Do some personalities ramble on? String together phrases? Speak in fragments? kind their think carefully?Mrs. Johnson is explained as speaking as “a mrs who made decision long earlier to be enthusiastic around everything in life inclided to tide her wrist intensely at the elevation of her exclamatory comments.” Mrs. Johnson speaks in a certain way, (“H’you this night Ruth?”) and is extremely cordial and over-friendly to the Youngers in ~ the start of her appearance in the scene. The italicized text mirrors her looking roughly at the moving preparations, and she states in a rather fake way, “Yessir! Lookathere! I’m a telling you the Youngers is really gaining ready to ‘move on increase a small higher!’--Bless God!” The way her speech is presented appears that she is speaking quickly and loudly through an enthusiasm that provides her seem insincere and virtually sarcastic. “I’m just sooooooo happy for y’all” is yet another example of she phony way of speaking.

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Are the sentence simple, compound, complex, compound/complex? Loose, periodic, inverted? Stichomythia? What’s common, what’s rare?Mrs. Johnson’s sentences are largely complex, as if she is speak quickly and also rambling on. She sentences space usually loose/cumulative, however she regularly speaks in long sentences or repeats she words a lot. “He’s good, ain’t He?” and also “He works, don’t he?” room both price quotes from Mrs. Johnson that follow the same structure. She is often illustrated as elongating she words, (“I’m just soooo happy because that y’all,” “I can’t close mine eyes ideal lessen i done had actually that laaaast cup of coffee,” “And sooooo ambitious!” “Chicago peckerwoods is part baaaad peckerwoods.”)contributing to she offputting enthusiasm. As soon as she provides the indigenous “crackers” to explain white people and the native “nigger” to explain African Americans, she realizes that she has offended Mama. She asks if Mama does not allow those native in she home, and immediately says, “Me neither” and also continues on together if she was never at fault. Over there is stichomythia in the Mrs. Johnson’s scene, as she often says something and Mama instantly repeats the in a tired, almost mocking way. “Johnson: Ain’t you beginning to poke the end none yet! Oh, ain’t we getting ready round here, though! Yessir! Lookathere! I’m informing you the Youngers is really obtaining ready to “move on increase a little higher!” ---Bless God! Mama: Bless God. Johnson: He’s good, ain’t He?Mama: oh yes, He’s good. Johnson: I typical sometimes He works in mysterious ways...but the works, don’t He! Mama: Yes, that does.”MRS. JOHNSON’S CHARACTERIZATIONFor Mrs. Johnson, her character can be defined as hypocritical, someone who isn’t largely affected by society and constantly has something to say about others. In action II step II, together she saw the Younger family, she said, “I know-but periodically she act choose ain’t got time to pass the time of day through nobody ain’t been to college. Oh- i ain’t criticizing her none. It’s just- friend know exactly how some of ours young human being gets when they get a little education.” If the personalities are flat, what room their dominant traits? What is their duty in the plot? just how do they aid establish the conflicts in the plot?Othella Johnson is a fully flat character. She offers absolutely nothing come the story besides comic relief and also insight into the feasible views of other African Americans throughout that time period. She is a believable, however not very complicated antagonist. Mrs. Johnson’s most dominant trait is she brashness and the ease through which she claims things the are clearly offensive. Her role in the plot is to silver paper Mama and Ruth and also the worths of the entire Younger family due to the fact that she believes the African Americans should not aim because that something higher in life. She speaks out against Beneatha’s university education and says the Walter should be happy v his job as a chauffeur. About Beneatha, Mrs. Johnson says, “I know--but occasionally she act prefer ain’t gained time come pass the time of day through nobody ain’t been to college. Oh--I ain’t criticizing her none,” as if that is a harmless comment, when in reality she has insulted Mama’s daughter. She helps to develop the conflicts in the plot by introducing the reality that the family might not be embraced into Clybourne Park there is no a fight. She gift the ideas that an obstacle the Younger family’s dreams and never wavers in she position, maintaining that the Younger household is bold, proud and also most most likely to get bombed or assaulted because the the “peckerwoods.”If they are static, do their traits increase or come to be clearer as the play move on? exactly how does the devices, (dress, names, gestures) assist establish this traits? in ~ the start of the scene Mrs. Johnson seems just to be a very enthusiastic, (and probably nosy) neighbor of the Younger family. However, together the scene move