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← PreviousNext →“Men Have become the tools of your Tools.” – Henry DavidThoreau

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As i was reading the works of Emerson and also Thoreau, I decided to study their various other quotes. As I was researching i came throughout the phrase “Men have become the tools of their tools.” The pertinence of this quote automatically captured my attention. This quote stuck out to me since I sometimes feel as if ns am a tool to my very own technology. Ns constantly find myself looking in ~ my phone call or checking my email. I believe this quote method that we as a culture have end up being so reliant top top the devices that were produced to help us that us are now unable to function without them. Therefore, us are now the residential property of the items that we have developed to assist us. However, i am quiet unsure around why this quote was pertinent during the transcendentalist time period.

Upon mine research, ns learned that transcendental believed was based upon philosophy, contemplation, and also the exploration of one’s internal spirit. additionally found than transcendental thinkers despised consumerism, in addition to materialism. They thought that life must be purely intellectual and spiritual there is no the side effects of exterior contamination. They additionally aimed for optimism. They thought in the beauty, beauty of life. Transcendentalists loved the herbal beauty the the world about them. However, castle hated contamination of nature. They thought that contamination of nature brought about the pollution of the mind. Nonconformity was also a vast factor the transcendental thought. transcendental motion took place in between the years of 1830-1860. During this time society was becoming more dependent on their devices of war. Also, The industrial change was still happening in ~ this time. The transcendental time was best after the development of the noodle gin. Also, telegraphs, sewing machines, mass-produced muskets, interchangeable interchangeable sewing device parts, and new uses because that rubber occurred during this time period. Http:// believe that the mix of transcendental thought and also the advance of these brand-new technologies affected Thoreau. I believe that this quote to be pertinent to the time period because that the technological developments. I also believe the the culture as a whole developed a desire for more and more technology during this time. Therefore, in Thoreau’s eyes society was coming to be the “tools of their tools.”The concern remains, just how is this pertinent today?

I personally believe that this quote is much more important today than ever before before. Tools such together cell phones, Ipods, clever phones and many others to be designed to assist us take it on numerous everyday tasks. Because that example, most human being loved the technological development of sending an email rather than utilizing postal mail. People likewise would rather send fast text messages quite than make a phone call call. Also, the internet allows us to look up things more efficiently together opposed to actually going to a library and looking up speak to numbers to find books. This are simply a couple of of today’s modern-day technologies. Yes, at an initial these advancements appeared to it is in time savers and provided much much easier ways to achieve things. However, these items have actually now become a component of our daily lives and we are coming to be slaves come our technology.This is a video demonstration of ours society’s addiction to technology. It demonstrates the i can not qualify of countless to function without technology. is photo of teens walking. They are unable to gain the company of the individuals around them because they space too interested in your technology. As a society, we are shedding the ability to enjoy face to challenge conversation.We cannot walk for ten minutes without checking our phones or ours email. I believe that we have truly become the “tools come our tools.” as a society we must be mindful of how dependent we room on our technology. I believe Thoreau would be appalled at how dependent we space on our technologies.

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In conclusion, we together a society need to an obstacle ourselves to be less dependent on the technology around us.