"Me/I and also my team hope you think about this because that the next update"The an initial option (me) sounds much more natural to me, but is that wrong because it"s the subject? have to I create "I" instead? Thanks and also regards!

"Me and my team" sound colloquial, rainingmind. Human being do usage "me" as a topic pronoun, however there room plenty of world in the civilization who don"t favor it. If you don"t want to sound also casual, "My team and I" would be a great substitute: mine team and also I hope the ... "I and also my team" is unusual and a small awkward.

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"Me and also my team expect ..." is the kind of mistake kids are likely to make in English-speaking countries.
Children of every ages, actually, consisting of a distressing variety of so-called adult in the U.S. This days.

Sorry because that the mistake , yet I think the difficulty isn"t my grammar education however that I"m Spanish might you please tell me exactly how to to speak it correctly? Is it then "my team and I" or "I and also my team"?Thanks...

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I assume i am wrong then.Sorry for the wrong , however I think the difficulty isn"t mine grammar education but that I"m Spanish
As you have noticed, many civilization use me instead of I whereby it is among two or much more elements developing the subject of a verb.As this subject shows, some human being regard the application or disapplication that this dominion or exception as a shibboleth. Shibboleth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia but the concern of who drops on one next of this linguistic divide and also who falls on the other is a facility one, and the word "wrong" does not summarise the position adequately.In formal contexts, mine team and I can be the safest choice - that is, the alternative that will certainly irritate the smallest variety of committed partisans.
"I and my team ..." is equally correct from a grammar viewpoint. However, a common view is that it is much more "polite" or less "self-promoting" to put "I" after ~ the "and" , and let rather go first This is so engrained that putting "I" first now sounds "odd". You can hear "I, and also my team, ..." if the speaker started with the thought of "I ..." and then remembered, simply in time, to encompass "the team" to provide due credit, because that example
In "my team and also me." "me" is the disjunctive pronoun. That is correct.Compare:"Who desires some ice-cream?""Me!""Who did that?""Him." 2nd language removed. This is English Only. Cagey, moderator.
I disagree. It is colloquial but I would never use the in official writing."Me and also my team" simply sounds juvenile. Sorry!
Who to be it who said "Me and also my team"?You might be interested in the Wiki post at Disjunctive pronoun - Wikipedia, the complimentary encyclopedia