L>"Family Feud" season 7 -- 6-answer boardsWhat do human being do at residence on a Saturday night if lock can"t afford to go out?WATCH TV/MOVIE77MAKE LOVE2PLAY GAMES10HAVE friend OVER2SLEEP/RELAX5COOK/EAT DINNER3Name something particular in a home that might have to be neglected through a functioning mom.CLEANING/DISHES57PLANTS/YARD6LAUNDRY/IRONING12SPOUSE3COOKING11CHILDREN10Name someplace a teens complains around having to go.SCHOOL/COLLEGE56GROCERY STORE2CHURCH26WORK2FAMILY FUNCTION9DENTIST/DOCTOR4Name a factor why someone can leave a house through a window.FIRE56BEING CHASED3BURGLAR23BROKEN DOOR2SNEAK OUT/ELOPE10LOST THE KEY5Name something grown males still ask your mommy to carry out for them.COOK because that THEM47GIVE journey IN CAR2LAUNDRY/IRONING39SING to THEM2LOAN castle MONEY7SHOP for THEM2Name a movie monster girlfriend think could take Dracula in a fight.GODZILLA43WOLFMAN/WEREWOLF10FRANKENSTEIN26FREDDY KRUEGER5KING KONG13JASON2We surveyed 100 women...What perform you do when you uncover there"s a mouse in the house?SET TRAP43CALL SOMEONE/EXT.9SCREAM24JUMP ~ above CHAIR/BED3RUN/LEAVE HOUSE10GET A CAT10If the shrub family to be on "Family Feud," who would it is in the ideal player on the team?BARBARA BUSH40JEB BUSH4LAURA BUSH37JENNA BUSH2GEORGE BUSH, SR.10GEORGE W. BUSH6Name other you"d dislike to operation out that if you resided in a submarine.AIR/OXYGEN39DEODORANT5WATER20SOAP2FOOD18TOILET PAPER15Which president"s daughter perform you think appeared nude in Playboy?BILL CLINTON35JIMMY CARTER6GEORGE W. BUSH33LYNDON B. JOHNSON2RONALD REAGAN16RICHARD NIXON7What is the best nuisance around camping out?BUGS74RAIN/BAD WEATHER5NO TOILET/SHOWER7THE TENT3WILD ANIMALS6SLEEP"G ~ above GROUND3What is miscellaneous a pilot would gain fired because that doing in the cockpit during a flight?DRINKING ALCOHOL73SMOKING CIGARETTE3SLEEPING12LEAVING COCKPIT2HAVING SEX5DOING DRUGS3Name a location where civilization often come to be regulars.BAR/CLUB62JAIL2RESTAURANT23GROCERY STORE2CHURCH7GYM2Tell me an pet that starts v the letter "T."TIGER60TARANTULA4TURTLE/TORTOISE20TURKEY4TOAD5TOMCAT5If girlfriend were referred to as to take part in an amateur contest, surname something you could do.SING/RAP60JUGGLE4DANCE18READ/POETRY2TELL JOKES9PLAY INSTRUMENT5Tell me one thing that civilization run out and buy after a herbal disaster.WATER57BATTERIES4FOOD23CLOTHES/SHOES3FLASHLIGHT8INSURANCE3Name other a brief person can have an obstacle doing with a tall person.DANCING51MAKING LOVE3KISSING28BOXING/FIGHTING3WALKING/RUNNING7PLAY BASKETBALL6Name other a guy owns that he might shot to bet in a large poker game.WATCH/JEWELRY48PLAYSTATION2CAR31THE FARM2HOUSE11MONEY4Name something a guy hates providing up in a divorce.MONEY47HALF5HOUSE27DOG3CHILDREN/WIFE9CAR7Name an pet that is well-known for being black and white.ZEBRA47CAT4PANDA21COW2SKUNK19DALMATIAN/DOG5Name a complaint people have about city streets.POTHOLES/ROUGH43LIMITED PARKING3DIRTY/LITTER37NOT large ENOUGH3TRAFFIC/CONGESTED10NOT fine LIT2Name other you need to never park in prior of.FIRE HYDRANT78DRIVEWAY3HANDICAP SPOT6RED CURB/ZONE2HOSPITAL ENTRANCE4BUS STOP4Name a word or phrase that has the native "sponge" in it.SPONGEBOB...PANTS65SPONGE MOP2SPONGE BATH11KITCHEN SPONGE2SPONGE CAKE11SPONGE