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Villain episode 3. The Joker"s Return

Chapter 1. A surprised for the Commissioner

Super-VillainStory ModeFree Play

Minikit 1/10Requires: StrengthStory Mode: No

Use toughness to push the block at the start over come the left so you can jump approximately the Minikit ~ above the ledge.

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Head to the right having actually Joker go into the reduced level and standing in the glass tube. Switch to Harley who should have actually jumped approximately the height layer and have her revolve the spinner switch so the the glass tube listed below has its entrance rotated around.

Switch earlier to the Joker and make him stand on the various other side that the scale to raise the barrier above and climate switch it ago so that Harley can proceed on. Now have actually Harley smash the object on the wall that"s emitting the blue lines and then have actually her construct the red object and Joker build the bomb below.

After detonating the bomb run on the yellow communication to let Joker through below then switch to him so he deserve to jump on the yellow platforms under there to let Harley with to the finish of this path.

Minikit 2/10Requires: Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

Use the Sonic fit to smash v the glass brick wall surface at the end of the upper section.

Minikit 3/10 - part 1/3Requires: frozen RayStory Mode: No

Go back along in prior of the upper/lower section and also freeze the water at the left finish to develop the very first of 3 ice creams.

Hostage 22/25Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

After the upper/lower ar smash v a boarded increase door and also then blow up a silver LEGO barrier blocking her entrance to the room v the hostage inside.

Minikit 4/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

In the earlier of the room through the hostage, build a lever to open up the vending machine.

Continue to the best after defeating a few guards.

Minikit 3/10 - part 2/3Requires: frozen RayStory Mode: No

A pond in former of the stunner building.

Minikit 5/10Requires: GrappleStory Mode: No

Magnet walk increase a wall surface next to the level"s second generator and go pull the bar to open up the two doors increase here. Traction the levers in both doors, there"s one behind the jack-in-the-box, to open up a door ago to the left that needs you come grapple approximately it.

Power the electrical generator in ~ the much right finish of the area to open up the door alongside it then go and also stand in the bottom basket of the ferris wheel come its right. Her partner should raise you as much as the rollercoaster track wherein you can obtain off and also jump top top the switch up below to lug them up too.

Minikit 6/10Requires: High JumpStory Mode: Yes

High run to grab the Minikit on the rollercoaster track slope.

Go into the tunnel to the right and also go down the rollercoaster steep to the bottom where it is broken. High run to the ladder and pull the bar to reduced it for the Joker.

Minikit 7/10Requires: Explosives, Grapple, Magnet SuitStory Mode: No

Climb increase the ladder and blow increase the silver LEGO pylon so girlfriend can construct a grapple suggest above. Grapple up and then walk increase the steel wall, at the optimal is a ledge through the Minikit.

Make the Joker jump under to the ideal to power a generator i m sorry will cause the tiny yellow platform beside it to start moving. Smash with the wooden planks ~ above the red track so friend can build a tightrope and also a tiny platform to aid the Joker reach it.

Smash all the crates after ~ the tightrope to discover the parts to construct some handholds that you have the right to jump up. Rise up the ladder and also then high jump approximately the left. Loss a couple of guards and pull the bar to lower the ladder right into position so the the Joker can gain up come jump over to the generator.

Red Brick - rapid BuildRequires: High Jump/Glide, Grapple, ExplosivesStory Mode: No

From the generator the powered the rollercoaster girlfriend will require to twin jump or glide end to the appropriate where there"s a grapple suggest that you have the right to use to acquire on height of the track. Go to the left and blow increase the silver- LEGO to with the Red Brick past it.

Jump under to the track beneath the generator and also go through the freshly opened tunnel.

Minikit 3/10 - part 3/3Requires: freeze RayStory Mode: No

Jump off the track whereby you see the ladder and smash the stuff listed below until you find the components to develop a small water cannon. After assembling it run on the plunger a few times to produce a pond you can freeze to make the 3rd and last ice cream.

Jump down and beat increase a couple of police officers.

