Lather and also Nothing else is a brief story by Hernando Tellez. This website helps analyze this short story v other interesting content. Read an ext and proceed on this journey onto the story Lather and Nothing Else.

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Hernando Tellez is a Colombian journalist and also author. He was born in 1903 and later passed away in 1966. The published date of Lather and also Nothing else is unknown. Hernando to be a talented journalist and author and also was successful.

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" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" src="" alt="" data-id="14" data-link="" class="wp-image-14" />Creaters: Duaa Alshaibani, Kelly C, Jessie Travis
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Sound monitor andcasting
Barber: Ian Somerhalder; Captain Torres: Jake Gyllenhaal

Soundtrack: Johnny Jewel- phone call me (ft. Saoirse Ronan); Wild Futsure- I have the right to Feel girlfriend Now; Kyle Dixon and also Michael stein- Kids

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Here is a little scene us filmed.

This scene is when the Captain very first walks in the barber shop and starts a conversation through the barber.
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Character perform andAnalysis

Characters : Barber, Captain Torres

Barber : The barber is great at his job and does that well. The barber was an extremely nervous when encountering his enemy yet he decides to not kill him beacuse also when that really wants the to kill someone he makes sure he knows the aftermath before taking action.

Captain Torres : The captain has a very long beard and also needs a shave, the goes right into the barber shop knowing that the barber wants to death him. The seems like he had killed a most innocent people and also would perform it again yet he has a tough time death people. That carries a pistole through him wherever he goes.


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Plot Graph and also StoryOverview

Introduction : the starts off through the barber talking around the customer coming in and how he known who he was. The barber to be trying come hide his nervousness through tending come his razor if the client was getting ready for a shave.

Rising action : The rising action was as soon as the customer began telling his story the him and also his crew killing 14 leader while the barber was tending come his beard and replying come him.

Conflict : The problem was when the barber was trying to make a decision if he need to kill the captain or not.

Climax : The climax is as soon as the barber was playing the scenarios in his psychic of ways of exactly how he must kill the captain.

Falling activity : The falling action is when the barber determined not the death the captain.

Conclusion : It end with once the barber to be finished cut the captain’s beard, the captain saw gather his stuff. Prior to he left he says to the barber “They told me that you would kill me. I came to find the end if it to be true. Yet it’s not straightforward to kill. I know what I’m talk about.”

Story synopsis : It started when a customer gotten in the barber shop and also the barber recognized who that was.While the barber was helping him cut his beard, he began to call his story of how he captured 14 leaders. The barber then needs to make a decision if he should setup to murder the adversary or not. When the shaving was nearly done the struggled to concerned an conclusion of not killing him. The captain knew around it every along and tells the barber that he was told the he would be eliminated by him and also that that is not simple to death someone.


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Entry #1 (Captain Torres POV)

The crew and also I captured all 14 that the leaders, part were dead and some alive. The crew and I go a an excellent job, and we deserved a celebration! We operated really hard and it took awhile to uncover them. That was hot as warm as the devil and I essential a shave. I was sure a experienced a barber shop somewhere about here. I asked my an excellent buddy to display me wherein the shop was. “Be careful” he claimed “The barber would kill you as soon as you set foot in the shop. I arched mine brow “we’ll see” i said and also went along. I uncovered the shop and entered without a word. Ns acted prefer I didn’t an alert him shaking. Ns took off my cartridge-studded belt v the pistol holster. Ns hung it increase on a hook along with my cap up top. Then i turned about towards the barber. “It’s hot as the devil, I desire a shave.” I claimed as ns loosened up mine tie. I took a seat on a black color comfy chair. He began to put on the cut cream and as he to be doing his point I started off by speak “The fellows in the troop must have just about as much beard together I.” i went ~ above curious regarding what he’ll respond. “But us did really well, friend know. We caught the leaders. Some of them we brought ago dead; others room still alive. Yet they’ll all be dead soon.”

