If you haven’t i found it by now, Gringotts Wizarding bank is obtainable at the end of Diagon Alley, similar to in level one of gameplay. In Diagon Alley, though, Gringotts holds ten bonus levels that you have to play in order to gain all 200 yellow Bricks (or finish the video game to 100%). This levels are reasonably easy and also shouldn’t take lengthy to complete, specifically if friend have already played through every one of the key levels.

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Level One

The main goal in level one is to collect as countless coins as possible. Some tips on playing this level: if you have trouble collecting coins when they’re spread out over huge areas, purchase the Stud Magnet Red Brick before playing this level and also activate it while playing. Then, use one of the plenty of vehicles obtainable in this level and just journey over anything you check out to gain coins. Or, to do this level go even faster, acquisition a multiplying Red Brick before starting the level and activate it while playing. Because that example, if you’re using a 6x multiplier, each silver coin you collection is worth 60 instead of 10, every gold coin is 600, and each blue coin is 6000. Girlfriend can also activate more than one multiplier (ex. Activate 8x and 6x multiplier together, and the coins will be 48 time as lot as usual) because that even much more coins.

Level Two

When you go to pat level two, two options will come up on the screen: beat Bonus Level or become A Builder! component 1 of 4. Appropriate now, I’ll be focusing on pat Bonus Level Two, but later on I’ll define the building part of the level.

Start the level together Harry. Over there are five buttons top top the ground, each managing a various platform ~ above the ground. Press the corresponding buttons to aid Ron with you. When he does, have him usage Scabbers come crawl through the tunnel and also open the gate. Step on the switch on the ground and also the various other character will carry out the same, lowering the platform and letting you climb to with the yellow Brick.

Level Three

This time, your very first goal is to do a potion. Jump on the bench and also the other character will lift friend to acquire the very first ingredient. The second ingredient is on optimal of the flowers, and also the third is down the stairs to the left. Drink the potion, traction the chain, and climb up to the closet to put on earmuffs. Choose up the Mandrake, break the glass, and also pot it, then stand on among the buttons to open the gate. The reduced ground is currently filled with lava. Try your finest not to fall in in ~ this part. Placed the platforms right into the middle and jump across to reach the yellow Brick at the end.

Level Four

In this level, you’ll be playing as Ron and Hermione. Have actually one the them use their pet to climb through the tunnel. Usage Lumos to eliminate the vines and also go come the closet to placed on earmuffs. Collection the 2 potion ingredients and include them come the cauldron, then choose up the Mandrake and also smash the glass on the right. Pot it, then usage Hermione to open the bookcase and also get the last ingredient. Traction the chain to reduced the platform and jump up, pushing the sphere onto the ground. Usage it come plug one of the feet in the ground, then climb up to where the closet is and turn the wheel to elevate the water level. Climb as much as the various other ball and push that down, then reduced the water again and also push it right into the hole to plug the up and also open the gate.

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Level Five

Have Ron usage Scabbers to climb v the tunnel and stand top top the button. Climb throughout and have actually Hagrid traction the chain, then have Scabbers climb with the tunnel and also do the same as before. Collect the 3 ingredients because that the medicine at the end, and use it to move to a Ravenclaw character. Go to the door in ~ the far left and unlock it, then go inside and also put top top earmuffs. Lug the Mandrake earlier to the best side and use it to smash the glass in front of the tunnel. Switch ago to Ron and also have Scabbers go with the tunnel to reach the yellow Brick.