on, the becomes fingerprint that she is a brash, attack woman. She on numerous occasions overstays she welcome in ~ the Younger’s house, accepts their food also willingly and also makes violation comments around their dreams and ways the living, keeping a false feeling of superiority. Once Mrs. Johnson is talking around the racism that African American encounters in the society, she states it “with a tremendous and rather insincere feeling of melodrama”, mocking the seriousness the the reality. The gestures the Mrs. Johnson make, such together clasping she hand over her mouth when she is talking, lug out the qualities of she dramatic and enthusiastic traits. Every time other is being available to her, she always gladly accepts it easily, which reflects that Mrs. Johnson it s okay comfortable easily around others and that she feeling no restriction in what she is doing and saying. What “masks” space the personalities wearing? that is hiding what indigenous whom? once are the masks removed? What reasons their removal, and what room the results?The italicized message denotes the it is a lie when Mrs. Johnson claims “’Course ns think it’s wonderful how our folks keeps on advertise out. Girlfriend hear few of these Negroes round right here talking ‘bout how they don’t go whereby they ain’t wanted and also all that—but not me, honey!” For most of the entire visit, Mrs. Johnson is speaking about the bombing of an afri American family who moved right into a white neighborhood, and she advises that the Younger’s don’t move to Clybourne Park lest they end up in the newspaper together bombed. She continuous contradicts herself, demanding the “Wilhemenia Othella Johnson goes anywhere, any kind of time she feels prefer it,” however this is attitudinally ironic due to the fact that everyone knows that this is not true. At the end, the is Mrs. Johnson that decides to leaving the house, yet it is only due to the fact that she ultimately realizes that Mama and her have different belief, saying the “You know, me and you ain’t never agreed around some things, Lena Young. Ns guess I much better be going-”Explain the character’s motivations because that what they do. What go the character want and does the character effectively get what they want?When Mrs. Johnson talks to Mama, she emphasizes the danger that the Youngers would certainly probably challenge after moving into the white community. She has cynical visions about the futures the the Youngers even though they walk not also move into the home yet, telling Mama the “I gambling this time next month y’all’s names will certainly have remained in the records plenty--NEGROES attack CLYBOURNE PARK---BOMBED!” Johnson downhearted view is influenced by the racist society of the time since violence happens almost everywhere all the time due to racism. She first insults the family’s dream and also make cynical comments about the family’s future before she pen it off favor it was a harmless comment through saying that she doesn’t median it that method and that she “ain’t criticizing her none”. Describe the miscalculations a character makes and also the effect they have.(the personality did not really miscalculate anything due to the fact that she serves as a comic relief while also bringing a feeling of cruel reality of racism)How does the character change and intensify through each significant unit the the play?(the personality does not change/intensify because she only appears in one scene)EXCERPT:Mama: Oh--hello there, JohnsonJohnson: Hello there, yourself! H’you this evening, Ruth?Ruth: Fine, Mis’Johnson, h’you?Johnson: Ain’t you beginning to poke the end none yet! Oh, ain’t we obtaining ready ring here, though! Yessir! Lookathere! I’m telling you the Youngers is really getting ready to “move on up a small higher!” ---Bless God!Mama: Bless God.Johnson: He’s good, ain’t He?Mama: five yes, He’s good.Johnson: I mean sometimes He functions in secret ways...but that works, don’t He!Mama: Yes, the does. Johnson: I’m just soooo happy because that y’all. And this below child---looks like she can just pop open up with happiness, don’t she. Where’s all the rest of the family?Mama: Bennie’s unable to do to bed---Johnson: Ain’t no...sickness done hit you---I hope...?Mama: No--she just tired. She was out this evening.Johnson: Aww--ain’t the lovely. She tho going out v the small Murchison boy?Mama: Ummmm huh.Johnson: That’s lovely. Girlfriend sure obtained lovely children, Younger. Me and also Isaiah talks all the time ‘bout what fine youngsters you was blessed with. We sure do.Mama: Ruth, provide Mis’Johnson a piece of sweet potato pie and also some milk. Johnson: five honey, i can’t remain hardly a minute--I just dropped in to see if there was anything I could do. Ns guess y’all watched the news what’s everywhere the colored world this week..Mama: No--didn’t obtain mine yet this week.Johnson: You typical you ain’t read ‘bout them colored people that was bombed out their ar out there? Ain’t it something how bad these here white folks is getting here in