Entry #2 (Captain Torres POV)

As the barber was shaving mine beard ns was curious regarding what the was reasoning about, was he really thinking of killing me? ns knew he wouldn’t do, he simply wouldn’t have actually the offal to. I had actually my eye close reasoning of the “celebration” keep going tonight. The barber had actually shaved half of my beard and when I opened up my eye to feel my face, ns was planning on informing him to come to the school. “ “Come at six o’clock this evening to the school.” I claimed “Will it be prefer the other day?” that replied. “It might be even better,” I said trying to make the end his confront expression. “What are you planning to do?” “I’m not sure yet, but we’ll have actually a great time,” as I stated that I can feel the fear in his eyes. I then leaned ago and shut my eyes. Together he moved the razor ~ above my confront I was emotion on edge all set for anything through a tiny bit simply a tiny bit of fear. “Are you going come punish every one of them?” he said. I recognize what type of answer he was hoping for ns made certain he acquired the opposite. “Yes, all of them” i replied and the barber continued on v the razor.

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Entry #3 (Captain Torres POV)

I left the shop wondering what the barber must be reasoning “How did he know”, he must think “Why no he say anything before” “Why wait till the end to call me” every these think going inside his brain. Yes ns didn’t tell him until I got to the door i turned roughly right prior to leaving and said “They told me you would certainly kill me. I came to find the end if it was true. Yet it’s not simple to kill. I know what I’m talk about.” then ns turned around and also walked out. The barber sure deserve to do his task right though. I look year younger with my smooth clean face. I truly believed he wasn’t a murderer and wouldn’t damage his life simply to kill a life. Ns myself have actually trouble death people, but it’s my job and I’m great at it, even though periodically I might not agree with whatever I do.


The layout of this short story (Lather and Nothing Else) is come think of the results of your actions before you even take the action, come think prior to you do. The barber in this story really want to murder the captain however once he played the scenario in his head he establish it no a an excellent idea and also it’ll ruin his life and also career. In the past I’ve viewed this show prior to where a girl was gaining married in ~ the alter and at the time her ideal friend battled with her husband and also the girl didn’t wanna be choose that through her fiancé once they acquired married for this reason she played the end a couple of various scenarios very first one was as soon as she stated “ I do not accept” and also the second she ran away and also the 3rd she said “yes” and also in she head it provided her the best outcome. She assumed “just since my friends are having actually a rough marital relationship doesn’t average I will and I love mine fiancé” and she ended up getting married. The scene in that display had that template of thinking of the consequences before taking your actions and you will obtain a an excellent outcome rather than just making a decision there is no thinking. This story is also relatable, periodically when I have actually a decision to make or thinking about doing something ns think around what will certainly happen afterwards and how my decision plays the end in my life if i take that decision, so ns make the best one by thinking and also not law anything stupid. I’ve likewise taken poor decisions prior to leaving me truly v a negative outcome and also that’s why ns learned from my mistakes.



Device analysis, the Iorny (situational) in Lather and Nothing rather is that the reader expects to follow down a certain path the is based top top what claimed reader has actually read so far, however, the route of the story end up split and disunite dramatically from the once anticipated direction. Symbolism in the story is with of course the barbers razor, this is due to the fact that the razor is gift planned a come be offered as the murder weapon against his customer, Capatain Torres. Flashbacks in the story would be when the barber had actually thought back too when Captain Torres had actually ordered people to paper through the schoolyard to climate look upon 4 of the rebels hanging there, the barber mentions that he had actually crossed courses with the captain I’ll it is in it briefly, yet says that remembers vividly the vision of mutilated corpses. Foreshadow occurring in the story happens as soon as the barber beginning sharpening his razor come which provides the leader think that probably the barber may use the now sharpened razor against Captain Torres throat, death him. This shows that the captain is breakable in this situation, and makes it so the reader thinks that the Captain might end increase dying. The problem in the story is the the barber is debating weather he wants to murder his customer, Captain Torres when he to be shaving since the barber personally believes that the captain deserves death since of the violence he had demonstrated straight versus the barbers rebel group. This ends up together a interior conflict because the barber is struggling to decision if he is going to kill or continue what he to be doing before and also continuing shaving.