off PEOPLE6Name a kind of pool.SWIMMING POOL64CESSPOOL5CAR POOL10SPORTS/GAMBLING4POOL TABLE8WHIRLPOOL6Name something you"d dislike to it is in in once it division down.CAR57SUBWAY/TRAIN5AIRPLANE19BUS5BOAT6ELEVATOR5Tell me other you"d love to have the ability to hypnotize your kids to do.CLEAN UP/ROOM49COOK because that ME2LISTEN/BEHAVE27SAY NO come DRUGS2HOMEW"K/GD GRADES14GO to BED/SLEEP3Name miscellaneous a scorned woman could do to she ex-boyfriend"s car.KEY IT/SCRATCH IT44THROW SOMETHING3FLATTEN TIRES25DENT IT2BREAK WINDOWS20SUGAR IN GAS TANK3Name something people own the they brag around being yes, really big.HOUSE/PROPERTY38BODY PARTS5CAR36BOAT5TV8MONEY/BANK ACC"T5Name something Marilyn Monroe will always be psychic for.BLONDE BOMBSHELL37KENNEDY BROTHERS7DRESS IN AIR28HER MOLE3SANG HAPPY B"DAY14ACTING/MOVIES8Name something a hospital patient doesn"t choose seeing a nurse holding.NEEDLE79RESULTS2CATHETER6ENEMA2BEDPAN4BLOOD3Name something you associate with Eskimos.IGLOO/ICE/COLD76DOGS/HUSKIES2RUBBING NOSES9BLUBBER/WHALES2FUR CLOTHES/BOOTS5ALASKA2Tell me other you could slide down.SLIDE/WATERSLIDE64WATERFALL4POLE13STAIRS2HILL/SLOPE7BANISTER/RAIL6Name who you hate getting bad news from.A RELATIVE62A POLICE OFFICER4THE DOCTOR17A FRIEND3IRS/TAX PERSON6THE BOSS4Name something that begins with "The real..."THE genuine WORLD45THE genuine THING10THE real MCCOY17THE actual LIFE5THE real DEAL15THE actual STORY4Name miscellaneous a relly dumb bank robber can leave behind.WALLET with I.D.44GUN/WEAPON3FINGERPRINTS23SURVEILLANCE PIC.3STOLEN MONEY19GLOVE4Tell me a battle hero who ended up being the president of the joined States.DWIGHT EISENHOWER44TEDDY ROOSEVELT8GEORGE WASHINGTON18GEORGE shrub SR.4ULYSSES S. GRANT14JOHN F. KENNEDY8Name a question solitary women dislike to be asked.ABOUT MARRIAGE42ZODIAC SIGN?3HOW OLD are YOU?35ARE girlfriend GAY?2ABOUT WEIGHT7ARE friend DATING?7Name a song with the color "yellow" in the title.YELLOW SUBMARINE42MELLOW YELLOW4TIE YELLOW RIBBON29YELLOW BIRD4YELLOW ROSE...TX9YELLOW BRICK RD.8Besides gifts, name something friend buy every Christmas.CHRISTMAS TREE41GIFT WRAP/BOXES11FOOD/SWEETS16MISTLETOE/PLANTS4LIGHTS/ORNAMENTS12CARDS12What is the best complaint that human being have around public transportation?NEVER top top TIME30WAITING11TOO SLOW25TOO CROWDED5COSTS too MUCH21THEY"RE DIRTY4If gas gets much much more expensive, surname something friend may need to go without.DRIVING CAR/GAS63HEAT/AIR-COND.6FOOD/EATING OUT9CIGARETTE/SMOKING3NEW CLOTHES/SHOES7TRAVEL/VACATION7Past or present, name a well known diet.ATKINS58SCARSDALE DIET3JENNY CRAIG13ZONE DIET3SOUTH beach DIET11WEIGHT WATCHERS7Name a board video game you"re never too old to play.MONOPOLY55LIFE2SCRABBLE20PARCHEESI2CHECKERS11CHESS5Something people constantly run out of when having a party.DRINKS/ALCOHOL45NAPKINS3ICE31TOILET PAPER3FOOD9CUPS/GLASSES4Name something friend don"t mind asking a finish stranger for.FOR DIRECTIONS43JUMP-START CAR2FOR THE TIME21FOR A LIGHT2MONEY/CHANGE19FOR A CIGARETTE8Name other department shop don"t permit you to execute in them.SMOKE41TRY ~ above UNDERWEAR3EAT/DRINK32UNDRESS IN AISLES2SHOPLIFT/STEAL15OPEN THINGS2Tell me a sort of place where it"s acceptable to scream.AMUSEMENT PARK33CONCERT6SPORTS EVENT26DR./DELIVERY