Is over there an origin difference or factor why "living room" is 2 words, however "bedroom" is just one?



"Living room" has been in the language a while; the OED"s very first quote because that it is from 1787. I think that hasn"t become a compound word because of "living" finishing in "ing". Native that finish in "ing" seem to only an extremely rarely form the very first part that closed compound words.

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Looking in ~ the OED, there space over a hundreds entries detailed that finish in "ing room" or "ing-room" but none that end in "ingroom". (If you have access to the OED, you deserve to see this by trying to find *ingroom.) The exact same thing can be viewed if you search for living*, to discover all the entries that begin with "living". There are very few entries that were a single word (none of i beg your pardon were compound words, as far as ns saw). Most entries had actually a an are and one had actually a hyphen ("living-in", which together an adjective is different).


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