My friend plans on acquiring a tattoo tomorrow and also even though I thrived up speaking part French ns don't remember it well sufficient to make certain this translate in is right. She wants to obtain "life is a beautiful struggle" and also Google equates is as "la vie est une belle luette" but I think it need to be "la vie c'est un belle luette" deserve to anyone call me which is correct?

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Are you sure that Google analyze said "luette" instead of "lutte"?

You've made 2 changes:

You adjusted un come une. If something is "belle," climate that way that it's feminine. So... Need to it be un or une?

You adjusted "est" come "c'est." Your change is ok, however the initial was ok, too. Your readjust is a bit an ext conversational. It's like saying, "Life, it's a beautiful struggle" vs. "Life is a beautiful struggle." Kinda. It's not a perfect analogy.

To price your question in short: Google is right.

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If Google actually analyzed luette, climate it's really much from appropriate