Characterized by its sleek styling and quality construction, roadway Furniture has been an above American brand because 1912. Lovely by plenty of a middle course family adorning their residences in the bustling post-war times, modern fans are seeing these pieces on the to adjust of shows choose “Mad Men.” beautifully designed v sturdy materials, a lane piece deserve to be the cherry on optimal of any type of collection. Learning an ext about this American classic will have actually you all set to journey off to the nearest vintage shop and peek around…

The background of Mid-Century modern Furniture by roadway | In a nut Shell

As with all great things, lane Furniture began with a little bit of imagination and also investment. It all started when john Lane to buy a Virginia manufacturing plant. Their original product offering: boxes. Very sewing his son, 21 year old Ed Lane, took his dad’s encourage seriously and also began come design and also build cedar chests. No one was certain it would be a success, so your initial commodities were made under the name “Standard Red Cedar Chest Company.” The brand came to be a hit and also as lock say, the rest is history! lane ventured right into the kingdom of occasional tables in 1951. Growth came again in 1956 with the introduction of instance goods & in 1965 accent pieces were created under the roadway name.

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Sample lane Logo

Try to save your treasured pieces out the the sun as much as possible. However, a an excellent back up arrangement is to apply wax come the wood surfaces indigenous time to time. You’ll want to make a good investment in the top quality of wax friend purchase and be certain to look for a kind that does not contain silicon.

How come repair tobacco burns

A typical affliction of vintage furniture we’re afraid, but don’t allow this turn you turn off from to buy a good piece. If you discover a table you’d prefer to invest in, determine the seriousness the the burn. If the burn is deep, friend will have to consult a furniture fix shop for refinishing (and this way you’ll desire to pay much less to gain it therefore you deserve to account because that this added expense). But if it’s just a light brown clues you deserve to do that yourself by adhering to these basic steps:

Scrape the burned finish v a single-edge razor blade (you can uncover these in your regional hardware store in the paint prep aisle)Remove any loose dirt or timber bits and clean v naptha (typically a lacquer thinner, but it is ideal to top your regional hardware paint department come make sure you buy the best thing)After the surface is clean, friend will desire to smooth it. Through a 500-grit sandpaper and also sand wool, carefully smooth the surface. Girlfriend should have the ability to easily glide your fingers throughout the wood.If there is a little divet, you have the right to use a rub-in stick to to fill the area. Be certain to remove any type of excess (you can rub over the area through your finger until it blends in v your smoothed surface)Next, spray through an aerosol have the right to of clean lacquer.Allow it to dry for 8 hours. You might need to finish it off with a dough wax.Caring because that your metal furniture components

Use a cleaning polish (liquid type is preferred). Encourage brands incorporate Johnson’s Pledge or Guardsman. This polish will certainly clean the metal, lend a nice sheen, and also protect the steel from future scratches.

Removing watermarks

Regular waxing will help prevent future damage, but it just does so for a quick time. If you have made a spill, time is the the essence – immediately wipe it up! If you have actually a watermark that has actually already impacted the finish, be sure to carry out the following: use a 4/0 steel wool in addition to Johnson’s paste wax to gently rub out the stain; girlfriend will desire to rub v the lumber grain.

Properly usage waxes and also polishes

For the ideal results, perform not spray straight from the can. Spray ~ above a soft cotton cloth and then usage a level wiping motion over the wooden surface. Always remember to permit time because that the surface ar to dried completely. If friend don’t, friend will see “shadows” underneath the item you save on the tabletop. Once you discover a wax polish you like, stick v it. Regularly times switching between wax or oil-based polishes can reason cloudiness or streaking.

For our readers:

Do you own a roadway vintage piece? What perform you love about it? Tell united state in the comments!

Replies for “Mid-Century modern-day Furniture by Lane”
Rosana February 13, 2014 in ~ 7:00 pm

I discovered a item in mine father’s garage. It’s stamped clearly on the back, a black color cabinet v 2 doors and on doors, 2 yellow colored plaques the horses. Ns can’t find anything favor it online. The back also has one more stamp through a number and “ning charcoal horse”? but not certain if it’s ning or king, I’ve do the efforts both and also still can’t find anything top top it. Any type of ideas?