ROOM3HOME15MOVIE/THEATER12Name a factor you"d congratulate someone.MARRIED/ENGAGED27BIRTHDAY5JOB/PROMOTION25WON SOMETHING5BIRTH of BABY21GRADUATION12Name miscellaneous Oprah"s fans can"t wait for her to do.GIVE GIFTS/CARS58HAVE CHILDREN3GET MARRIED19BECOME PRESIDENT3BOOK that MONTH7LOSE WEIGHT4Give me an additional word for "throw up."VOMIT56UPCHUCK4PUKE14HURL3REGURGITATE10BARF7Name miscellaneous women room sensitive being asked around that males aren"t.THEIR AGE45IF MARRIED3THEIR WEIGHT32ARE BREASTS REAL?3HAIR/COLOR7HAVING SEX4Name miscellaneous a woman does because that beauty that a man additionally does.HAIRCUT/STYLED44USES face CREAM5SHAVES19MANICURE/PEDICURE4BATHES/SHOWERS14GETS FACIAL/MASK8Name something human being hate wait for.BUS/TRANSPORT43DOCTOR6FOOD/RESTAURANT18MOVIE/TICKETS4MONEY/PAYCHECK17GROCERY/CHECKOUT6Name the an initial thing a millionaire might sell if they walk broke.MANSION/PROPERTY42THEIR BUSINESS5THEIR CAR/LIMO28THEIR STOCKS2THEIR BOAT/YACHT10JEWELRY/WATCH7What"s something people arrive beforehand for so they can get a great seat?MOVIE41CHURCH5PLAY/SHOW26PARTY/WEDDING3CONCERT12SPORTING EVENT7Tell me one occupation wherein you need to touch her customers.DOCTOR/DENTIST37MANICURIST4HAIRDRESS./BARBER23TAILOR/CLOTHING4MASSEUSE20NURSE6Name one excuse a husband provides for not going through his mam to church.TOO TIRED34CHURCH IS BORING2WATCHING SPORTS28NOT RELIGIOUS2SICK/IN PAIN22WORK about HOME6Name miscellaneous you"d execute at occupational if you really wanted to get fired.DISRESPECT BOSS28IN LATE/OUT EARLY12STEAL20ALCOHOL/DRUNK4DON"T WORK/SLEEP16NOT show UP14Give me a word that might complete the expression "The three..."THREE STOOGES22THREE blind MICE12THREE MUSKETEERS22THREE wise MEN6THREE little PIGS17THREE BEARS15Name one electronic device some people have with them at every times.CELL PHONE/PHONE72PAGER/BEEPER3PALM PILOT6RADIO3WALKMAN/CD PLAY"R6PACEMAKER3Name something which the much more you have, the more trouble you"re likely to gain into.MONEY70BILLS/CREDIT CARD4FREE TIME7GUNS3GIRL/BOYFRIENDS5ALCOHOLIC DRINKS4Give me a woman"s name the starts through the letter "V."VICTORIA/VICKI61VERA6VIVIAN9VERONICA6VANESSA7VIRGINIA4We surveyed 100 women...Finish this sentence: A male doesn"t have actually a possibility with me if that doesn"t have actually a...JOB42BANK ACCOUNT7PERSONALITY22BRAIN3GOOD HEART/KIND10CAR9Name the most interesting thing to shop for.CLOTHES/SHOES43JEWELRY8CAR24COMPUTER3HOUSE11FOOD3We surveyed 100 men...Tell me a snack that goes well v beer.PRETZELS42PIZZA3PEANUTS22POPCORN2POTATO CHIPS17CHICKEN/BUF. WING6Name miscellaneous that youngsters get an ext of native their mother than they gain from their dad.LOVE/AFFECTION40FOOD/SNACKS5ATTENTION/TIME22TOYS2MONEY14DISCIPLINE9Name something adolescents can perform for hrs on end.COMPUTER/GAMES38SHOP3TALK ~ above PHONE32LISTEN come MUSIC3WATCH TV/MOVIES12DANCE4Name a ar where people always try to to express in one much more person.CAR36CHURCH PEW3ELEVATOR23CONCERT3BUS21RESTAURANT/TABLE6Name miscellaneous you"d have at a Hawaiian layout party.FOOD/LUAU33HAWAIIAN MUSIC4LEIS/FLOWERS31ISLAND COCKTAILS4GRASS/HULA SKIRTS13HULA DANCERS7If you to be told to evacuate your house immediately, what would certainly be the an initial thing you