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Timing Belt instead of 2.4 Mitsubishi – Questions and also Answers

August 29, 20091:46 pmdennisb - Auto device SalesDIY, exactly how To Auto Repair, Mistubishi, timing Belt


The Mitsubishi 2.4 Liter SOHC engine is used in the Eclipse, Galant and Outlander. Many world are unaware the the engine is additionally used in the Chrysler Sebring and also Dodge Stratus. It’s crucial to understand that the 2.4 is one interference engine that may finish up with bent valves and possibly damaged pistons if the timing belt strips or breaks during driving. The motor includes a key timing belt and a smaller balance shaft belt. Both the these must be changed at the same time. The manufacturer recommended replacement expression is every 60,000 miles.

The job of replacing the time belts ~ above just around any engine is basically the same, regardless of which auto it is in.


There are numerous precautions store in mind. It’s always best to disconnect the battery’s floor cable, execute not revolve the crank shaft or camshaft v the timing belt removed. Some civilization prefer to remove the spark plugs to do the engine much easier to turn although this is no necessary. Turn the crank tower in the regular direction the rotation i beg your pardon is clockwise. Perform not try to turn the crankshaft by turning the camshaft bolt. It’s always best to use tightening torque specifications detailed by the manufacturer.

1. Raise and also support the vehicle. If doing this at home use a floor jack and jack means safety. Then the right prior wheel is removed and also then the splash shield. It‘s simplest to loosen the water pump bolts before removing the accessory belts, otherwise the entire pulley will turn. Then remove the alternator, AC and power steering belts. After the belts are removed the upper timing cover have the right to be take away off.

2. Always start v the engine at peak dead facility compression stroke through the timing marks aligned. Discover top dead facility by removing the #1 spark plug which is closest to the front of the engine and placing a screwdriver or 1/4″ extension down the hole. Turn the crank slowly and make sure it doesn’t tie – as soon as the device that was inserted reaches the greatest point, optimal dead center is reached. Verify with marks.

3. Toward the engine with a block of wood on the floor jack positioned under the oil pan. As soon as the engine is lifted up slightly a engine mount deserve to then it is in removed.

4. Leaving the key crankshaft bolt in place. Remove the smaller sized bolts stop the crank wheel in location pulley come the side. Then eliminate the lower timing belt cover.

5. Now look for the timing belt marks and make certain they room aligned. Ns recommend making few of your own marks too with white touch up paint or white out. Of course this will certainly not be possible if replacing a damaged or stripped belt. But when instead of a belt for maintain I favor the added assurance, that the extra marks offer me.

6. The key belt’s tensioner is hydraulic. The 12 mm bolts space removed and also then he tensioner can be placed in a bench angry to be compressed. The pen to organize a tensioner in ar is sometimes referred to by mechanics together grenade pins. Occasionally a tiny drill bit deserve to be used rather of the particular pin. If you are replacing a tensioner it will come through the correct pin.

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