Ninety percent that the people is right-handed.Yet, in theNHL, more than 60 percent of the players have actually a left-handed shot — i.e., withtheir best hand ~ above the top of the stick’s grip and also the toe that the tongue curving to the appropriate asyou look down on it. Manufacturers normally sell twoleft-handed hockey sticks because that everyright-handed hockey stick.

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Somehow, this has to beStan Mikita’s fault.


Mikita, the Blackhawks room of Famer, is widely creditedwith inventing — or at least popularizing — thecurved hockey rod blade. Sothe story goes, someday at exercise he mangled his rod in a void in theboards, and also the next thing you understand he and Bobby Hull are going height shelf onbefuddled goalies every day long. Till he walk so, hockey sticks had actually a flat bladeand players can shoot forehands indigenous either next without grating against thecurve.

Some walk so quite famously. The legend Gordie Howe, whoplayed an ext NHL games than anybody and is the just player besides Wayne Gretzkywith an ext than 800 goals, to be technically a right-handed shot however on occasionwould switch to lefty once the possibility presented itself.


Why carry out So ManyRighties go Lefty?

Ask 100 hockey players, get 100 answers. However one sensibletheory is this …

When you young and also somebody hand you a hockey stick,you’re going to grab the grip v your dominant hand. If your appropriate hand isyour leading hand, it normally becomes your top hand and, boom, prompt leftyshot.

Of course, fewer U.S.-born players shoot lefty 보다 Canadianand european players.In fact, the brand-new York time reported a few years ago that Easton’s Canadian sales ran at around 60 percent left-handed hockey sticks,while the this firm U.S. Sales to be 60 percent righty. Various other manufacturers put thesplit closer to 70/30. We have actually theories on that, too.

In Canada, a kid’s first sport is likely hockey. Ago to thedominant hand concept. In the joined States, with baseball or football orbasketball or stop a pencil, a player’s “handedness” will certainly be longestablished by the moment Mom and Dad walk shopping because that his or her first stick —and Mom and also Dad will naturally think come buy a right-handed hockey pole for your right-handedchild.

A look at the 2018 U.S. Olympic rosters bolsters thatargument. The men’s Olympic team had 14 left-handed shots and 11 right-handed,while the women had actually eight lefties and 15 righties.

It’s Betterto it is in Ambidextrous

Players who use left-handed hockey sticks gain to the NHL more often than thosewith sticks bent the other way. One commonly held belief is that play withyour leading hand short on the pole slows her development, particularly when itcomes to facility on the backhand side.

One area that really showcases hockey ambidexterity —playing v your dominant hand short — is play off wing. The is extremelydifficult in a number of aspects for a left shot come play the right wing, orvice versa — yet there are countless reasons to do so. Sure, you’re walking to have actually tohandle the puck on your backhand side, through the boards, to store it away fromdefensemen in the middle of the ice. However you’ll develop touch doing that.Besides, a player top top the off wing has his forehand in the center of the ice,all the much better to attack.

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Go for the Top

In the end, the just an excellent sense come go v your dominant hand on top.Right-handers who use a right-handedhockey stick will certainly argue the a leading hand under low boosts power.But, even if the does, aren’t you much better off using that stamin up top, for stabilityand control as friend handle, shoot and also pass the puck? put it in golf terms —you’re far better off in the fairway 보다 10 yards farther and in the rough. Whenit pertains to your solid hand in hockey, if you deserve to choose, take it the high road.

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