would grab?PURSE/MONEY32CLOTHES7FAMILY29DOCUMENTS/PAPERS5PET10PHOTOGRAPHS/ALBUM9Name something there"s a shortage that in hospitals.NURSES55MEDICINE/VACCINE3DOCTORS14GOOD FOOD3BEDS/ROOMS12BLOOD4Name other you was standing around and wait for since someone rather is making use of it.BATHROOM/TOILET52GAS PUMP2TELEPHONE29WASHER/DRYER2ATM MACHINE4CAR2Tell me something that you split.FOOD52BOWLING PINS4BILLS/MONEY14THE ATOM4FIREWOOD/LOG9PANTS/CLOTHING8Name something world stick their fingers in the they shouldn"t.FOOD/DRINK46EARS3NOSE22GARBAGE DISPOSAL3ELECTRIC SOCKET14MOUTH3We surveyed 100 women...Name something that you hope your blind date will have.MONEY45GOOD BODY4PERSONALITY/HUMOR21NICE HAIR4NICE CAR12LOOKS/NICE TEETH5Name a carpenter"s tool that you expect a surgeon never ever uses.HAMMER42SCREWDRIVER5SAW/CHAIN SAW34CHISEL3DRILL5AX2Name a four-letter indigenous that"s something everyone wants.LOVE36HOPE4FOOD22LUCK3CASH22GOLD4Name miscellaneous you could do top top a job you understand your boss is not coming come work.RELAX/DO NOTHING36LEAVE EARLY7COME IN LATE20DRESS GRUBBY5STAY HOME14TALK on PHONE9Name a location where some people prefer to sit in the back.MOVIE/THEATER35CLASSROOM6BUS18AIRPLANE4CHURCH17CAR/LIMO11Name something civilization fall out of.LOVE28CAR6BED25BOAT4CHAIR/SEAT19AIRPLANE9Tell me one fact around Angelina Jolie.BIG LIPS/PRETTY60ADOPTED 2 KIDS4DATES BRAD PITT12MARRIED BILLY BOB4HAS A WILD STREAK6DOES CHARITY WORK4Name a rule at a drive-in theater.NO NOISE/HONKING41STAY IN CAR5TURN turn off LIGHTS24NO LITTERING4RETURN SPEAKER8NO SNEAKING IN8Give me the location of a movie Nicole Kidman has actually been in.BEWITCHED41BATMAN FOREVER8THE OTHERS14THE INTERPRETER5MOULIN ROUGE13EYES broad SHUT9Name miscellaneous a person might be chasing.DOG/PET40CHILD8DREAM16MONEY6LOVE INTEREST11BUS9Name an occasion once you know civilization will to speak nice things around you.BIRTHDAY39GRADUATION2WEDDING29RETURN indigenous WAR2FUNERAL16ANNIVERSARY2We surveyed 100 married women...Name something your husband has great taste in.CLOTHES/SHOES36JEWELRY6FOOD/RESTAURANTS20MUSIC5WOMEN/WIVES17CARS6Name a fantasy task you"d want in the old west.SHERIFF/MARSHAL33STAGECOACH DRIVER5BARTENDER21OUTLAW3SALOON GAL/DANCER18COWBOY/COWGIRL10Name something world smell before they to buy it.FRUIT31FISH8PERFUME/COLOGNE22CANDLES4MEAT13FLOWERS12Name miscellaneous you worry about, also on vacation.MONEY/BILLS29PETS6HOUSE OK/SECURE27BAD WEATHER6CHILDREN/FAMILY18JOB/WORK4Name an action movie star through a international accent.SCHWARZENEGGER52JEAN-C. Valve DAMME4ANTONIO BANDERAS19RUSSELL CROWE2JACKIE CHAN7SEAN CONNERY5Name other first-time parents space surprised their baby does therefore much.CRIES44EATS8GOES POTTY12TALKS5SLEEPS10LAUGHS/SMILES10Name a public place where you deserve to cry without emotion embarrassed.PLACE of WORSHIP42PARK7BATHROOM14HOSPITAL5MOVIE/THEATER11FUNERAL HOME10Tell me an announcement you made that startled her parents.PREGNANT40I"M GAY3ENGAGED/ELOPED31JOINED MILITARY3QUIT SCHOOL/UNIV.7MOVING AWAY5Name other that world buy because that themselves that they try to hide as a organization expense.MEALS/RESTAURANT38OFFICE SUPPLIES6CAR/GASOLINE30CLOTHES/UNIFORM5COMPUTER7TRIP/VACATION3Name miscellaneous that children skip.SKIP