It can be oh-so basic to get caught up in the vacation rush and also spend method beyond her budget.

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No one desires to get captured with a huge credit card bill come January, so if you’ve obtained a lengthy list of loved ones to shop for this year, consider sticking come a mutually-agreed top top price point per gift.

You could be surprised, there room actually dozens of impressive gift concepts that can work for any kind of budget — also as small as $10!

Whether she shopping for a thank you gift for her child’s teacher or looking for something because that your mommy that feels ultra luxe but doesn’t blow the bank, i have rounded up 40 inexpensive Christmas presents for a very merry, budget-friendly Christmas, to add a couple of extra luxe-level picks because that some really special gift ideas.

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Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas under $10

1. E.l.f. 48-Color beauty Clutch Eyeshadow Set, $9.88 in ~ Walmart


Create one endless array of ripped-from-Pinterest eyeshadow looks with this portable, beloved cosmetics set. Designed to look like a clutch, it comes through a integrated mirror, applicator, plus two brushes because that blending. Nobody will be able to believe girlfriend nabbed it because that under $10!

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2. Hickory farms 4-Piece Farmhouse Sausage & Cheese Sampler vacation Gift Pack, $9.06 in ~ Walmart


Meet your new go-to hold gift! This delectable gift box may be light on the wallet, but it’s jam-packed with all the fixings to do a very delicious mini charcuterie board. Serve up sausage, jack cheese, and also hot mustard on crispy sea salt and also olive oil crackers.

3. Nautica Blue Men’s 3.4ounce EDT Spray, $9.99 at Overstock


A an excellent smelling cologne doesn’t have to price a bundle. Through breezy notes the pineapple, water lily, and also sandalwood, it’s the best feasible cologne come gift him in ~ Christmas. One spritz and he’ll soon be taken away to the tropics.

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4. Boy Made modern-day On-the-Go drawing Kit, $9.99 at Macy’s


For the budding artiste come this cute and also colorful art set. V a coloring book, washable markers, colored pencils, and a pencil sharpener, it all tucks neatly into a canvas carrying situation that can easily be stashed in the automobile for those unforeseen pit stops.

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5. Legale Knee High Socks, $4.99 at JCPenney


Stay warm, look festive — what’s not to love? this adorable socks room so fun, also the coolest of teens will stay them with pride. Gift them with a must-read book, or tuck them into a stocking.

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6. Beer Layering Tool, $9.95 at unusual Goods


Beer connoisseurs will flip because that this an easy tool. It magically enables you to make a perfect black and also tan by combine a dark stout with a lighter ale for a drink the tastes as an excellent as that looks.

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7. Barbie Careers Dolls, $9.99 every at playthings “R” Us


• Barbie Careers Nurse • Barbie Careers chef • Barbie Careers Pilot

Barbie is more versatile — and affordable — than ever. This $10 dolls display young girls the huge range of job possibilities out there, including whatever from a firefighter to a nurse to a pilot. In ~ this price point, you have the right to pick one up for every one of your daughter’s best friends.

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8. Retro Phone cell phone Handset, $9.49 at Overstock


Tired of her hand cramping up while talking on your cell phone? This cool adapter mimics the style of an old-school rotating phone. Simply plug it right into your headphone jack and presto, you can talk favor it’s 1999 again. Plus you can also tuck it in between your head and also shoulder!

Inexpensive Christmas presents under $25

9. Speak the end Game, $18.99 at playthings “R” Us


After making waves on society media, this hilarious game is among the most coveted (and bargain!) gift concepts out there. Football player insert a dentist-style mouthpiece and try to gain their teammate to guess what castle saying before time operation out. Whoever it s okay the most right answers wins! get ready for the many painfully funny night of your life…

10. Kate Spade brand-new York those In A Name initial Mug, $15 at Macy’s


An affordable gift can still be totally customized. These chic porcelain mugs each attribute their own unique striped or shade blocked mix of hues and a monogrammed initial. If you have room left in her budget, ingredient it through their favourite tea or coffee.

11. 2-Piece Sleep collection For Boys, $24 in ~ Old Navy


Now here’s a pair of Christmas jammies any boy can get behind. Special a eco-friendly pepper-trimmed ‘pizza tree’, these cozy plaid pyjamas are the perfect thing to wear once unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. Not his style? There’s many of various other fun and also festive draft to select from.

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12. Brick Phone Finder with crucial Finder and also Item Finder, $24.99 at Target


Gift this techie item to the forgetful one in the family. Ar a little Tile on every little thing you’re many prone to shedding — her phone, keys, or wallet are good places come start. If friend misplace it, Tile’s application can aid you track it down. Or you have the right to press the house Tile come make your phone ring, even if it’s top top silent!