Minikit 8/10Requires: lure Suit, technology SuitStory Mode: No

Fill increase the Attracto Canister v the loose LEGO from around the area and also then usage the technology Panel come start moving all the tiny coloured trucks along the small roads. Park each of them end on the ideal side in their equivalent colour spot. The eco-friendly one will certainly be in the one closest come the screen, climate red in the 2nd one indigenous the back, the blue in the back one, and also then the yellow in the remaining spot.

Minikit 9/10Requires: SwimmingStory Mode: No

Swim down into the water beneath the yellow duck at the ago of the area.

Go previous the merry walk round and also smash the objects follow me the water front till you gain the components to develop a small cannon. It"ll fire automatically and blow increase the door to the building opposite. Smash open the for sure inside there to check out a password pattern appear: blue, red, yellow. Walk outside and jump ~ above the plungers behind the van in the very same order. Climate pull the activated bar to open the gate.

Minikit 10/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Drive the van come the left the the merry walk round up to the closed shutters whereby you can see a Minikit behind, they"ll open to let you in.

Go through the opened up gate to the end of level fight. Power the generator in ~ the basic of the crane prior to climbing the ladder and getting in. Grab some explosive Catwoman playthings from the skip and drop lock on each of the 3 Silver LEGO spots.

Once the silver- LEGO is all blown up jump out of the crane and defeat the police officers and also cuase 3 hearts of damages to Commissioner Gordon so that he runs away.

Defeat the police that pop the end of the van that rushes in and then get ago in the crane to drop and also explosive top top the van. Defeat any more police that have actually appeared and also take one more three hearts off Gordon.

A 2nd van will appear, loss the police and also then drop an additional explosive top top it. Take turn off Gordon"s last three hearts to end up the level.

Character UnlocksCostCharacter

-Harley Quinn

-The Joker

25,000Commissioner Gordon

80,000Harley Quinn"s Hammer Truck

Chapter 2. Biplane Blast

Super-VillainStory ModeFree Play

Next to whereby you begin is a glass structure that you have the right to shoot to reveal a mine. The Joker"s Helicopter can drag it over to the right to punch up the barrier.

Minikit 1/10 - part 1/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Throughout the level you"ll view some brown water towers the you deserve to shoot, there"s simply the one in this very first area.

Red Brick - Immune to freeze - component 1/5Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Towards the display from the begin is a white rounded square v red and also white poles on every corner. If you deserve to shoot the helicopter top top it prior to it takes turn off the blue lights on the square will rotate green and also you will have completed the an initial part of this five component task.

This one is very easy to chaos up as you won"t have the ability to get it as soon as the helicopter has taken off and also will need to go v the entire level again to shot again. If the lights on the square room red and there"s nothing come shoot, you"ve failed.

As you go v the obstacle you"ll be displayed a turret activate. Girlfriend can"t actually ruin it yet instead have to grab a green torpedo indigenous the Scarecrow dispenser on optimal of one of the buildings. It"ll temporarily go the end of manage blowing up the barrier.

Minikit 1/10 - component 2+3+4/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

There are one more three brown water towers in this second part of the very first area.

Minikit 2/10Requires: GrappleStory Mode: Yes

Use the Joker Helicopter"s grapple to pull on the height of the sharp tower v a Minikit inside.

Minikit 3/10Requires: Batwing, GrappleStory Mode: No

At the earlier of this second component of the very first area is a bat symbol that you have the right to smash to disclose purple torpedoes that the Batwing have the right to collect. Take it one back to the very first part and blow up the fence at the back that has actually the bat price on.

Shoot the four buttons and also then grapple the red hook that shows up in the middle to disclose the Minikit.

Minikit 4/10Requires: GrappleStory Mode: Yes

To the best of the bat prize dispenser is a silver- LEGO bit of wall, traction a mine right into it native the begin of the level to relax a set of three green balloons. Shoot lock to get the Minikit.

Red Brick - Immune to freeze - component 2/5Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

At the much right finish of this area is the 2nd helicopter acquisition off.

Go with to the second area. One the much side is a barrier with a clock, quit the glass building just before it and also drag 4 mines into the clock to punch it up.