Tom B
June 19, 2014 at 11:10 afternoon

I constantly wondered around my in-laws living room furniture. We’re closing increase my mom in law’s apartment, and I’ve to be doing some study on the furniture. I’ve uncovered that they had actually Lane Acclaim series – the 900-93 cocktail table, and a 28 x 28 x 20 side table plus a two ar couch. The next table matches the summary of the 900-94 Commode Table (strange name!), but is marked only with ‘843’ ~ above the bottom the the drawer. The couch is more difficult to recognize – it’s upholstered, yet has a curved timber topped eight on one end. So, is it precious it to shot to market the furniture – or is that time to speak to Goodwill?

Betty Jo short article authorJune 22, 2014 at 3:50 pm

Hi Tom,

Thanks because that the comment and for sending out along pictures! We’ll placed our experts on it and also let you recognize what we discover!

Trisha October 26, 2015 in ~ 2:57 afternoon

I have actually a lane coffee table do in Altavista, Viginia. Serial no.4385230 layout no.1138 01. Deserve to you offer me any type of information ~ above this items such together a date, kind of lumber & possible value. Say thanks to you

Joelann Gawel June 21, 2014 at 11:57 pm

I have a 5 item dresser set. Stamped roadway Altavista, VA v a number 2 in a square. ~ above the back of 2 mirrors space the logo and 315-10-R SER NUM 660506. The side table is a tiny faded yet tthe SER NUM is 663170. The ‘tall boy’ and also long dresser room too heavy for me to relocate myself however they both have hidden drawers by the ‘doors’ friend open. I will certainly send images to your email address. Say thanks to you for her time and also knowledge.

john respectable 9, 2014 in ~ 2:48 afternoon

hi i have actually 2 bedside lockers through serial numbers of 3gg7290 likewise under this is 294 80 and also under the is 24 have the right to u assist all the way from ireland

Jennifer Church September 1, 2014 at 9:16 pm
sheila September 19, 2014 at 3:51 afternoon

I was given this 5 drawers dresser. That does have Lane Vitavista ,Virginia. On ago it has actually 49 914-11 then it states s e r no r 567090. It is among the only things ns owen the is steady and also built come last. Love come know more about it.

Joe September 22, 2014 in ~ 1:29 am

I newly purchased 2 dovetail tables. One coffee table , one end table with drawer. No roadway stamp, the dovetails room rounded. The end table is stamped 1225 Commode T342. Any type of idea of manufacturer, your aid is greatly appreciated.

Kathleen Cicchini October 15, 2014 at 4:39 afternoon
Becky Oeltjenbruns post authorOctober 15, 2014 in ~ 8:35 afternoon

Hi Kathleen,Thanks for your comment – good questions!

We’ll start digging into it and will have a answer to you shortly. Unfortunately we have actually yet to find a “master list” of Lane layouts with production dates – although, we space researching it now and will be making that list because that ourselves (and our readers). As you can imagine, it’s prove to it is in a prolonged process, however it’s underway!

November 9, 2014 in ~ 1:57 to be

I there! I just bought a roadway cedar chest because that an auction. The is stamped with the logo Lane altavista, Virginia. However, the does no have any kind of numbers to date it. Deserve to you aid with that, if ns send a picture?Thanks, Lisa

Victoria Grippi
January 21, 2015 in ~ 8:53 afternoon

Hi my parents left me 2 lane end tables the serial no 263020 and also style no 983-06. I’d choose to uncover out what they space worth. Can you help me through this? thank you. 3 images are included.

Erdogan January 25, 2015 in ~ 5:23 am

I have actually a table serial number 1435 01 and also serial no 2494030. I wonder what form of wood and how lot it will certainly worth seems small rough

Janice Cady February 14, 2015 at 8:01 afternoon

We have actually just purchased two matching oak end tables v the Lane logo (without the box) and the following: layout 1203 05; design 2481211. Can you phone call me around these?

Thank you,Janice Cady

march 6, 2015 at 9:28 afternoon

Recently found coffee table and also 2 end tables. Stamped underneath and also Serial no. 556120. Format 257

Kathi Mullin march 7, 2015 at 11:25 pm

i have actually a Cedar Chest – the logo design on the inside says Lane Chests make in Canada through Kasshtels restricted Hanover Ontario. It also has patent info inside. Have actually been trying to discover a serial number but cannot uncover one. Have actually looked on the bottom. I’d choose to know if this is a real Lane before I sell it. Thanks

chris in march 12, 2015 at 9:27 afternoon

We just uncovered a roadway sideboard, or maybe it is called a credenza? the does have actually a serial number top top the back…although if I read it backwards, favor your instance above, the month would certainly be 13. Anyhow, it would be really neat to understand if there are extr pieces or if it come from a set. It has 3 large, gold medallions top top the front of the doors. Maybe we might send some pictures. If you have any leads you would share, we can follow increase on them, and also that would be amazing. This is a good article with awesome information. Give thanks to you

candace march 14, 2015 at 6:36 to be

Where room the replies to the questions? every it shows below is the you will get ago to castle later but no info. Where are the answers?

