The Everybody no Chris sitcom has actually been running for 4 years; one top top the UPN network and also for 3 on the CW. Loosely based upon the early life the comedian kris Rock, the sitcom stars Tyler James Williams, terry Crews, Tequan Richmond, Tichina Arnold, Imani Hakim, and also Vincent Martella. Recurring personalities are play by Jacqueline Mazarella, Travis T. Flory, Kevontay Jackson, Ernest Thomas, Jeris Poindexter, Jackee Harry, Michael Estime, Antonio Fargas, Blake Hightower, and Todd Bridges.

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Last night, the CW aired illustration 88 of Everybody hates Chris, title “Everybody no the G.E.D.” It’s the finish of the school year because that our young hero and also he’s late (by only seconds) for the 29th time. Though he’s already finished his tests and also it’s the last week of school, he’s told the if he’s crust one more time, he’ll need to repeat the 10th grade.

Meanwhile, attracted decides he desires to audition because that Amateur Night in ~ the Apollo, despite not having actually any details talent. A complete house at the barber shop tells him around their own personal experiences performing stunner acts and getting booed turn off the stage.

As you can guess, kris ends increase being so late for institution for the 30th time, also though it’s fixed his fault. He’s said he has to repeat the school year and his mom agrees with the school because, in the long run, she feel it’s the finest thing because that his character development. Kris refuses to repeat the year therefore he decides come drop out of school. His parents space not happy. So that he’ll have the ability to get a job, kris decides to take it the G.E.D. Test so he deserve to have the equivalent of a high institution diploma.

By the end of the episode, attracted has performed a pail drumming act and, many thanks to some help from a warm dancer, it goes over an extremely well. Tonya graduates and Chris has taken his exam.

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He waits because that the outcomes at the regional diner and one through one, his Mom and also siblings arrives. Kris plays “Living ~ above a Prayer” top top the booth’s jukebox and also his family sings in addition to him. His father, who has some trouble parking the newspaper truck, has the results of his test. Simply as kris is about to discover his fate, the display goes come black.

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With appearances by countless of the show’s recurring characters, chris dropping the end of school and also the not-so-subtle homage to the finale that The Sopranos, chris Rock intends this to be the collection finale. The show is really likely to it is in cancelled due to a selection of reasons and also the comedian determined to make it basic decision because that the network.

Crews says, “Chris rock didn’t graduate high school and started comedy as soon as he was, like, 17 years old. Our chris (Williams) is currently a sophomore in high school, so the time is lining up pretty well. When he becomes a comedian, the show’s over.”

Williams is at this time pursuing a movie course at brand-new York University and is happy v the episode. The told TV Guide, “If it end here, we finished it the best way.” absent agrees and said, “It can not it is in a bad way to go.”

The network will eventually decide if critical night’s illustration is the critical but, if the is, perform you think it’s a great series finale? are you okay that it finished in a cliffhanger? If not, exactly how would you have complete the show?