Minikit 5/10 - component 1/3Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

At the start of the 2nd area is a purple shield through red and green handles, shooting the eco-friendly to flip the shield around and reveal a Joker face. Naught will occur for the moment however remember where this is as you"ll need to come earlier to it later.

Minikit 6/10Requires: GrappleStory Mode: Yes

Drag a mine into the silver LEGO wait conditioner unit ~ above the roof in former of the purple Joker shield.

Minikit 1/10 - part 5+6/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

At the start of this 2nd area there space two an ext brown water towers.

Red Brick - Immune to frozen - part 3+4/5Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

At the ago of the start of the second area is an additional helicopter around to take it off. And the fourth one is ~ above the much right side close to the clock barrier.

Minikit 7/10Requires: Batwing, GrappleStory Mode: No

At the ago is a crane stop a bat symbol. You can go back to the first area if girlfriend don"t have any purple torpedoes and use one to blow up the bat price box. After that grapple the crane to move it the end of the way so you can acquire to the Minikit behind it.

Go with the fallen barrier and also on the much side shooting the brick wall surface between the two turrets (you deserve to distract them with gas torpedoes if friend like). Once you"ve done the you have the right to drag a mine into it to blow it up.

Minikit 1/10 - part 7+8/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Another couple of brown water towers are found in this second fifty percent of the second area.

Minikit 5/10 - component 2+3/3Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

And in this second section the the second area space two an ext purple Joker shields to upper and lower reversal around. Once you"ve flipped the third one you"ll an alert a cage appear in prior of it, shooting it and also now return to each that the others and shoot the cages that are now in prior of castle to obtain the Minikit.

Red Brick - Immune to freeze - component 5/5Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

The last helicopter acquisition off is uncovered just in prior of the 3rd Joker shield.

Minikit 8/10Requires: TorpedoStory Mode: Yes

In the edge towards the display screen near the pair the turrets guarding the brick wall is a Scarecrow poster, fire a torpedo in ~ it to blow it up and go through. Previous a pair of turrets in there the you have the right to do nothing to is a Minikit.

Time to begin the fight through the Police battle Helicopter! fly to the left and also blow up the billboard so you can acquire behind it. Earlier there is a bat torpedo dispenser for usage in free Play and, an ext importantly for the Story, a mine dispenser.

Minikit 9/10Requires: Batwing, GrappleStory Mode: No

Blow up the bat symbol at the ago of the Police fight Helicopter area and then drag a mine right into the crashed train to punch it up and get the Minikit.

Minikit 10/10Requires: Batwing, GrappleStory Mode: No

With her torpedoes blow up the bat symbol barrier on the best side that the area. Behind there is a silver LEGO cage that you will need to roll a bomb into.

Minikit 1/10 - component 9+10/10Requires: BatwingStory Mode: No

There"s one in the key area with the Police battle Helicopter and also then the last one is in the area behind the bat symbol barrier on the ideal side. So yes, you deserve to only obtain nine of lock in Story Mode.

Drag a mine to the main area and use the to blow up one of the silver LEGO makers next to the blue squares ~ above either next of the helipad. This will activate a turret! distract it through gassing it and also then repeat for the various other blue square.

Once both turrets have actually been distracted and the Police fight Helicopter has actually taken 2 hearts of damage you are totally free to strike it head on, store shooting till it"s destroyed and the level is complete.

Character UnlocksCostCharacter

-The Scarecrow"s Biplane

-The Joker"s Helicopter

14,000Police Helicopter

11,000Goon Helicopter

Chapter 3. The Joker"s Masterpiece

Super-VillainStory ModeFree Play

Minikit 1/10 - component 1/3Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

On the right side that the room smash a glass room to get the parts to a fan. Ride the fan approximately the ledge over and smash a double glass cabinet. That"s the an initial of three.

Forwards a small bit to assemble a grey, green and also purple object simply to the left. This will certainly be a generator the the Joker have the right to power however you still must push the objects top top the tiles ~ above the surrounding steps first as among them has actually a bar to activate it.