Chicago! Lord, getting so friend think you best down in Mississippi! ‘Course i think it’s wonderful how our persons keeps on pushing out. Friend hear several of these Negroes round below talking ‘bout how they don’t go where they ain’t wanted and also all that--but not me, honey! Wilhemenia Othella Johnson walk anywhere, any type of time she feels prefer it! Yes ns do! Why if us left it up to these below crackers, the bad niggers wouldn’t have actually nothing--Oh, I constantly forgets girlfriend don’t ‘low that word in her house. Mama: No--I don’t ‘low it.Johnson: Me neither! i was simply telling Isaiah yesterday when he come utilizing it in prior of me--I claimed “Isaiah, it’s similar to Mis’Younger claims all the time--”Mama: Don’t you desire some more pie?Johnson: No--no say thanks to you; this was lovely. I acquired to obtain on end home and have my midnight coffee. I hear some people say that don’t let them sleep yet I finds i can’t close my eyes right lessen i done had actually that laaaast cup of coffee...My Goodnight coffee, ns calls it!Mama: Ruth, why don’t you provide Mis’Johnson part coffee.Johnson: Where’s brother tonight? Mama: He’s lie down. Johnson: Mmmmmm, he sure gets his beauty rest, don’t he? Good-looking man. Sure is a good-looking man! i guess that’s exactly how come we keep on having babies approximately here. One thing ‘bout Brother, he constantly know how to have a an excellent time. And also soooo ambitious! i bet it to be his idea y’all relocating out to Clybourne Park. Lord--I bet this time following month y’all’s names will have been in the documents plenty--NEGROES attack CLYBOURNE PARK---BOMBED!”Mama: us ain’t specifically moving the end there to obtain bombed.Johnson: Oh, honey--you recognize I’m praying come God every day that don’t nothing like that happen! yet you need to think that life prefer it is---and these here Chicago peckerwoods is some baaaad peckerwoods.Mama: us done thought around all the Mis’Johnson.Johnson: Hello there, Bennie!Beneatha: Hello, Mrs. Johnson.Johnson: how is school?Beneatha: Fine, say thanks to you. (She goes out.) Johnson: gaining so she don’t have much come say to nobody.Mama: The kid was on her method to the bathroom.Johnson: ns know--but sometimes she act prefer ain’t got time to pass the time of day with nobody ain’t to be to college. Oh--I ain’t criticizing her none. It’s just---you know exactly how some of our young world gets when they gain a tiny education. Yes--well. Well, ns guess I far better get top top home. ‘Course I deserve to understand how she must be proud and also everything--being the only one in the family to make something of herself. Ns know simply being a chauffeur ain’t never ever satisfied brothers none. The shouldn’t feel choose that, though. Ain’t naught wrong through being a chauffeur.Mama: There’s many wrong v it.Johnson: What?Mama: Plenty. Mine husband constantly said being any kind of kind of servant wasn’t a fit thing for a guy to have to be. He always said a man’s hands was made to make things, or to rotate the earth with--not to drive nobody’s automobile for ‘em--or---carry lock slop jars. And also my boy is as with him--he wasn’t intended to wait top top nobody.Johnson: Mmmmmmm. The Youngers is too lot for me! You certain one proud-acting bunch of fancy folks. Well--I always thinks prefer Booker T. Washington claimed that time---”education has spoiled countless a great plow hand”---Mama: Is the what old Booker T. Said?Johnson: He certain did.Mama: fine it sounds just like him. The fool.Johnson: Well--he was among our good men. Mama: Who said so? Johnson: friend know, me and you ain’t never agreed around some things, Lena Younger. Ns guess I better be going---Ruth: great night.Johnson: an excellent night. Oh--You deserve to keep the paper! ‘Night.Mama: good night, Mis’Johnson.

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AnalysisThis scene v Mrs. Johnson points out three significant parts of she character: she is hypocritical, insincere and also brash. She states that she can’t stay long and was simply coming over to check out if she can help, yet makes no move to leave and easily accepts sweet potato pie from the Youngers. She hints about wanting coffee and even provides light that the idea of the Youngers acquiring bombed as soon as they move to Clybourne Park. She additionally deliberately insults Beneatha and insists the Walter’sjob together a chauffeur follows Booker T. Washington’s idea that just the talented tenth of african Americans must bother becoming educated. Her diction and syntax in the story conveys she phony tone and also the contents of the scene makes her personality the antithesis the what the Younger’s believe in. The scene likewise serves to present Mama’s toughness as a character in she willingness to wake up for she beliefs. Mrs. Johnson can be seen as a silver paper character, as she brings the end traits in the other characters but has no readjust herself. At one suggest Ruth rolls her eyes in ~ Mama’s kindness once she argues to provide Mrs. Johnson coffee.