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13. Titanium Cocktail Shaker, $19.95 at Teavana


Technically this iridescent cocktail shaker is supposed for make iced tea drinks, yet there’s no limit to what concoctions you can produce in it. With a built-in strainer and also titanium plating, it’s a barware statement item that you’ll look because that excuses come use.

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14. SelfieMic Music Set, $23.69 at Toys “R” Us


Channel Justin, Ariana, Taylor, and much more — all her child demands is a smartphone and also the SelfieMic’s free Starmaker app come take center stage. With tons of peak pop hits, this fun collection lets youngsters belt the out and create their own music videos top top the fly.

15. Women’s Fashion explain Necklace, $19.99 at Target


Make a statement for oh so small with this on-trend necklace. The silver and also white beading feels entirely festive, while the price makes it ideal as soon as shopping for a great friend or niece.

16. Home Plate Doormat, $25 at unusual Goods


It’s to be a great year because that baseball. Whether he’s a Cubs fan or just restating his love because that the game, this playful doormat lets everyone know there’s a sporting activities fan (or family) indoors.

Inexpensive Christmas presents under $50

17. Maroo Gem collection Earphones, $49.95 in ~ Amazon


Add a small bling to any type of look with these chic earbuds designed to dazzle. When you popular music them in her ears, every anyone will certainly see space two sparkly glass gems, at the same time you’ll be enjoy it the clear, fresh sound of her favorite Christmas carols.

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18. Brookstone Heavy-Duty steam Cleaning strength Grill Brush, $34.99 in ~ Macy’s


The king (or queen) the the grill will certainly surely evaluate this high-powered gadget. Designed come blast far BBQ build-up in a flash, this brush automatically generates heavy steam to help loosen grease and grime.

19. Tasha Jeweled Cat Ear Beanie, $28 at Nordstrom


Any daring fashionista (or stunner cat lady) will certainly love to traction on this quirky winter hat. Bedecked v crystal-coated cat ears, it’s entirely functional, but mostly? just plain fun.

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20. Whimsical Shop Gold-Brick call Charger, $30 in ~ Macy’s


If you on the hunt for a solid gold gift idea, girlfriend can’t walk wrong through a portable charger the sparkles, no matter how deeply it’s hidden in your purse. Save it nearby for once your phone is running low ~ above juice after ~ a night of recording merriment and also mayhem!

21. Make your Own warm Sauce Kit, $34.95 at uncommon Goods


Some civilization collect hot sauce, however have friend ever tested them to make their own? This sizzling gift idea includes three species of dried peppers, a whack that spices and vinegars, and also instructions to make the many tongue-burning, five-alarm fiery hot sauce of your dreams.

22. NOOK tablet computer 7-Inch, $49.99 at Barnes and Noble


Give lock the gift of analysis with the newest addition to the NOOK family. The seven-inch display screen is optimized because that reading every one of their favorites favor “Harry Potter and also the wizard Stone,” “The Girl ~ above the Train,” or “Born to Run.” This tablet computer also provides them full access to Android apps in the Google beat store, plus more than 1 million publications for less than $4.99! You deserve to pre-order this new NOOK now and get complimentary shipping when it’s mailed the end on November 25.

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23. Primula flowering Tea and also Tea Pot Gift Set, $29.99 in ~ Target


A glass teapot is the perfect showcase because that elegant flower tea. Just drop an had green tea bulb into the pot and also watch the bloom. It’s a showstopping centerpiece for any type of entertainer.

24. Books on T-Shirts, $34 each at Litographs


At an initial glance, this tees might just evoke a favorite publication with their silhouette-style imagery. Yet look closer and you’ll realize, the entire shirt is actually published with words. No just any kind of words – but entire books. With classics like Sherlock Holmes and also Nancy Drew, girlfriend can likewise pick up newer tomes top top tees, prefer Diana Galbadon’s Outlander. Easily accessible in men’s, women’s, and children’s styles.

25. Retro-Bit Retro Duo Twin video Game Sytem NES & SNES V3.0, $42.67 at Amazon


This pint-sized mechanism offers a totality of throwback magic. Currently you deserve to dig the end all her old NES and also SNES games for hours of funny for the entirety family.

Christmas gift concepts under $75

26. SpaRoom Aroma Harmony Diffuser, $69.99 at Target


Turn any room into your an individual oasis v this wonder device. Include a fifty percent cup the water and your favorite crucial oil and let a tenderness aromatherapy mist spray the end for up to six hours. Plus, this diffuser syncs up v your favourite music and conducts a light present to get you into complete bliss mode.