Have the Scarecrow traction the lever while the Joker moves into position on the generator. After ~ pulling the bar switch come the Joker and also power the generator to obtain the communication to end up rising. Run to the communication on optimal of the objects you simply pushed and also then across to the ledge that will let you reach the doors at the much end.

Defeat a couple of SWAT and then quit the black and red gargoyles that room holding the chadelier up. You"ll be able to build a ramp because that Scarecrow to get up so that he deserve to hypnotise the guard in ~ the door.

Hostage 23/25Requires: Explosives, heat Protection SuitStory Mode: No

Before leaving the an initial room continue around to the right of the exit and up come a ledge on the ideal side of the room. Punch up the silver- LEGO door and then usage the heat Protection fit to walk v a flame to get in a brand-new room wherein you"ll uncover the hostage gift held.

Red Brick - Regenerate HeartsRequires: Explosives, warmth Protection SuitStory Mode: No

In the hostage room you should shove the coloured blocks so that they"re in former of the fruit paints that complement their colour. Red in former of the cherries, blue in prior of the grapes, and also green in front of the apple. You"ll understand it"s in position as soon as the painting starts spinning.

Minikit 2/10Requires: BatarangStory Mode: No

Directly in ~ the platform with the silver door space a pair that pedestals. Quit the black and red gargoyle on among them through a batarang and also then construct the bar from the parts it drops. Then have both characters stand top top the optimal of the pedestals and the big painting behind them will move to expose the Minikit.

Defeat the guards that attack as girlfriend go with the door and also up the steps past it.

Minikit 3/10Requires: RangedStory Mode: Yes

On the right side you"ll view a Minikit behind part lasers, shooting the thing on the wall surface next to the Minikit come knock out the lasers.

At the finish of the hallway you"ll be displayed a collection of three guards standing in prior of a laser extended door. Loss them and also then build a crackhead switch on the appropriate side of the room. Rotating it will expose an electric generator for the Joker to power and open the laser doors.

Minikit 4/10Requires: High JumpStory Mode: No

On the left side of the laser door room you need to High jump up top top the platform and also shove the pedestal through a large golden ball on it follow me its tiled path.

As you get in the second main area that the level you"ll it is in spotted by security cameras the pump out some poison gas.

Minikit 5/10Requires: Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

In side a glass case at the bottom the the actions in the gas room, usage the Sonic fit to break the glass.

Minikit 1/10 - component 2/3Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

The second twin cabinet is simply to the appropriate of the stairway in the gas room.

Have the Joker go up the stairs and also walk v the gas. Walk to the left and defeat a entirety load that SWAT before you pull the lever on the wall. As soon as it"s to be pulled hit the object that flipped open alongside it and jump earlier down to whereby Scarecrow is waiting.

Smash the checkered paints to acquire the components to deal with the tracks so that you deserve to push the object follow me it to use as a step to aid Scarecrow jump up. Earlier up whereby yuo fought the SWAT smash every the tables and chairs and also build a pair that handholds ~ above the wall.

Minikit 1/10 - component 3/3Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

The last cabinet is behind the high pushable block.

Have one character run up the handholds and stand on top of the high pushable block, switch to the other character and have them press the block come the right. Switch ago to the an initial and have actually them develop a pan that blows part of the gas away.

Take the Joker with the gas again come the right side and this time aside from a couple of guards all you have to do is walk up the bent staircase and also build the 2nd fan straight away.

As soon as you enter the following room you"ll desire to begin shooting the guards, once all are beat go come the ideal side that the room and destroy the three paints on the wall. Once all three room smashed the lever up peak will irradiate up and be ready for use.

Go to the back of the room and smash the black and red statues to acquire the parts to a crackhead switch. Have the Joker jump onto the platform once you lower it so that he can go through the gas.

Smash the red and black statues in the gas and also build a handhold to acquire up to whereby there were some guards shooting in ~ you and also where the active lever is ready to it is in pulled.

Minikit 6/10Requires: Fire security Suit, Explosives, Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

Pull the lever behind the fiery blast to open up the glass instance in the middle of the room. Punch up the silver- LEGO fences and also then Sonic suit the glass. Currently all you"ve acquired to execute is quit the LEGO and then develop the mosaic under to earn the Minikit.

