The Collaborative global Dictionary Word interpretations in The collaborative International thesaurus Cora \Co"ra\, n. (Zo<"o>l.) The Arabian gazelle ( Gazella Arabica ), uncovered from persia to north Africa.

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word interpretations in Douglas Harper"s Etymology thesaurus fem. Proper name, from Latin, native Greek Kore (see Kore ).

Gazetteer Word interpretations in Gazetteer populace (2000): 76 housing Units (2000): 60 soil area (2000): 5.394978 sq. Miles (13.972929 sq. Km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. Miles (0.000000 sq. Km) total area (2000): 5.394978 sq. Miles (13.972929 sq. Km) FIPS code: 17210 located within: Wyoming...

Wikipedia Word interpretations in Wikipedia Cora might refer to:

intake examples the cora.

Fairy hit every the high notes because that her part and motioned because that Cora to sing along.

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Ramelle loved Celeste and made love through her, however she constantly suspected that in some unspoken method Cora was more central to Celeste than she was.

To Cora and even tiny Louise and also Julia Ellen, though Celeste had more money she was no different than lock were.

As Cora headed because that the pavilion, he take it his cap off and also walked beside her.

Aimes, Cora let the end one piercing cry of difficult anguish, climate lapsed into silence.

Celeste and Dennis rested the body in the ago seat, where Cora sat with his bloodied head in she lap.

Ramelle sidestepped the martial show and also Cora alternated in between amusement and irritation.

Celeste hurried into the former hall, placed on a heavy coat, she boots, entered her study and threw miscellaneous in she pocket and was out the door prior to Cora or Jutts could think of various other reasons why she have to stay inside.

He to be to return in a week, for this reason Cora did her finest to see that the goings on would certainly be unique for him, too.

Juts produced a tambourine and Cora had actually the uneasy sensation that she had clipped it.

Most helped Juts with the cake when Cora satellite in she rocker and also clapped in time to the music so Spotts would find out to dance.

She discovered a little piece of level blue chalk Cora provided for noting hemlines.

At three years of period she had sat in the center of the living room and also read the newspaper to Cora, Chessy and Juts.

The 3 months she checked out California every year, Cora retained the house.

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Once Cora finished her chores she joined Ramelle on the earlier veranda overlooking the beautiful officially garden.