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"Music expresses the which can not be said and also on which it is impossible to be silent." ~Victor Hugo

One the the points I have actually learned through researching music is that I need to express things in my play that I would certainly not generally feel every day. In one item that spans much less than ten minutes, I might need come express sorrow, joy, pain, passion, excitement, agitation, restlessness, and humor. I need to convey this emotions come the audience and also to achieve that task, I need to transfer these emotions with my fingers and also through the air the I put through my tool by genuinely emotion those things.The music major track is simply as rigorous as any kind of other area that study. We spend up to 4 hours a job in a exercise room, an additional hour in great or room groups, and another in ensemble rehearsals. Then, us take two to three concept classes in addition to the compelled general education classes. Most days, i can"t also figure when (or if) I can eat. Add on the enormous stress the competition in ~ the music school and also the pressure to play fine 24/7, mixed with less than healthy quantities of sleep and there, in a nutshell, is the life the a music major.Yet, over there is a factor why every one of us decide to put ourselves through this exhausting way of life that, yes, has very low employed staff rate. That factor is passion.Passion because that the thrill the performance, every mediums the music, and the arts of expression. Ns am thankful that every day, ns am able to be emotionally relocated in so many different ways, and also experience the cold house that occur when every solitary member of mine ensemble is fully in sync, expressing and feeling the specific same emotions that i am.It"s powerful, and it cannot be described.Thus, Victor Hugo said, "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."Every solitary piece the music has actually a deeper meaning than the black and also white note on the page, and also each composer has a story or a trip of emotions they should express in their work. Carry out you ever have a an effective experience (whether confident or negative) that you try to explain to a friend, yet you can"t even find the words to express exactly how you felt? do you ever engage in a debate about a topic the you recognize is extremely important, however you simply cannot determine just how to execute your argument? carry out you ever before want come tell a family member, friend, or love one how much they average to you but there room truly no native to connect your feelings?We all do. There room not sufficient words in the English language to express the most an effective emotions we have and also the intense situations we experience. And also that is why we have actually music.Many human being dismiss music as pure entertainment. The factor that music is linked with entertain is because it tells stories and also expresses emotions that us as humans cannot express v words. That is intriguing and also thought-provoking, and beautiful and also wonderful in every way.That is why I made decision to dedicate my life to this art form. I am able to get involved in the conversation that words that cannot it is in expressed. Weird, right? yet I don"t mind at all.

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Sidenote: If you have actually not yet watched this video, this is a perfect demonstrate ofthe method that music has the strength to move civilization from everywhere the human being to collectively express the inexpressible.