Minikit 7/10Requires: StrengthStory Mode: No

On the left side of the room is a strength take care of for friend to push in and reveal a Minikit.

Assemble the LEGO that fell out that the chutes behind the smashed paintings as soon as you traction the lever and power the generator that you develop to open up the background door.

Minikit 8/10Requires: High Jump, HypnosisStory Mode: No

To the left of wherein you go into the warehouse is a handhold the you have the right to high run up to. Pulling on the will open a panel on the left revealing a man you have the right to hypnotise right into standing top top a button and also then pulling a lever. Quit the wood crate that drops.

Smash the wooden crates that are versus the chainlink fence ~ above the best side of the area, that will certainly release some brown LEGO you have the right to assemble into a ramp so the you can obtain up come jump over the fence. Loss all the guards end there consisting of shooting the guards over the other side of the environment-friendly water.

Minikit 9/10Requires: High JumpStory Mode: No

High Jump right into a vent above the guards against the appropriate wall.

Pull the lever on the right wall surface to carry up a crate. Press it along the checkered path and also then power the generator to gain the conveyor belt moving.

Minikit 10/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Pull the bar for a 2nd time to lug out a brand-new crate. Press that along the path and also power the generator again. This time as soon as the crate come on the various other side that the water it will certainly explode revealing the Minikit.

Now have actually the Joker jump right into the environment-friendly water and also smash the wooden pallets to acquire the components to develop a 2nd crate and to gain access to a bar that will raise the crate up slightly.

Jump out of the water and also get right into the crane controls in the earlier left corner, relocate each crate and also drop castle on the huge red buttons to expand the bridge so that Scarecrow can cross over. Hypnotise the guard to open the big corrugated door and also finish the level.

Character UnlocksCostCharacter

Super-VillainStory ModeFree Play

Smash the junk versus the structures at the back to find some purple and also green LEGO that have the right to be built into a fan. Journey the pan up ~ above the fire to escape above, rise the ladder up to the top and head come the ideal to defeat a couple of police on the roof.

There"s a few more adversaries inside the doorway ~ above the following building, go past them come the finish of the balcony and also shoot the 2 in the distance. As Killer Moth glide over to wherein they were and also smash the flowerpot so friend can develop a tightrope because that Joker to overcome over together well.

Use the existing tightrope to go to the best then smash through some planks to reach the electric generator that the Joker can power up. Walk end the freshly raised metal awning and also jump approximately the corner, cautious not come walk turn off the edge.

Hostage 24/25Requires: High JumpStory Mode: No

At the ago after the raised steel awning room some handholds you deserve to build. High Jump up to them to with the roof and save the hostage.

Minikit 1/10Requires: High Jump, ExplosivesStory Mode: No

On the roof v the hostage punch up the silver- LEGO dustbins and also repair the pump on the water tower. High run onto the plunger so that the flowers grow, then smash the flowers to get the piece to develop a eco-friendly "?" and get the Minikit.

Minikit 2/10Requires: High Jump, GlideStory Mode: No

From the hostage roof glide to the ideal to a section with a tiled path and also some LEGO jumping around, build the battery and shove it along the path to relax the Minikit.

Glide over to the building to the ideal of the metal awning and also defeat a pair more SWAT. Lastly shove the green and also purple box off the edge.

Minikit 3/10Requires: HypnosisStory Mode: No

Directly under where you power an electrical generator is a room v a hypnotisable guy inside. Have him quit the objects and also the ago and then develop handholds therefore he can get over to the various other side. Shove the box out the home window and then blow up the silver LEGO.

On the ground construct a bomb out of the components from the green and also purple box and also jump on the plunger. Loss the big number the police attacking the goons ~ above the various other side.

Minikit 4/10Requires: StrengthStory Mode: No

Use stamin to litter the big crates the end of the way so the you can develop a crackhead switch and also lower the yellow dingy right into the water. Perform three laps of the round circuit come earn your Minikit (it seemed a bit poor at detecting the laps appropriately so you could need to execute more, the onscreen counter should help).