SCHOOL/CLASS38...BRUSHING TEETH7SKIP MEAL/EATING17SKIP A GRADE4SKIP ROPE16SKIP HOMEWORK7Name a sort of location where it"s specifically disturbing to have someone sneeze nearby.RESTAURANT/TABLE38BUS STOP7MOVIE/THEATER15ELEVATOR7CHURCH13DOCTOR/HOSPITAL9Name miscellaneous interviewers always ask Paris Hilton about.HER LOVE LIFE35HER AGE6HER SEX VIDEO25HER MONEY5CAREER/MOVIES10BODY/SURGERIES8Name other that civilization say is great for the soul.PRAYER32MUSIC6FOOD/COOKING24FRIENDSHIP4CONFESSION/TRUTH14LAUGHTER9Dogs chase cars. What do people chase?PEOPLE/KIDS32BUSES10MONEY20PETS5DREAMS17AMBULANCES5Name an excuse the a girl offers when she doesn"t want to slow dance with a man.FEET HURT24HAS A BOYFRIEND6TIRED23LADIES" ROOM5CAN"T/WON"T DANCE18HEADACHE/ILL13Give me one more expression because that prison.JAIL54BIG HOUSE4PENITENTIARY/PEN16HOOSEGOW3THE JOINT6THE SLAMMER5Past or present, surname a well known Bob.BOB HOPE37BOB MARLEY3BOB BARKER23BOB CRANE3BOB NEWHART18BOB SAGET4When in ras Vegas, surname something a wife could do while her husband gambles.SHOP37DRINK7SEE SHOWS20GET MASSAGE/SPA6PLAY SLOTS/GAMBLE10WALK/SIGHTSEE8Name something drivers spend time feather at through their eyes once they need to be on the road.OTHER PEOPLE36SELF IN MIRROR5RADIO17ACCIDENT4BILLBOARD/SIGN16CELL PHONE10Name miscellaneous with the word "band" in it.BANDAGE33MARCHING BAND6RUBBER BAND26WEDDING BAND5BAND-AID14BANDSTAND4Besides a rose, surname the best-selling flower in ~ a flower shop.CARNATION33DAISY10LILY16CHRYSANTHEMUM8TULIP13ORCHID8Name something the many civilization put turn off doing since it"s also expensive.VACATION/TRAVEL45HAVING KIDS3BUYING new CAR15BUYING CLOTHES3BUY HOME/MOVING14HOME IMPROVEMENT7Name a famous Andy.ANDY GRIFFITH40ANDY DICK6ANDY ROONEY19AMOS and ANDY4ANDY WARHOL12ANDY WILLIAMS6Something that needs almost constant maintenance.CAR38HAIR5HOME/BUILDING27PETS4YARD/LAWN10CHILDREN/BABIES3Name something you might walk the end on.BAD MOVIE38JOB4ARGUMENT/FIGHT18DIVING BOARD4MATE/RELATIONSHIP18BAD PARTY5Name something guests acquire hit through on "Jerry Springer."FISTS/HANDS35SHOES4CHAIRS28UNDERWEAR/BRAS3PIES/CAKES11HURTFUL WORDS6We surveyed 100 married women...Name who or miscellaneous in a circus that finest describes her husband in the bedroom.CLOWN33ANIMAL TAMER8RINGMASTER15TIGER7LION14ACROBAT10Name a method you wish your spouse was more like her dog.OBEDIENT31BEGS5LOYAL/FAITHFUL19QUIET5AFFECTION/LOVING18HAPPY9Name something girlfriend might record up on.READING30SOAP OPERA/TV6SLEEP29WORK5BILLS9HOUSEWORK/CHORES8Name something people don"t favor being also lumpy.MASHED POTATOES30GRAVY10MATTRESS/BED16PILLOW6THEIR BODIES13HOT CEREAL12Name something the these days, even middle-class people can"t afford.HOUSE28GASOLINE6CAR25EDUCATION/COLLEGE5VACATION15HEALTH CARE8Name a expression that starts through "Two for..."TWO because that THE MONEY236,8...APPRECIATE17TWO because that ONE/PRICE20TWO for TEA4TWO because that THE ROAD19TWO for A DOLLAR4Name a phrase that start with words "drop."DROP DEAD66WHAT YOU"RE DOING3DROP IT8DROP her GUN3DROP that A HAT3DROPOUT3Name a native a dieter thinks around that starts with the letter "C."CALORIES45CHOLESTEROL7CAKE14COOKIES6CARBOHYDRATES7CHOCOLATE7We surveyed 100 single women...Name something her parents