So... Ns am at this time playing autumn 3 and also want to understand what the strongest weapon the each group is, like what is the strongest power weapon? What is the strongest little gun (aka pistols)? ETC. So... If you recognize what is the strongest weapon of each type, feel cost-free to comment!


"Strongest" can be a bit difficult to define because individual weapons have various qualities. For example, a weapon that does a lot of damages per shot can have a slow rate of fire, thus offering it a short DPS. An additional example would certainly be weapons that space extremely powerful yet also quite situational, such as the experimental MIRV. Yet an additional example would be just how the Deathclaw Gauntlet is no the most powerful unarmed weapon, numerically, but it ignores the enemy's armor so as whole it more than likely does an ext damage.

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Anyway, have a look at this page and also arrange every table according to the criteria you desire to see, such as damages or DPS.

Another great example is the unique hunting rifle, Ol' Painless, it has zero spread, takes usual ammo and is conveniently repaired, Making that a very good weapon, while no strictly the strongest.

Well castle excel in different areas for various reasons favor range, accuracy, ammo availability, and also AP cost. However generally speaking:

Small guns - Chinese assault Rifle, Combat Shotgun, Sniper Rifle

Big firearms - Fat Man

Unarmed - Deathclaw Guantlet

Energy weapons - Plasma Rifle, alien Blaster

What you desire to perform is look for the distinct Versions of these weapons, favor A3-21's Plasma Rifle. The distinct versions generally have much better stats 보다 the generic versions.

Well, Xuanlong attack rifle, The devastating Shotgun, Sidney's 10mm Ultra SMG, Backwater rifle, Gauss rifle, win Rifle, Gauss rifle, speculative MIRV. I don't mental the finest pistol though. Likewise you have to keep in mind the you can take pristine version of 10mm pistol, 10mm SMG, assault Rifle, Chinese assault rifle, Sniper Rifle, Combat Shotgun, Missile Launcher and Gauss rifle from operation Anchorage DLC, which do not break. Ever.

Wait, I'm almost specific that girlfriend couldn't in reality take a Chinese rifle indigenous the simulation, you just have accessibility to it throughout the "Destroying the guns" part of the simulation, no later.

Also don't forget A3-21's rifle.

Whilst ns loved F3, the tools are one of the weakest points. Not as much power or selection as FNV or F4.

IIRC I had tendency to use the damaging Shotgun for short range and the Blackhawk for much longer range.

Back Water Rifle from point lookout... Lincoln repeater is stronger technically, but the BWR through the ideal stats can come to be a 50% crit chance. I m sorry is ridiculously strong. Likewise it bring away 10mm for this reason ammo is dirt cheap.

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In my most recent FO3 play through it usage Smuggler's finish (laser pistol), Xuanlong Chinese assault Rifle, A3-21's Plasma Rifle and the Backwater Rifle (Point Lookout). But if I require to cut that under to 2 weapons it would be the Xuanglong and Backwater rifles.