At the far end smash a blue dumpster underneath the small high increase ladder to obtain the components to finish the ladder. Strength the generator at the top and then ride the lift further up come a collection of 3 SWAT.

As you walk to the right make certain to run to each platform carefully as over there are vast deadly gaps between them, the studs should assist you view where"s safe to go. Defeat all the police together you go and also follow the tracks right into a tunnel.

In the brand-new area you"ll automatically be attacked by a couple of more police, loss them climate smash the objects at the earlier to disclose a large square purple switch that will certainly raise the surrounding handhold when you step on it. Have actually Joker run to grab the handhold and also Killer Moth have to stand on the button automatically. Run to the next handhold and also then down right into the area behind the fence so the you can power the generator.

The door the generator opened will have actually spilled the end LEGO you have the right to use to build a mini helicopter that can fly roughly blowing up silver LEGO.

Minikit 5/10 - component 1+2/5Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: Yes

On the left next of the area is the first of 5 shiny red fire hydrants that you can blow up while control the helicopter. The second one is just to the right near the fires.

Minikit 6/10Requires: Explosives, Magnet SuitStory Mode: No

Blow up the silver- LEGO crates alongside the barricade of fire and finish turn off the steel duct so the you have the right to walk increase it using the Magnet Suit.

Use the helicopter to blow up the silver LEGO fence in the middle of the barricade of fire to blow a hole in it. Loss the huge number that SWAT the attack.

You can build a second helicopter for your co-op companion if friend want, the bricks to do it are behind the smashable fences just on the various other side that the barricade.

Keep going to the appropriate to loss another large number of police that will operation in and then journey in top top motorbikes.

Minikit 5/10 - component 3+4+5/5Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: Yes

And the various other three fire hydrants are discovered along the next of the road beginning where you accomplish the motorbikes.

Minikit 7/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: Yes

Blow increase the silver- LEGO door in the structure behind whereby you conference the motorbikes and also jump ~ above both yellow plungers to reduced a ladder as much as a Minikit.

At the finish of the road you"ll discover a couple of more police to defeat prior to you punch up the silver LEGO door to a playground.

Defeat the SWAT the rappel in together you go into the playground (you might recognise few of the devices if you"ve play LEGO Star Wars) and make your method to the back left corner.

Minikit 8/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Behind the green and also purple climbing framework in the ago left edge of the playground.

Red Brick - Extra HeartsRequires: tempt Suit, plant GrowthStory Mode: No

Gather up every the loosened LEGO from around the area and shove it into the Attracto Canister in the close to left corner of the playground. The will develop a pair of plant pots the you can use poison Ivy"s plant development on to produce platforms therefore you can reach the Red Brick floating in the waiting above.

Smash the tree in prior of the climbing structure so that you can complete it in bespeak to jump up the handholds. Overcome the leg to the right and also glide end the void to wherein a pair of police may still it is in shooting at you. If girlfriend smash the object between them you"ll punch a ladder down (and you can actually hit that from the ground).

Shove the gnome turn off the edge and also have the Joker assemble the pieces as they"ve please in the toxicity waste puddle. Shove the crackhead switch to open up the gate.

Minikit 9/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Blow open the silver- LEGO doors at the begin of the last area.

As you go to the appropriate you"ll at some point reach a section with a big toxic rubbish puddle v a purple and green crate in the middle. Have the Joker approach and repair all of the parts that room jumping about in the goo.

Jump top top the flap ~ above the front of the jack-in-the-box and then climb aboard the Joker mech. Usage the mech come smash through the barricade prevent the roadway to the right.

Minikit 10/10Requires: Explosives, Swimming, Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

Smash with the silver LEGO gates at the back of the area past the barricade and then climb up the ladder on the left next of the big water tank. Swim under to the bottom and also stand on the 2 buttons to lower the water level. Lastly use the Sonic fit to smash the cage at the back to cost-free the final Minikit.

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While control the mech around shoot every the police friend can and blow up each of the 3 trucks once their sides open to permit out more police. Shattering the 3rd truck will finish the level.