A couple of weeks ago, Disney Channel announced they would be re-running every one of their original movies over Memorial day weekend, and also thus, millennial top combusted. Then, Disney announced the shows choose "Lizzie McGuire" and also "That's so Raven" would be aired on Freeform ~ midnight because that the month the May.

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Of course, this exciting news had us reminiscing around those exceptional days once we would certainly come home from center school and essentially sit in prior of the TV for hours. One show that to be an absolute favorite was "The Suite Life the Zack & Cody."

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Okay, while us couldn't find any kind of super current pics that her, this was Taitz earlier in 2011! according to she IMDb page, she's to adjust low, with her most recent project taking place in 2013. However, you additionally may remember she from MTV's "The tough Times the RJ Berger," too!

Go ago in time a little further and also check the end these '90s children you most likely forgot about!

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