CONTACT55BLINKS A LOT5NOT prize QUESTION16LAUGHS/SMIRKS13GETS MAD5Name one point a fireman"s wife asks him to wear in the bedroom to heat things up.94HELMET/HAT54LINGERIE/THONG4UNIFORM16HIS HOSE13BOOTS7Name other an at home cat no watching the outdoor cat chase if he sits in the window.94BIRDS50CATS/HOT KITTIES2MICE/RATS24SQUIRRELS15WEAK DOGS3Name something a man might have at his "just got out that jail" party.94BEER/BOOZE48COP/PAROLE OFFICER3WILD WOMEN/SEX32FOOD/STEAK8DANK WEED3We inquiry 100 single men...Name other a date might do a lot of that tells you she"s a little psycho.94TALK/ABOUT MURDER48TWITCH3JEALOUS/POSSESSIVE28YELL in ~ ME11BONDAGE/TIE ME UP4Name something at a pet save a wife could buy she husband when he acts choose a dog.94COLLAR/SHOCK COLLAR46A DOGHOUSE3LEASH23BONE16MUZZLE6It"s warm in hell. Name something that probably sells yes, really well there.94ICE/WATER40BATHING SUITS2ICE CREAM/POPSICLES32FAN/A.C.17LEMONADE3We request 100 married men...If there was a divorce survival kit, what might be in it?94CASH/SECRET ACCT.31A an excellent LAWYER6BOOZE31HOTTER, NICER BABE17BLOW-UP DOLL9Tell me a component of a woman"s body that could be bigger 보다 a man"s.93GLAD of MILK & HONEY63HER BRAIN2BOWL"G sphere BOOTY22HER MOUTH3HER HIPS3Name miscellaneous of she husband"s a mam goes v after the goes to sleep.93HIS WALLET53HIS COMPUTER3HIS cell PHONE19HIS POCKETS/CLOTHES14HIS SNORING4Name miscellaneous you"d hate to view a chef wipe on his apron.93HIS NOSE/BOOGERS50HIS HANDS3BLOOD25BUTT/DINGLEBERRY9KNIFE/UTENSIL6Grandpa didn"t deliberately stand his date up -- he just couldn"t psychic what?93THE DAY/TIME48WHERE CAR/KEYS WERE2PLACE/HER ADDRESS21HE had A DATE13WHO SHE WAS/NAME9Name something some human being spit on when they talk.93OTHER PEOPLE46CELL PHONE6GROUND/FLOOR28FOOD/TABLE7SELVES/OWN HANDS6We request 100 mothers...Name miscellaneous you watch in your teenager"s room that renders you sorry you looked.93DIRTY CLOTHES43USED DISHES4WILLY WRAP/BIRTH CTL.26DOOBIE/DRUGS12PORN8We inquiry 100 married women...When friend aren"t in the mood, what carry out you wear since you recognize it would turn your husband off?93FLANNEL GOWN/PJS42LEG WARMERS3SWEATS22GRANNY PANTIES21COLD CREAM5Name something that can be called a nail-biter.93MOVIE/TV/BOOK37ROLLER COASTER3SPORTING EVENT36HUMAN/FOOT FETISHIST13TEST/RESULT4What do you think of when you hear words "whiz"?93JOY of URINATION30GEE-WHIZ3WIZARD the OZ/WIZ24GENIUS/WHIZ KID23CHEEZ WHIZ13Name a slang word because that a person"s mouth.92PIEHOLE/HOLE49PUSS3TRAP24YAPPER/YAP10KISSER6Name something human being do in the mud.92WRESTLE/FIGHT48BATHE5PLAY/ROLL/JUMP24DRIVE/ATV8GET STUCK/SINK7Fill in the blank: at a wild office party, they can play "pin the tail top top the" what?92BOSS/OWNER43INTERN3ASSISTANT21DONKEY15STRIPPER10We asked 100 solitary women...Fill in the blank: I"d like to run into my ex-boyfriend v a what?91CAR/MACK TRUCK48SNOWPLOW5HOT brand-new HUNK23PITCHFORK8BUS7Fill in the blank: Tarzan dumped woman after he discovered ______ in the treehouse.918 MEN/FEMALE LOVER44CONDOMS4CHEETA/HAPPY APE26TOY/BANANA VIBRATOR13MAN"S LOINCLOTH/LEAF4We inquiry 100 married men...You supplied to drive your wife wild. Currently where perform you drive her?91STORE/MALL43TO BED/SLEEP3CRAZY/LOONY BIN33TO DRINK/THE BAR7DOCTOR/HOSPITAL5Name something you wouldn"t have done at work if you"d recognized the boss was stand behind you.91GO ONLINE/PORN39CUSS/DIRTY JOKE3TALK ABOUT/MOCK BOSS31CALL/TEXT11FART/ON your DESK7Name someplace a man might take his boy that would obtain them both in trouble through mom.90STRIP JOINT51R-RATED/PORN FLICK2BAR/NIGHTCLUB30HO HOUSE5HOOTERS2Name something your dog does as soon as "Family Feud" comes on