I just came back from work to check on my dog (I work next door) and noticed she ate approx 1/2 pan of brownies. This happened sometime between 2pm and 730pm.

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She is acting fine, however I am really scared right now.

She is a black lab, about 40 lbs. The brownies were about 1/2 inch thick and about 1/2 the pan was left (9x11 pan)

Anything would be good to know...


I believe it was just regular chocolate - I didn't add anything into the brownie mix.

thanks for the reply

The best thing to do is to bring her to the vet. They will make her vomit, give activated charcoal to prevent further absorption, and fluids.

If you can't, you can make her vomit other ways (hydrogen peroxide....call your local animal ER to get a dose).

The biggest worry is chocolate toxicity, but also pancreatitis in a few days from the fat content. Monitoring for signs of hyperactivity, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, inappetence, or elevated heart rate is what you should do at home over the next few days.

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People who say "take your dog to the vet"-- there's not a lot a regular vet can do for chocolate poisoning. My dog had actual poisoning last year (25 lb. dog ate 1 pound of dark chocolate), and they just tried to make her vomit and gave her fluids. If the dog ate the brownies longer than a few hours ago, vomit won't bring it up. A emergency vet is just going to give her fluids (if that) and tell you to watch the dog.

That said, when my dog had actual chocolate poisoning, these were her symptoms within the first few hours afterwards:

Excessive thirst

Bloating (from drinking too much)

Vomiting (from drinking too much)

And her symptoms in the next few hours after that:


Appearing uncomfortable

Inability to lie still

Within 30 minutes of those last symptoms, she fell asleep and was fine from then on out.

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If you're not seeing anything besides a normal dog, you're probably fine. Brownies contain chocolate but normally milk chocolate (which isn't toxic unless in HUGE amounts), and it's diluted into the cake, so it's even less of the threat. The idea that chocolate is hugely toxic is more related to how concentrated the chocolate is.