Kimberley myers march 28, 2015 at 3:50 pm

I just gained my cedar chest and also I would favor to discover out an ext about that it has all the exactly you speak of to various other comenters

Margaret Lindsey April 4, 2015 at 1:31 am

My parental have constantly had a cedar chest that i looked over today. Layout 2075. Serial 445090. It’s complete with sticker providing suggestions and ending through “for victory buy war bonds and also stamps”. Any idea exactly how much lock would have paid because that it?

Mariah April 13, 2015 in ~ 1:47 afternoon
Chris Papineau may 4, 2015 in ~ 3:38 afternoon

I have a small Lane table or stool that i can’t identify. That is 15″ tall and 20″ square. The serial number is 466609 and style is 1082 18. Ns contacted the Lane agency and they had actually no info. The serial number backward made no sense to them and they couldn’t find the style. It was argued that possibly it to be a manufacturer’s sample piece. I assumed it might have been a foot stool come a chair collection but they uncovered no match. I haven’t been able to discover anything on any kind of of the sites i visited. Ns don’t have a photo yet the I have the right to post.

Becky Oeltjenbruns article authorMay 4, 2015 at 11:08 afternoon

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out. Sounds like an interesting find. Please email a photo once you have a chance and I’ll view if I deserve to uncover anything because that you. Please email editor

Michelle Offenberger January 30, 2017 in ~ 3:40 to be

My sister just uncovered a similar sized table, hers has actually a tile inlay, and also according to she serial number it was manufactured in 58. But not certain what the piece was supplied for. Nesting tables? I additionally thought probably a tree table or salesmans sample.

James Berry may 4, 2015 in ~ 6:25 pm

I have actually a bedroom collection I picked up native a retired couple It has actually Lane Altavista Va in one of the drawers and a stencil ~ above the earlier of the bedside table that has32G32-31SER – R970396

lenny riley
may 9, 2015 in ~ 8:34 afternoon

i have a roadway vinal LP holder however the serial number has seven number so i can’t call what year it to be made, have the right to you help me…..ser.# 4860803

chris might 10, 2015 in ~ 3:16 pm
Jana Reed may 11, 2015 at 12:17 afternoon

Looking for info on lane coffee table. Format NO. 90081Design patent NO. 185371

might 11, 2015 in ~ 5:58 pm

Becky! i was simply googling Lane background and ns stumbled throughout you! I simply inherited my grandmas lane hope chest from 1952. It’s amazing!

Dan Moore may 11, 2015 at 11:20 afternoon

Have lane dining table layout 10903-51 serial 487106. Execute not recognize anything around it, requirements to it is in refinished and also don’t recognize if to refinish or replace. Anyone understand the period or anything around it?

O. Doobley may 13, 2015 in ~ 1:18 am

This previous weekend ns purchased a table indigenous the flea market. While clean it with heavy steam as ns intended on painting it. I uncovered some markings: “Altavista, Virginia” and also “Style No. 11102 10” or at the very least that’s what ns think it says. Using assorted search engines attempting to find it’s origin, possibly it’s a roadway piece?

I’ve attempted to decipher the layout number 11102 10 (?), It appears to me no matter just how interpret the numbers the year ends in “11,” prior to Lane opened up it’s doors for business.

What is the worth of this item if any. Ns don’t want to molest it with paint the value is significantly more than the price i paid.

I posted photos at:

The markings on the underside space obstructed together in the pictures.

Thanks for any assist provided.


Becky Oeltjenbruns post authorMay 13, 2015 at 1:43 am

Hi Oliver,I view what friend mean. If the place matches with Lane, without the Lane logo design it’s difficult to authenticate. Also, the day is a little bit curious. I am not conscious of a collection where wicker is used, however that doesn’t average it’s not possible. Regarding value – i can’t speak come that as I’m no an appraiser. I would recommend finding a regional restoration skilled or appraiser to gain their two cents. Having someone on website to inspect and assess the piece will ensure specific report. Best of luck!

may 13, 2015 in ~ 2:47 pm

Thank you really much for your rapid reply… There room some vintage furniture shops in mine area, I’ll view if they can tell me anything around it. My biggest problem is destroying a nice item with paint.

