Astem-and-leaf plotis a chart we deserve to use to screen data by splitting up each value in a dataset right into astemand aleaf.

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Here is an example of a stem-and-leaf plot because that a offered dataset, produced by Stem-and-Leaf Plot Generator:


Thestemfor each worth is merely the first digit that the worth while theleafis the 2nd digit the the value.

Now let’s uncover out how to produce a stem-and-leaf plot in Excel.

Example: Stem-and-Leaf Plot in Excel

Use the adhering to steps to develop a stem-and-leaf plot in Excel.

Step 1: get in the data.

Enter the data worths in a solitary column:


Step 2: recognize the minimum and maximum values.


Step 3: Manually get in the “stems” based on the minimum and maximum values.


Step 4: calculation the “leaves” for the an initial row.

The adhering to calculation shows how to compute the leaves for the first row. Don’t be intimidated through the length of the formula – it’s actually very simple, simply repetitive.


Once you complete typing the formula and click Enter, girlfriend will acquire the complying with result:


Step 5: Repeat the calculation for each row.

To repeat this calculation because that each row, simply click on cell D7, hover over the bottom-right hand corner of the cell till a tiny +appears, climate double-click. This will certainly copy the formula to the rest of the rows in the Stem-and-Leaf plot:


To double check that your outcomes are correct, you have the right to verify 3 numbers:

Make certain the variety of individual “leaves” matches the number of observations. In our example, we have actually 10 total “leaves” which matches the 10 monitorings in our original dataset.Verify the minimum number.The very very first leaf should match the minimum value in your dataset. In our example, we check out that the very first leaf is “4” and is paired with a stem that “1” which matches the minimum variety of “14” in our dataset.Verify the best number.The an extremely last leaf should complement the maximum worth in her dataset. In our example, we check out that the last leaf is “5” and also is paired through a stem of “3” which matches the minimum number of “35” in ours dataset.

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Once girlfriend verify these three numbers, you deserve to be confident that your Stem-and-Leaf plot is correct.

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