I just came ago from occupational to inspect on my dog (I work next door) and also noticed she ate approx 1/2 pan that brownies. This occurred sometime between 2pm and also 730pm.

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She is exhilaration fine, however I am yes, really scared ideal now.

She is a black lab, around 40 lbs. The brownies were about 1/2 inch thick and around 1/2 the pan to be left (9x11 pan)

Anything would be an excellent to know...


I believe it was just regular coco - ns didn't add anything right into the brownie mix.

thanks because that the reply

The ideal thing to do is to carry her to the vet. They will make she vomit, provide activated charcoal come prevent further absorption, and also fluids.

If you can't, you have the right to make she vomit other means (hydrogen peroxide....call her local pet ER to gain a dose).

The biggest worry is coco toxicity, but likewise pancreatitis in a few days indigenous the fat content. Monitoring for indications of hyperactivity, vomiting, diarrhea, ab pain, inappetence, or elevated heart price is what you must do at residence over the next couple of days.

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People that say "take your dog to the vet"-- there's no a lot of a constant vet have the right to do for coco poisoning. Mine dog had actual poisoning critical year (25 lb. Dog ate 1 pound of dark chocolate), and also they just tried to make her vomit and also gave she fluids. If the dog ate the brownies longer than a few hours ago, vomit won't bring it up. A emergency vet is simply going to give her fluids (if that) and also tell friend to watch the dog.

That said, when my dog had actual chocolate poisoning, this were she symptoms in ~ the first couple of hours afterwards:

Excessive thirst

Bloating (from drinking too much)

Vomiting (from drinking also much)

And she symptoms in the next few hours after that:


Appearing uncomfortable

Inability come lie still

Within 30 minute of those last symptoms, she fell asleep and also was well from climate on out.

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If you're not seeing anything besides a typical dog, you're probably fine. Brownies contain chocolate however normally milk cacao (which isn't toxic unless in large amounts), and also it's diluted right into the cake, so it's even less that the threat. The idea that chocolate is hugely toxicity is an ext related come how concentrated the cacao is.