'Ray Ray acquiring his Mindless actions on' I check out on the internet. I scroll down and see a story about how beam Ray apperently was having a great time v this fan on promo day last week. And then the picture they showed with it. This woman kissing Ray's neck, and also then one more one of her kissing the on his lips. I am past mad best now. This boy think that slick huh? just because we aint windy doesn't average he have the right to go around and disrespect me favor that i aint having it. I gained out of my car and also pressed top top the door bell. "who's there?" ns hear prince say trough the speaker  

"Prince I understand you deserve to see me just open the damn gate!" They have this security mechanism at the mansion, so over there are like alot the camera's ns don't have time for gamings right now. 

"damn girl, friend dont have to be for this reason mean." 

"PRINCE open up IT!"  

"Well us was kinda liven practising and Kiesha yes, really ain't gon' prefer i-"  


"okay then." and also the door opens.  

When i walk within of the residence Prince and Prod space watching tv. Over there is this awkward silence. I guess lock know about those pictures. 

"Where's Ray?" 

"He's in the studio v Roc recording" 

I walk downstairs. They have actually a record studio in the mansion in the basement it's quite cool, yet that's off the point.  

"Ray I'm telling you she gon' be way worse than Bre is as soon as she finds out around those pics man" 

I listen Roc say to Ray. 

"can we talk 'bout something else?" Ray says obtaining annoyed. He knows Roc is ideal tough, ns AM mad right now.

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I to walk In there and also they both look surprised. 

"Hey Roc" i say and hug that "What's happening?" 

"Nothing much' yet uhm... Ns gotta go somwhere... I'll capture ya later on a'ight Nique?" 

He just walks out choose that. Awkward much... 

"Hey babe" beam says and tries to grab me by mine waist put I push his hands turn off of me.

"Ray you need to stop disrespecting me favor this, I'm not gonna just sit here and also tolerate you like that no more!" i yell at beam Ray. 

"It wasn''t what.-"

"It wasn't what the looked right? damn that's for this reason cliché." i say rolling mine eyes.

"Nique ns don't even know why you're all up in mine case.-" 

"FOR ONE CUS ns YO GIRLFRIEND." beam is really starting to get me mad. The is just acting favor I'm overreacting, and also what he's act is perfectly fine. Ns don't think that realizes what he's doing, since at very first the flirting and also stuff, it used to it is in cute and funny because of the high pitched voice, how he looked really young and short so it was funny youknow. Now he is 19, the aint cute no more. And it didn't issue at first, but it's gotten means worse come the point that he also let those hoes kiss him and also stuff. I recognize I said I'm no jealous of that flirting and hangin' through girls since it's his job. I'm still not jealous,I recognize for a reality that he loves me but he is law a entirety lot of things that have nothing to perform with his job, and also it just annoys me. And also I know Ray prefer no other.

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Perhaps even better than Roc, Prince and Prod, therefore I understand that if you tolerate ray he will continue, and also I ain't having that.