27. MD sporting activities 2-Player Arcade Basketball Game, $59 in ~ Walmart


Fancy a game of ball when it’s frosty outside? currently you have the right to shoot hoops indoors through this arcade-inspired game. Contend head-to-head to see who have the right to score the most in a collection time period, and then merely fold that up until your following match.

28. Vacu Vin Spinning wine Carafe, $64.92 in ~ Amazon


What looks stunning and leads to far better tasting wine? This covetable glass carafe, of course! The distinctive shape renders it spinnable, enabling you come swirl your wine because that aeration and improved flavor.

29. Action 2 warm Kitchen, $74.99 at Kohl’s


If you’re minimal on room but your boy is big on imagination, there’s no must stifle the whims that a future Wolfgang Puck or Gordon Ramsey. This pint-sized kitchen bring away up beside no room, but is chock-full of methods for any aspiring chief to chef up other special.

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30. GLAMGLOW Gift Sexy Supermud Set, $69 at JCPenney


Give her the gift of glowing skin this holiday season through this trio the GLAMGLOW’s bestselling confront masks. Designed come combat dryness, good lines, and also roughness, these luxury masks will give any woman an immediate spa feeling.

31. Mini Orion Spy Drone, $69.99 at Kohl’s


Take to the skies with this miniature drone! Snap photos and also videos as you explore your community or the great outdoors v an aerial view. With rate control and also easy operation, this fun tool will lug out the child in everyone.

32. White twin Wall Traveler Adorned through Swarovski Crystals, $74.95 at Starbucks


I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the Starbucks addict in your household shrieks with glee once they check out this fresh white, oh-so sparkly Starbucks take trip mug. Glittering with genuine crystals, it’s the gift every coffer lover wants yet doesn’t know they need.

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33. Razor A3 Scooter, $64.99 at JCPenney


The kids’ll be wheels up in no time v this timeless gift idea. Perfect because that zipping approximately the ar or gaining to class quicker in cold weather, this sturdy aluminum scooter is what every school age child desires of from Santa.

Christmas gift concepts under $100

34. Kenneth Cole new York Layered Notch Collar Coat, $89.97 at Nordstrom Rack


A winter coat is the type of gift he completely needs but will never ever ask for. This classically cut wool mix pea coat will store him toasty warm and looking sharp. Plus the a full steal because that under $90!

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35. Chi house Chi wait Expert classic Tourmaline Hairstyling stole 1-Inch Summer Groove, $99.99 in ~ Macy’s


You entirely get what you salary for v hair straighteners, so don’t be fear to invest a little extra to acquire one that’ll perform the job. Chi is a trusted name in the hair tools business, and also this fabulous value collection comes with a brush and heatproof heat mat to protect your counters.

36. Samsung equipment VR, $99.99 in ~ Target


Virtual truth is breaking huge right now — and also you can carry it right into your residence for under $100! play games, watch movies in your own private theater, or connect with friends. This nifty machine reacts as you move, offering you a 360-degree role play experience.

37. ALDO Women’s Tuxedo Corsetted Booties, $90 at Macy’s


Every fashionista’s wish list wouldn’t be complete without a killer pair the booties. This lace-up layout from ALDO ups the glam variable with corset-like sides that provide a note of skin or the cool tights you’re wearing. Coming in three warm shades from standard black to bright bordeaux, they’re the perfect popular music for she wardrobe.

38. Keurig K10 personal Coffee Brewer, $79.99 in ~ Kohl’s


Enjoy your favorite java all to yourself v this decadent, designer-inspired coffee maker. Pop your favorite Keurig K-Cup in, select your mug size, and enjoy a fresh, perfectly-made coffee in moments. The cool colors typical you’ll discover one come suit any type of home décor!

39. Furby Connect, $99.99 at toys “R” Us


Furby is back and far better than ever. Comes in a range of jewel tones, everyone’s favourite robotic friend can be interacted with in two different ways. Use the Furby Connect World app to watch what Furby’s thinking, or you deserve to shake, tickle, or pet Furby for even much more instant reactions.

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40. Faux-Fur Superstorage Lap Desk, $99 at PBTeen


Avoid “toasted foot syndrome” with this fluffy, way too cool lapdesk. It’s perfect for hosting your laptop or law homework the old fashioned way with pen and also paper. The desk actually features a sliding hardwood panel to save all her institution supplies and cables close at hand, to add you deserve to personalize it because that an extra $9.50!

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