You will find greater success through your golf waver if you practice the an easy mechanics and also then work on repeating those basics the same method for each swing. As you end up being proficient in executing the golf swing basics, you can then start to experiment with the subtle changes to the swing the can adjust the flight of the ball to complement your shot needs.

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The golf swing is a mechanical process.

You will uncover greater success with your golf totter if you practice the straightforward mechanics and then occupational on repeating those basics the same means for each swing. As you end up being proficient in executing the golf totter basics, you deserve to then start to experiment v the subtle changes to the swing that can adjust the trip of the round to enhance your shoot needs.

Feet and also Shoulders

Your feet need to line up with your shoulders with your feet spread out apart as wide as the broad of her shoulders. Her feet and shoulders should be pointing in a right line towards the target. The best method to occupational on producing this straight line is to location a club on the soil pointing at the target, then line your feet up also with the club. As long as your shoulders and feet space lined up together, you have to now be pointing straight at the target.

Bend in ~ the Knees

Take your club and also extend your arms out as if you to be addressing the ball. Carry out not bend your back to permit the society head come lay flat on the ground; you have to bend in ~ the knees to attain this. Your earlier should continue to be straight at all times.

With your arms prolonged straight and also your knee flexed, you deserve to now establish where the ball need to be in her stance. The center of the clubface have to line up v the ball.

If you need to bend her arms, then you are too close come the ball. If you need to reach to make contact with the ball, then you space too much away.

Back Swing

Now that you are lined up square v the target and also in the correct stance v knees flexed, the next step is to start your back swing. The golf swing is a perfect one from ago swing come follow-through, and also you preserve this perfect one by maintaining your left arm right at every times. If you space left-handed, then you would store your ideal arm straight. Attract the club back slowly to help establish an even tempo; be specific to store your left eight straight.

When you with the optimal of your back swing, her club should be over your head and parallel to the ground. Your hips and also knees should rotate ago in concert through the club to for sure the suitable weight shift.

Down Swing

Once the society is parallel through the ground, it is time to begin the under swing. The club should follow the same course in the under swing the it followed in the earlier swing, and you have the right to ensure this wake up by continuing to store the left eight straight.

Make certain your knees and hips are adhering to the club v the under swing to keep the weight transition intact. Do not allow your arm speed to acquire ahead of her weight shift, as this will cause the round to walk off in a selection of directions.


If friend are maintaining your head down and also eye ~ above the sphere as you need to be, then you have to see the club make contact with the ball. If girlfriend make call with the facility of the clubface, then the emotion of contact should it is in minimal. If you make call with the heel or toe the the clubface, climate you will gain a emotion at contact that is a stinging sensation in both of your hands.


Some players ignore to focus on the follow-through, yet the follow-through is very important part of the golf swing.

If over there is no follow-through, then several of the power is lost in the swing even with appropriate weight shifting.

A absence of follow-through will also cause the ball to slice or hook depending upon how the clubface made call with the ball.

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A appropriate follow-through look at the club all the way through the contact point, and also then up and over the golfer"s shoulder. A good follow-through have the right to increase distance, and also it deserve to increase accuracy.