Say, you"re working in a company. The call rings and you choose it up. On the other line, someone desires to speak to one of your co-workers. You desire to her co-worker who this person is.

I think questioning "May I know who girlfriend are?" is a bit rude? What"s a more common or softer alternative?

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As far as politeness goes, the following examples, in addition to what JeremyC has already suggested, would likewise be some of the safest means to ask human being for your names when talking through them over the phone:

Could you you re welcome me that I"m speaking with?

May ns ask who"s calling?

Would friend mind informing who"s talking?


In mine experience, "Who is this?" is usually perceived as an ext polite than "Who space you?" or similar. I don"t have actually a good reason because that it. There are various other more-polite forms, as provided in the other answers, but "Who is this?" is direct, reasonable, and also unlikely to offend.

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There"s not one perfect answer because that every situation. If friend don"t hear the surname the first time, simply say that. Or, if the caller just gives his/her 1st name, state the you require the last name together, and the factor why.

I conference this often. Although ns am a aboriginal English speaker, many of my callers speak Spanish. So, i am challenged with 2 problems: First, the require to know the full name that the caller; and second, the reality that i am no trained in the culturally-appropiate way to ask mine client"s identity in Spanish. (And the many appropriate method to questioning this, may vary from country to country, anyway.)

My advice is to listen to the caller, and also to answer in a means that seems correct for that situation.

Your tone of voice, and your attitude, more than likely are an ext important 보다 the precise words the you use.