TV.90BARKS/HOWLS47WATCHES IT5SLEEPS23HIDES/LEAVES ROOM10EATS5In which U.S. State would you find the most potheads?90COLORADO44WASHINGTON3CALIFORNIA34OREGON6ARIZONA3What would you execute if you observed your neighbor was growing marijuana in his garden?89GET SOME/SMOKE IT34LAUGH/GRIN3NOTHING/IGNORE29CALL COPS/DEA20HELP have tendency GARDEN3After the divorce, surname something specific a man could use photos of his ex-wife for.88TARGET PRACT./DARTS50PUT ONLINE/PORN SITE4FIRE/KINDLING17BRIBE/BLACKMAIL12TOILET PAPER5We asked 100 women...Name a method you choose your men and your burgers.88HOT35LEAN4WELL-DONE18BEEFY/THICK16JUICY15Name something certain a bald guy could do if he wake up up v a complete head the hair.87YELL/CRY/JUMP 4 JOY56HAIRCUT/SHAVE IT4COMB/STYLE IT16FEEL/PULL IT6STARE IN MIRROR5Name something a mugger would hate come discover about you when he tried to mug you.87DON"T have actually MONEY39SICK/WITH EBOLA4PRO FIGHTER/JUDO20HAVE A GUN19I"M A COP5We request 100 men...Name a unique occasion as soon as you undertake your ideal pair the underwear.87DATE/HOT HOOKUP37BIRTHDAY5SURGERY/DR. APPT.23ANNIVERSARY12WEDDING10Name a odor of Life Saver that would certainly make a sexy surname for a stripper.85WILD CHERRY63RASPBERRY3BUTTER RUM/SCOTCH9PEP O MINT7STRAWBERRY3Fill in the blank: Grandma said, "When I require a an excellent laugh, i hide grandpa"s" what?85DENTURES55CANE/WALKER4GLASSES14CLOTHES/SLIPPERS8REMOTE CONTROL4Name a place where 3 really is a crowd.85BED/BEDROOM50THEME PARK/RIDE5ON A DATE15BATHROOM/SHOWER8CAR/FRONT SEAT7We asked 100 men...Name miscellaneous you execute in just your underwear.84SLEEP33CLEAN/LAUNDRY5WATCH TV23WORK OUT/DANCE12STRUT AROUND11We asked 100 men...Name miscellaneous a bossy woman insists ~ above doing her way.84CLEANING/DISHES33SHOPPING9COOKING15DRIVING/DIRECTIONS15DECORATING12Tell me a method that a night in jail is various from a night in a quite hotel.84BED/THREAD COUNT31THE FOOD8INMATES/WATCH ME POO22CAN"T leaving JAIL13FREE ROOM10Name a concern parents ask your daughter once she tells them she"s obtaining married.84HIS JOB/INCOME?24YOU LOVE HIM?13YOU PREGGERS?19YOU SURE?14WHEN?/DO U relocate OUT?14What would certainly you carry out at a an intricate restaurant if your credit transaction card to be declined?83RUN/DASH20DISHES/WORK9USE other CARD20PAY CASH/HIT ATM18CRY/EMBARRASSED16We inquiry 100 women...Name something girlfriend don"t like to watch your man put in his mouth.82CIG/TOBACCO41A WOMAN/HER TONGUE3FOOD/JUNK FOOD17HIS FINGERS/NAILS16MY TOES/HIS TOES5We inquiry 100 women...Fill in the blank: I"d never marry a man who has actually a huge collection of what?82PLUSHIES/TOYS30WIGS4PORN/DIRTY MAGS24GUNS12CRITTERS/TAXIDERMY12Give me a word that rhymes with "rapper."82DAPPER29NAPPER7TAPPER18CRAPPER15TRAPPER13Fill in the blank: pack of what?81WOLVES42LIES5GUM17CIGS/SMOKES12CARDS5We asked 100 women...Name the last location you"d expect to discover true love.80BAR/NIGHTCLUB50GAS STATION3WORK11PRISON9ONLINE7Name something in her bedroom that would be monster if the glowed in the dark.78BED/COVERS/PILLOW48UNDIES5PERSON/MATE"S HOO-HA11CAT/DOG7VIBRATOR7Name something girlfriend roll.78BALL/BOWLING BALL23COINS8DOUGH/PLAY-DOH20JOINT/BLUNT14DICE13Name other you can hurt yourself riding on.77HORSE36SURFBOARD5BULL/MECHANICAL19MOTORCYCLE11SKATEBOARD6What perform you want ideal this minute?77FOOD/DESSERT21SEX/WITH STEVE9MONEY/STEVE"S17SLEEP16BOOZE PLEASE!14You might tell someone, "Give me a" what?75BREAK42HAND7HUG9KISS9MINUTE/SECOND8Name something that complies with sleeping.75SLEEPING BEAUTY38WAKING UP5SLEEPING BAG14SLEEPING PILL12SLEEP"G DOG/DOGS LIE6Give me a word that rhymes v "clock."75DOCK30STOCK6SOCK15BLOCK13ROCK11Young couples make love.