Thanks again,


matt June 7, 2015 at 8:18 pm

Hello, I simply stumbled upon a Lane item that is at sight cool( ns think) and also wanted to acquire your think on it. It has some serious stains in the walnut top top the top and edge that show up to go deep. It’s some sort of liquid that turned black so it will call for some aggresive sanding and then the totality piece will must be sanded come match.

I want to gain your thoughts before I dive into this myself incase this thing is really valuable, ill take it it to the pros, if so.

STYLE NO.908-09SERIAL NO.068160

Thanks, looking front to your response.

Shannon M
June 11, 2015 in ~ 2:27 pm

I own a 2 level roadway coffee/side table. That is clearly stamped together Lane ~ above the underneath. I’m spring to find out if the is valuable and also what form of lumber it is. Ns can’t it seems to be ~ to find any comparable Lane pieces virtual so maybe it is an important or probably it is an odd duck. I will send an email with some pictures to editor

Jimi June 14, 2015 at 2:42 afternoon

I can’t discover anywhere…..What 2 woods were used in the acclaim series? Walnut/Ash, Walnut/Oak, HELP!!!! No guesses please Factual details Only!!! say thanks to You, i am at my wits finish Jimi

Becky Oeltjenbruns write-up authorJune 24, 2015 at 3:37 am

Hi Jimi,We have the right to look into this because that you, yet please recognize that there is a details degree the guesswork affiliated with research study – specifically with Lane. Together you know, over there isn’t wealth of info out there on this matters. And Lane used different woods for various models within the same collection sometimes – if you have the right to email pictures and the serial numbers of the piece in inquiry we have the right to dig in. Editor

Frank June 14, 2015 in ~ 7:25 pm
Christopher Rich June 16, 2015 at 9:15 afternoon
Ray Clark June 21, 2015 at 3:22 am

My boss provided a lane drop leaf end table come a co worker and I am going to assist him uncover info top top it. The red stamp number on the bottom states “1084 12” can send a photo perhaps tomorrow

Carlin. Bland June 27, 2015 in ~ 11:43 pm

I uncovered a beautiful side table through a little pullout. Serial #2098290 . Style #988 25. Light colored inlay on top. Paid just $3.00. What deserve to you tell me around this nice piece. Give thanks to you!

Yvette June 28, 2015 in ~ 4:25 to be

I have actually a small round table that I have sent pictures of to your e mail address. It’s stamped lane and also has the numbers. Ns am searching for a worth for it. Nothing favor it virtual it has two various woods used. You re welcome advise how I can get it valued.Thanks

Tom Rodgers
June 28, 2015 in ~ 12:36 pm
Clair July 2, 2015 in ~ 12:25 am

I discovered a beloved Secretary workdesk (roller top) at a thirft shop, stamped lane AltaVista, Virgina. An extremely unique.ClairCanada

July 3, 2015 at 2:28 am

I purchased a bedroom collection and am trying to discover out more info basically. On back of my nightstand that reads:345831-33SER-3782811

July 11, 2015 at 2:17 afternoon

I bought a wedge shaped table top top Craigslist because that my mom’s apartment because that $35 about a year ago. I chosen it so much I nearly kept the – I’ve looked for years because that living room tables ns liked. Later on I discovered it to be a roadway Rhythm. The wedge table ended up earlier with me. I preserved checking Craigslist and virtually got two finish tables a while back, climate kicked myself because that passing castle up. Critical week i hit the jackpot – an heritage sale through 5 valuation tables. Ns bought a 2nd wedge shaped table (the 2 are currently my coffee table), 2 rectangular finish tables and a round end table because that $50 each. They are refinishing projects yet that’s ok. Ns love the clean, timeless lines and how visually irradiate they look even though castle are really sturdy. Friend cannot discover that quality today in tables in terms of woodgrain, looks and also build unless you pay considerably more. And the very first wedge shaped table – it was constructed the day after ns was born.