constantly want to know around the male you"re dating.JOB/EMPLOYED?42NICE FAMILY?5HIS AGE?13WHAT RELIGION?5NICE/PERSONALITY?12INCOME/RICH?9Name something people do ~ above cruises.EAT/DRINK42SHUFFLEB"RD/GAMES8RELAX/LOUNGE11SWIM/SNORKEL8DANCE10GAMBLE7Name miscellaneous a woman looks forward to that a guy dreads.SHOPPING39VALENTINE"S DAY5WEDDING/PARTY20TIME through IN-LAWS5GOING OUT/DINNER10ANNIVERSARY7Many world want to it is in a Hilton. But name another real family members you"d quite join.THE TRUMPS37THE ROCKEFELLERS9THE GATES16THE CLINTONS3THE OSBOURNES11THE KENNEDYS10Tell me one fact around a troll.LIVE UNDER BRIDGE24THEY"RE no REAL6THEY"RE UGLY22THEY"RE MEAN3WILD/COLORED HAIR18THEY"RE SHORT13Name something you execute while driving, even though you understand it"s wrong.TALK ~ above PHONE46DON"T use SIGNALS4EAT/DRINK16SMOKE CIGARETTE4SPEED8NOT use SEATBELT7Name other many people say a tiny prayer before doing.EATING MEAL41SPORTS/SKYDIVING6FLYING/TRAVELING15GOING top top A DRIVE4GOING come BED12DOCTOR/SURGERY6Name a certain reason a son would it is in ordered to organize still.DOCTOR/DENTIST38CHURCH9HAIR COMBED/CUT14BEING DISCIPLINED8POSING for PHOTO10CAR/DRIVING6Tell me a profession the charges through the hour.PSYCHIATRIST/DR.32PLUMBER8LAWYER29PROSTITUTE4MASSAGE THERAPIST8CARPENTER4Name something you would certainly hate come have breakdown just prior to you organize a big party.REFRIGERATOR29ELECTRICITY/POWER7STOVE/OVEN22TABLE through FOOD5AIR-CONDITIONER13CAR9Tell me one fact about Bond. James Bond.007 MOVIES26"SHAKEN" MARTINI9HANDSOME/SUAVE19DRIVES fast CARS5HE SEDUCES WOMEN13HE"S A SPY/AGENT13Name something girlfriend absolutely hate around being in a hospital.THE FOOD35BEING AWAKENED6SHOTS/PROCEDURES23SICK/IN PAIN5WAITING/CONFINED8HOSPITAL GOWN7Name something world usually have less of together they gain older.HAIR32SEX DRIVE8MONEY23TEETH4ENERGY13PATIENCE4Tell me something the floats top top the water.BOAT/SHIP50WOOD5RAFT/AIR MATTRESS10SOAP5PLANTS/FLOWERS7PEOPLE6Name one Spanish word anyone knows.HOLA34ADIOS4UNO15AMIGO/AMIGA4OLE15SI11A movie with words "good" in that is title.GOODFELLAS28AS great AS...GETS5GOOD will HUNTING21A couple of GOOD MEN4THE GOOD...UGLY15...MORNING, V"TNAM10Name a fictitious character with words "Old" in your name.OLD MACDONALD26OLD KING COLE9OLD YELLER18OLD mom HUB"RD9OLD guy RIVER11OLD MAID10Name something a mom of eight kids needs a lot of.PATIENCE22SLEEP14MONEY18HELP/SUPPORT8FOOD/GROCERIES16LOVE5Name something a hiker hates to find that he forgot to load in his backpack.WATER49FLASHLIGHT4CLOTHES/BOOTS9MATCHES5COMPASS8ROPE6Name something that starts with the word "pay."PAYCHECK34PAYBACK3PAYDAY26PAYPAL3PAYMENT12PAYLESS4Name other that"s big and yellow.SCHOOL BUS24BANANA10BIG BIRD23SQUASH4THE SUN17TAXI CAB4If voodoo dolls really worked, name a human from her life you"d rod a pin in from time come time.AN EX19THE IN-LAWS12SPOUSE18SIBLING12BOSS/EX BOSS15A FRIEND6Tell me the talk display you think has actually the ideal guests.OPRAH36MAURY POVICH6JAY LENO17DAVID LETTERMAN4REGIS & KELLY9ELLEN DEGENERES9Tell me something you wouldn"t want to shed at the beach.SWIMSUIT/SHORTS30KEYS7MONEY/WALLET19CELL PHONE5JEWELRY/WATCH15CHILD5We surveyed 100 married women...Tell me one word that always gets