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Enlarge couples make what?72WHOOPEE/LOVE42HEIRS6HISTORY/MEMORIES9FOOD/CUP that TEA8CONVERSATION7Name a place that"s fill with civilization who don"t want to it is in there.72JAIL/PRISON36CEMETERY8HELL10WORK/MEETINGS10CHURCH8Name something that"s small and green.71A PEA29A JALAPENO4FROG/TOAD22PLANT/LEAF/GRASS12MONEY/DOLLAR4Name a weather condition that would certainly be a an excellent name for a wrestler.71TORNADO19TSUNAMI6STORMY/STORM18THUNDER/THUNDERSTORM16HURRICANE12Fill in the blank: Blood ______.67BLOOD BANK50BLOODLINE3BLOOD BROTHER/SIS6BLOODBATH5BLOODSUCKER3Name miscellaneous a wife offers a cheating husband that tells that she knows.67DIVORCE PAPERS30A LOOK/STARE7PHOTOS/VIDEO12THE HO"S PANTIES11COLD SHOULDER7We inquiry 100 married women...Tell me something her husband quit doing so much of after you acquired married.67FLOWERS/GIFTS19MANNERS/OPEN"G DOOR8COMPLIMENT"G ME16HOUSEWORK/COOK"G13EXERCISING11A guy should not tell his mother-in-law she needs a what?65FACELIFT/SURGERY32"LIFE"7MAN/LOVER10HAIRCUT/NEW "DO8DIET PLAN8Name an animal that doesn"t have actually much personality.65SLOTH31SNAKE7FISH12TURTLE8SLUG/SNAIL7Other than sex, surname an task husbands like to execute with your wives.65EAT/DINE OUT27DANCE6WATCH TV/MOVIE14TRAVEL/VACATION9TALK9We inquiry 100 women...Name a negative habit a man has actually that"s an automatic dealbreaker.65NOSE PICKING24FART/CROP DUST"G9SMOKING11CHEATING/OGLING11SPITTING10Name miscellaneous that never ever lasts as long as you hope it would.63SEX/MY WEAK WOODY21LOVE/RELATIONSHIP6VACATION12FOOD/ICE CREAM12MONEY12Name a place you"d walk to but you wouldn"t desire to work-related there.62RESTAURANT24ZOO5STORE/MALL19BAR/NIGHTCLUB7AMUSEMENT PARK7Name something we can have seen you eating when you were in kindergarten.62COOKIES/CRACKERS14APPLE/FRUIT9SANDWICH/PBJ14PASTE/GLUE13CANDY12Instead of the fireplace, surname something a son would be surprised to check out Santa come the end of.60THE CLOSET15OVEN/STOVE8TOILET BOWL/BATHRM.14PRESENT/BOX12DOOR/FRONT DOOR11Name other of yours friend regret not shopping about for prior to getting it.59CAR/TRUCK28FURNITURE/MATTRESS7HOUSE/APARTMENT8MATE/CRAZY EX8CLOTHES/SHOES8If they made a breakfast cereal just for men, surname a surprise they might put in every box.58PETER PARKAS26NUDIE PICS6BEER/BOTTLE OPENER10MONEY10TOY CAR/TRUCK6When you gain to heaven, who"s the an initial famous person from history you"d desire to meet?56JESUS/GOD27BENJAMIN FRANKLIN4ABE LINCOLN11MARTIN L. KING, JR.9ELVIS5Give me a word the rhymes v "crow."56BOW14BLOW8GROW13MOW11ROW10Name miscellaneous of your you"d to speak you"re in love with.55MY PETS19MY SPOUSE/MATE8MY CAR/TRUCK11MY BODY/MIND9MY COMPUTER/MAC8Back to index