Greetings once again readers, family and also friends! today we evaluation “The black color Eye”. One will notification the narration by Hugh Beaumont that came before the first two illustration is absent here. The story starts with Beaver’s eye already blackened. He seeks to hide his shiner from his parents as Wally warns their dad will provide Beaver “heck because that fighting”. Wally is attempting to hide Beaver’s hurt eye by using some comprise procured native his mom’s dressing table.

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The boys go downstairs for dinner and also Beaver’s procedures to conceal his black color eye space funny. The backpedals to the table, drawing an ext attention to self than had actually he simply sat down. Wally’s clumsy makeup job is seen appropriate away and Beaver must define himself. That tries to circumvent the fact by saying his black color eye was caused by the falling down, yet soon to add he dropped down since he to be fighting. The guys are sent upstairs. Whatever involves Wally seemed to have around Beaver obtaining “heck” because that fighting it seems to be ~ unfounded. Ward dismisses the scrap together “boys will be boys” and even desires to teach Beaver some fighting pointers have to he encounter another round of fisticuffs.

The whole dynamic the Beaver’s schoolyard scrap transforms when it is revealed it was a girl, Violet Rutherford, who decked him. That swears his older brother to secrecy. The following scene takes place in the garage where Ward is cultivate Beaver to safeguard himself. He makes clear that Beaver is no to go approximately picking fights, however if an additional boy desires to it is in aggressive, the is to stand his ground and not earlier down. Andy encouraged Opie to do the same as soon as he encountered a bully. I recall this being my own dad’s stance on fighting other kids. Ns was never to pick a fight, yet I was allowed to fight ago if one more kid began it. Over there is an illustration of The Brady Bunch whereby Peter trains to protect himself against Buddy Hinton ~ the boy provides Peter a black eye. By the 1980s, it seems most TV shows discouraged physical retaliation versus a bully. Most plots focused on the bullied child somehow befriending the bully and delving into the kid’s psyche to see why he want to to win up other kids.

Beaver’s cultivate is interrupted through the come of Fred Rutherford. What a good character Fred was. The was quite the braggart and also aloof of his own boastful ways. He was among the most likable unlikable characters on TV. During the visit, Ward learns the Fred to be awarded a desire contract. Ward hides his disappointment well. Fred climate brags on both of his children, that mature quicker than others, and also even shows Ward a newspaper trimming (he is carrying around) touting his daughter’s dancing prowess. It was a good introduction come the character of Fred Rutherford.

Ward shortly learns that a member the the Rutherford clan has actually caused that angst external the workplace. Wally shares that it was Violet Rutherford, Fred’s daughter, that belted Beaver. Wally is banished to his room because that sharing together news and stating his dad doesn’t listen really well.

Beaver come at Violet’s home ready to it is in “gressive” with her. She pertains to the door and greets Beaver together a friend and as despite she didn’t blacken his eye the job before. Beaver stands his ground and also asks if she desires to get “gressive”. She claims she doesn’t know how to play that. ~ above Beaver confirming the is fighting, she says she doesn’t want to. Beaver does no either and also the two begin a fun filled day.

I love the mailbox outside the Rutherford house. It’s simply so fitting for a male like Fred. The set dressers did a great job here.





While Beaver and also Violet communicate in a day of not authorised fun, Ward and Fred frantically find the city for the pair. Top top questioning various other kids around their own’s whereabouts, the rumors begin of a vicious fight. Beaver and Violet gain 4 milkshakes because that 88 cents. In today’s dollars, the four shakes cost roughly $8.00.

Wendy Winkelman

Violet Rutherford to be played through Wendy Winkelman. If the character does show up again ~ above the show, this to be the only time she was illustrated by Wendy Winkelman. She showed up on several other shows in the 1950s to encompass two appearances top top Father to know Best and three ~ above Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Her final acting credit transaction on IMDB was the 1966 movie “The Trouble through Angels”. A Google search developed no extr information around her.

The pair are finally located earlier at Rancho Rutherford. The two fathers are initially alarmed to check out their children lacking teeth. The kids have not been fighting, only having fun. Fred accuses Ward of orchestrating the day lengthy search in retaliation for losing the contract in ~ work. Ward assures him nothing that the sort happened. Fred is so angered that he forbids Violet come play with Beaver anymore.

This was some more fantastic writing because that the show. Ns remember as a kid exactly how the slights that betrayal, fighting, insults and also even thievery could quickly it is in forgiven. The child who for this reason wronged friend the day before was often ago to gift a an excellent friend the following day or soon enough thereafter. Ns remember myself being the one forgiving some other kid and the one needing forgiveness. Through adults, things room not so straightforward and straightforward to move past. The wounds led to by another don’t mend together quickly and sometimes never do. Here, Beaver and Violet quickly saw previous their differences of the work before and also were friends. The adults might not do this. Fred and Ward component ways on negative terms and also Fred will certainly not enable Violet to keep playing through Beaver. It appears the rest of the series, if Ward and Fred carry out remain friendly, Ward was constantly tolerating Fred and never organized the man in high regard.

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The illustration ends with Wally and also Beaver talking around the complicated differences in the means adults and also children behave. Beaver had asked his father why the didn’t acquire aggressive with Mr. Rutherford. Ward claims boys are an alleged to fight, however adults aren’t. Lock can manage themselves. Beaver is understandably puzzled at this and also not being allowed to play with Violet. He claims the rule are less complicated for get an impressive ups. Wally replies that is because grown ups make the rules.

“The black color Eye” is a an excellent episode in that it doesn’t lay out any type of clear and also sound reasoning on the component of the adults or the children. The pass out motivations of every the personalities hold true come the means things work-related out so often in life. Please share you own thoughts through us on “The black color Eye”! view you next week!