a man"s attention.SEX40DINNER4MONEY15HONEY3FOOD14BEER4Name something her dog absolutely hates.BATH/WATER29OUTSIDE/ALONE6CATS24CAGED/TIED UP4THUNDER/LD. NOISE10MAILMAN/STRANGERS7Name someone well known to who you"d love to offer a lie detector test.PRESIDENT BUSH47BRAD PITT3MICHAEL JACKSON10PARIS HILTON3O.J. SIMPSON10BILL CLINTON6We surveyed 100 women...Name a beautiful actress who luck with men is simply as bad as yours.JENNIFER LOPEZ39JENNIFER ANISTON7LIZ TAYLOR10JULIA ROBERTS5HALLE BERRY10ANGELINA JOLIE8Name other some people can sleep through and also others wake up up immediately.THUNDERSTORM42LOUD MUSIC9ALARM CLOCK/ALARM12NIGHTMARE3TELEVISION9SIRENS3Name someone renowned for helping the poor.MOTHER TERESA35PRINCESS DIANA5OPRAH WINFREY24ANGELINA JOLIE4JIMMY CARTER6BILL GATES4If women are born to shop, what are men born to do?WORK/MAKE MONEY28FLIRT/CHEAT5WATCH TV/SPORTS28SLEEP/LOUNGE5DRINK/EAT7SHOP/SPEND MONEY5Name an exercise you haven"t done since high school gym class.JUMPING JACKS24RUNNING5ROPE CLIMBING21CHIN/PULL-UPS5PUSH-UPS13SIT-UPS10Name a bad habit that can make a pretty girl look unattractive.SHE SMOKES47SHE CHEWS GUM5ATTITUDE/GROUCHY7TOO much MAKEUP5BITES her NAILS7PICKS she NOSE6Name miscellaneous men and also bears have actually in common.HAIRY38LIKE come GROWL5LIKE to SLEEP14HUGGABLE5SNORING9KILL/AGGRESSIVE6We surveyed 100 men...Name an exciting subject for conversation.POLITICS22MOVIES/ENTERTAIN.10SEX/WOMEN18CHILDREN/FAMILY5SPORTS17WORK/JOB5Name a task that a male brags his girlfriend has.MODEL21CEO/EXECUTIVE7DOCTOR18PROFESSOR/TEACHER7STRIPPER17LAWYER7Who"s gained the greatest ego in America?PRESIDENT BUSH42PARIS HILTON3DONALD TRUMP12SIMON COWELL3TOM CRUISE9BILL CLINTON7Give me something you associate through Boston....BAKED BEANS28SEAFOOD/CHOWDER7BOSTON RED SOX20BOSTON ACCENT5BOSTON TEA PARTY11BOSTON CREAM PIE5Tell me a kind of dog that wouldn"t make a an excellent Seeing Eye dog.CHIHUAHUA30SHIH TZU5PIT BULL17DALMATIAN4POODLE14TERRIER4Name something civilization don"t favor to see come to an end.MOVIE/TV27THE WORLD8LIFE11PARTY7MARRIAGE/LOVE11GOOD BOOK/STORY10Give me a certain cure because that a hangover."HAIR that THE DOG"18SLEEP11TAKE ASPIRIN14TOMATO JUICE9DRINK WATER14DRINK COFFEE8We surveyed 100 married women...Your husband may not have a girlfriend, yet I bet he has a love affair with something. What is it?HIS SPORTS32HIS JOB6HIS CAR17HIS DOG/PET6COMPUTER/GAMES8HIS FOOD4Tell me miscellaneous you might rent for an hour.MOVIE/VIDEO25TOOLS6CARPET CLEANER18BOAT5CAR/TRUCK13HOTEL ROOM5What sort of movies carry out you rent most?COMEDY34DRAMA5ACTION/ADVENTURE12MYSTERY/THRILLER4HORROR12ROMANCE4Name a poor occupation for someone who quickly gets the giggles.DOCTOR/DENTIST30JUDGE6MORTICIAN14NURSE6TEACHER10LAWYER5Name an task that many people do while half asleep.WATCH TV22WALK7SNORE17READ6TALK12MAKE LOVE6We surveyed 100 men...Which newspaper cover would you favor to it is in asked come pose for?SPORTS ILLUSTR"D17PLAYGIRL7GQ15ROLLING STONE5TIME13PEOPLE13Name something you hit or absent to get it come work.TV33CAR7VENDING MACHINE11RADIO5BALL8VACUUM5We surveyed 100 married women...Tell me something your husband does every weekend.WATCH TV/SPORTS28DRINK6PLAY SPORTS/FISH14DO yard WORK6SLEEP/LOUNGE11HOUSEWORK/LAUNDRY4We