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Pride and also Prejudice is well known for its use of irony. In irony, the plan or literal an interpretation of indigenous is different from your actual meaning. Pride and also Prejudice"s an initial line is frequently cited as the textbook instance of one ironic utterance: 

it is a truth universally recognized that a...

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Pride and Prejudice is well known for its usage of irony. In irony, the to plan or literal definition of native is various from their actual meaning. Pride and Prejudice"s very first line is often cited together the textbook instance of one ironic utterance: 

It is a fact universally recognized that a single man in possession that a great fortune must be in want of a wife.

What the statement really way is that solitary women (and your families) are desperately in want of a husband of an excellent fortune.

The irony that begins with the novel"s very first sentence extends v the entire work as Elizabeth"s prejudice versus Darcy leads her to misread the world approximately her, see him together a blackguard and also the angry Wickham together wronged through Darcy.

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The novel likewise uses aphorism, or concise statements that contain universal truths, together as once Charlotte says,

There are very few of us who have heart sufficient to be yes, really in love without encouragement. In nine situations out the ten a woman have to show an ext affection than she feels.

These two devices, irony and also aphorism, are characteristic that eighteenth-century prose, often used by authors Austen admired, such as Samuel Johnson. However, Austen"s advance of complex characterization in she main personalities anticipates the breakthrough of the novel in the nineteenth century far from satire and towards realism. For example, Darcy, while the hero of the novel, has actually flaws that he himself admits, such as pride, and also Elizabeth, though among the many charming heroines in every one of English literature, jumps to conclusions and has a temper.