Daniel July 12, 2015 at 1:45 pm

Hi I found a lane chest and also was trying to perform some research on it, but cannot find anything top top the format number. I believe the ceader chest is date April 15 1982 at tree 2, yet the style is no whereby to be uncovered on the Internet and I have actually searched for hours to find a matching pic with no luck. Is this something you could aid with? My layout number looks choose 4689 70. Thanks

Nicole July 15, 2015 at 5:19 to be

I have actually a roadway Alta Vista Virginia glass dining table. It has actually a 1/2 inch solid glass peak on a dark wood, dark steel elongated H shaped base. The chairs that came through it have actually dark steel legs with an orange cushion, dark hardwood framed wicker back. I would love to find out much more about the worth of this piece. I was in the procedure of offering it for $80 as soon as I uncovered the manufacturer sticker. The serial number is 4373090

nancy July 21, 2015 in ~ 6:39 afternoon

I have a coffee table and also matching end table marked lane top top it. It says style 90081 architecture # 185371Serial # 4867060.. To be wondering if you might give me a value on the I do have photo I can send.

Christine Hinton
July 21, 2015 in ~ 6:41 afternoon

Just bought a round lane finish table v serial number 2381170.Can’t find one more one prefer it online and wondering if it’s authentic.Is over there a location to look increase numbers?

respectable 2, 2015 in ~ 10:37 afternoon

We were offered an old round lane side table from and older relative. It has the lane Alta Vista Virginia logo burned into the underside in addition to style # 1039-22 and also Serial # 361221. Thank you

Would love any type of info ~ above this table.

Amanda respectable 6, 2015 in ~ 10:02 afternoon

I have actually a roadway cedar chest, layout no 6151-10, serial number 657111, that i purchased in ~ an antique save a pair years ago. Someone repainted over the original complete with black and also painted a silver- fleur de lis architecture on top. I bought it through the intention of sooner or later restoring it and also that time has come. Ns started simply yesterday and as i sanded several of the black repaint away, there to be a yellowed-white shade underneath, i m sorry I think to it is in the original color. I’m not sure whether the vault owner adjusted the hardware or not and also I have actually been looking for a picture of what my chest is originally claimed to have looked like, however no such luck. Any kind of suggestions?

Roy Dell august 17, 2015 at 4:43 to be

I have a really rare laneCoffee table it looks as with the coffee table format 901 iI thinkIt is but this table hasa drop leaf at each I’ve never seen one choose it serial 850221 that is xlnt problem I’d like to offer it

vintage lane
august 18, 2015 in ~ 6:55 afternoon

I have actually my parents coffee and also 2 finish tables. Serial number 552210 design 707. What can you tell me around them. I deserve to send pictures.

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Tony September 9, 2015 in ~ 1:54 to be

Hello,I have actually a set of Lane end tables I newly purchased native a thrift shop. The serial number is a little confusing :362206. Ns was additionally wondering if castle once had a equivalent coffee table. Thank you.

Carol Salego
September 11, 2015 at 2:50 to be

Bought indigenous garage sale roadway coffetable wondering if it’s worth anything, 2591090 layout number 1435 01 dont understand anything about Lane except name is great. Paid $10, great shape. Ty

Gayle September 12, 2015 at 11:46 pm

Hi Becky! first I love your site! You administer such good info!Today i came across a roadway coffee table I have never seen before and was wondering if you can help? Serial # 4764101 format # 1097 01. Say thanks to you in advance!

September 18, 2015 in ~ 4:47 pm
Gail September 19, 2015 at 9:17 afternoon

I simply bought a roadway Cedar Chest ata garage sale and also I’m trying come get much more info ~ above it. The only number I discovered was ~ above the bottom and it to be 072027. If ns reverse as everyone says, the doesn’t do sense. Can you help?

Ruthann September 21, 2015 in ~ 12:58 afternoon

I have a lane Hy-Lite boomerang table (1960) that I’ve fallen in love with. It still maintain the gold highlights yet has several scratches and really needs to it is in cleaned and also restored. I don’t want to do any type of further damages as this is a an excellent piece that ns think i will store forever. Any kind of suggestions ~ above the best way to go around restoring?

Amanda September 26, 2015 in ~ 11:46 afternoon

I have actually 2 item a finish table serial number 355211 layout 247 and also a coffee table serial number 566101 format number 1041 01 I’d prefer to find much more info about them

Phyllis DeLuca September 27, 2015 at 2:21 to be

Hello. I have actually a roadway cedar chest coffee table i purchased in 1990; serial 2095120 and style 320422. I understand it had equivalent end tables that ns didn’t purchase. I’ve endlessly searched and also can’t find any type of info virtual for mine table. Deserve to you help? I’m looking to probably sell it, but it can be a unique piece of part sort