surveyed 100 married women...Name a ar where your husband spends so much time, that might as well live there.WORK/JOB27GARAGE8BATHROOM14GOLF COURSE6BAR/CLUB10BASEMENT4Name a native or phrase that has the word "blind" in it.BLIND as A BAT27BLIND FAITH7BLIND DATE12BLINDSIDED6BLIND JUSTICE11BLINDFOLD6Name something people replace even if the old one is quiet working.TV26REFRIGERATOR4CAR26SIGNIFICANT OTHER4WATCH5TOASTER4Name a college a good football player would want to go to.NOTRE DAME20U.C.L.A.8UNIV. The MICHIGAN13U.S.C.8UNIV. That MIAMI13FLORIDA STATE7Past or present, that deserves the location "World"s best Athlete"?MICHAEL JORDAN18BABE RUTH10MUHAMMAD ALI15JIM THORPE9LANCE ARMSTRONG13JESSE OWENS3Past or present, name a famed dumb blonde who"s really smart with her career.PAMELA ANDERSON17SUZANNE SOMERS13JESSICA SIMPSON15BRITNEY SPEARS5MARILYN MONROE13GOLDIE HAWN5Besides potato chips, name a food girlfriend can"t eat simply one of.COOKIES21POPCORN8CANDY11PRETZELS8FRENCH FRIES11NUTS8Name something in the house that slobs hardly ever use.VACUUM17SOAP/DETERGENT11BROOM13TRASH CAN8SHOWER/BATHTUB12NAPKIN6Name a type of workman anyone complains about.PLUMBER24TV repair PERSON4CONSTRUCTION18MAIL CARRIER4SANITATION WORKER12POLICE OFFICER4Tell me other that have the right to be frustrating to use for the very first time.COMPUTER/INTERNET23TOOLS7DVD PLAYER/VCR13CAN OPENER6CAR11VIDEO GAME6Name a expression that beginning with the word "turn."TURN AROUND35TURN THE KEY6TURN OVER/...LEAF9TURN..LIFE AROUND5TURN OFF/ON LIGHT6TURN LEFT/RIGHT4Give me a saying that has the word "devil."... Made ME perform IT29YOU tiny DEVIL6DEVIL"S ADVOCATE9WITH A BLUE DRESS6DEVIL might CARE9DEVILED EGGS6Besides the united States, name a country you most admire.ENGLAND22AUSTRALIA8CANADA15FRANCE6ITALY9IRELAND5Name something that starts with words "nuclear."NUCLEAR BOMB22NUCLEAR WAR8NUCLEAR WEAPON13NUCLEAR MEDICINE6NUCLEAR POWER11NUCLEAR PHYSICS5Give me a expression that offers the native "Out of..."OUT of TIME19OUT of GAS7OUT OF her MIND18OUT the MONEY6OUT of SIGHT10OUT the CONTROL5Name miscellaneous that might be explained as hot.FIRE16COFFEE10SUN/CLIMATE12PERSON9STOVE/OVEN12TEA5Fact or fiction, surname a renowned James.JAMES BOND23JAMES STEWART8JAMES BROWN12JAMES GARNER6JAMES DEAN8JESSE JAMES6Which human being from history would people most choose to watch interviewed by Barbara Walters?JESUS CHRIST20MARTIN L.

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KING,JR3ABRAHAM LINCOLN15JOHN F. KENNEDY6GEORGE WASHINGTON9BENJAMIN FRANKLIN7Name something that starts with words "space."SPACESHIP21SPACECRAFT6SPACE CADET15SPACE INVADERS5SPACE SHUTTLE10SPACE SAVER5We surveyed 100 married women...Name a famous store friend wish your husband owned.MACY"S18SAKS fifth AVENUE6TIFFANY & COMPANY15STARBUCKS5WAL-MART14BLOOMINGDALE"S4Name one point your dream house must have.SWIMMING POOL26BIG YARD5BIG/MANY BATHR"MS12BIG KITCHEN5JACUZZI7AIR-CONDITIONING5When friend think of a country western music legend, what singer pertains to mind?JOHNNY CASH18WILLIE NELSON8GARTH BROOKS11REBA MCENTIRE7KENNY ROGERS9TIM MCGRAW7Name something that starts with the word "public."PUBLIC RESTROOM22PUBLIC ENEMY7PUBLIC LIBRARY9...TRANSPORTATION6PUBLIC SCHOOL8PUBLIC DEFENDER5Back come index